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Essay topics that may be expected--in the next six months

Topics that we may expect in SBI exam - guess
 1. financial inclusion
 2. 2G scam
 3. Is China a threat to India in economic development?
 4. Measures u suggest for eradication of corruption in political and business circles
 5. Use cloud computing in communication
 6. Measures u suggest for fighting inflation
 7. Terrorism - has been continuing in spite of efforts of government. What corrective measures do you suggest 8. Computer games spoil outdoor games -- give a brief analaysis
 9. The role played by banks in our country's economic growth
 10. Sarva Shiksha abhiyan -- Your critical analysis of its implementation

 These topics are only indicative. If u think some other topic is relevant u may feel free to send me email and I may include the same in the list. (s.sambasivan) now in Detroit. usa
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deepaksns said...

This will be really helpful for tomorrow's SBI PO exam !

Sambasivan.S said...

yes. one topic on financial inclusion was asked in the exam on 24th. thanks deepaksns.

shweta said...

Thanks a lot..this is very helpful for all students..

Sambasivan.S said...

Shweta: thanks for ur comments. If you have any doubts please send email. To an extent possible I will try to clarify.

Kumar said...

Thanks a lot...

Can you please provide the previous years PO exam solved paper?

Thanks in advance!

Sambasivan.S said...

Dear Kumar: thanks for your comments. I have posted a few papers in this blog itself. U can see them all correctly excepting Quantitative aptitude portion - Graphs and tables- I could not post properly. Please those questions and send email to and I will send QA as attachment.

Ashish said...

Good job dear........

Ashish said...

Good job dear..Provide some more for SBI ASsociate exam.

Sambasivan.S said...

I have posted six model papers for clerks -- some of which will be useful for PO also. computer awareness-english etc.

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot sir, these topics will really be very helpful for my exam.

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