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Bank Interview

Recently a candidate attended bank interview and following questions were asked.
The questions asked were:-
1.Describe yourself.
2.What r ur strenghts and weekneses?
3.Why do you want to work in banking sector?
4.What is the difference btwn pvt. and public sector bank?
5.Are pvt. banks detrimental for Indian banking sector?
6.What are e-products offered by a bank?
7.Some questions abt my computer course and my graduation subject?
8.Will you join if you are posted to a rural areas?(they probed it very much)
9.What r the functions of RBI and who is the governor and dy.governor of rbi?
10.What is plastic card?
11.What does this job mean to you?
12.They checked my bengali by making me read a bengali newspaper.

3. Why do you want to work in banking sector?
Sir, I have the requisite qualifications. I am conversant with operating in computers which is widely used in banking. I like interacting with others - viz. bank customers. As a clerk in a bank I will represent the Bank and be able to render courteous smiling and quick service. Bank job offers respect in the community and also gets salary required for my living. I am flexible and am willing to relocate myself to any branch of the Bank.

Re. functions of RBI I have posted already in this blog a descriptive general awareness.
1. Bankers to Bank
2. Bankers to Govt.
3. Note issue and circulation
4. Foreign Exchange Management
5. Credit control and credit policy
6. Lender of the last resort

Governor of RBI Mr. Subba Rao (he has been given extension of 2 years recently)
and Deputy governor -Dr. Subir Gokarn

I have Two Query regarding Clerical Work. 1 What is work of clerk in bank ?? 2 And How Bank deal/transaction to customer by using his utility (Cheque-type, DD-type, Loan-type,A/C-type,Internet Banking-type etc),Please provide whole deatils/information of Dena bank Deal/Transaction to customer by using the utility(Cheque-type, DD-type, Loan-type,A/C-type,Internet Banking-type etc). I have know some details of utility that what i given but some how it has more than that, so please provide me all information of Bank Transaction with details. including the above utility explanation too. Please send information Before 20-May-2009.without fail & without ingnore.

1. A clerical staff attends to the needs of customers and he is the ambassador of the Bank. He has to be positive, service oriented, well updated with knowledge regarding deposits, advances. Clerical staff nowadays have to be thorough with operating on computers, willing to take up cash work etc. Above all what is required is interest in learning new things, taking up extra responsibilities.

2. Customer who wishes to deposit cash into his sb account fills up a challan with full details including cash denominations and remits in the counter. The clerk counts and credits the account. The amount is credited in the account. If necessary it is updated in the customer’s pass book.

3. They will ask preliminary things only. Go to the nearby bank branch and observe from distance the way a clerk works in a bank.

Best wishes

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Thanxs for the information.For entrance exam go through pretty good..

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