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Indian overseas bank exam held on: 22-05-2011

Directions: Q.31 to 35. Please go through the information provided herein and answer the questions that follow:

A, B, C, D, E,F,G and H are sitting around ,a circular table facing the centre. Each one of them has a different profession,engineer,architect,pilot,banker,teacher,businessman and politician.
The politician sits third to right of G. C is an immediate neighbour of G. architect sits second to right of C. B sits third to right of H. H is neither a politician nor an architect. Only one person sits between C and the teacher. A and F are immediate neighbour of each other. Neither A nor F is a politician. Doctors sits second to right of A. Two people sit between D and the engineer. D is not a politician. Pilot is not an immediate neighbour of the politician. Banker sits second to left of A

31.who among the following is a businessman

d) F

32, What is the position of F with respect to the politician
a) immediate right
b) third to the left
c) second to the right
d) fourth to the left

33,what is the profession of E
a) businessman
b) architect
c) Banker
d) politician

34. what is the profession of G
b) architect
c) Banker
d) pilot

35. Which of the following correctly describes the position?
I. Engineer B is sitting second to the right of G.
II. Doctor D is sitting second to the left of Businessman A.
III. Banker D is sitting second to the right of G.
IV. Banker D is sitting second to the left of A.

a) I & II only b) III only c) III & IV only d) II,III & IV only

This question was sent by naga sundaram a candidate from Gudalur. Thanks.

Answers are given below:

31. a) 32. c) 33. d) 34. d) 35. c)
Draw a circle

Clockwise starting from G – Pilot, C-Engineer, H- doctor
F- Teacher , A- Businessman E – Politician
D – Banker , B- Architect.
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