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Bank Interview -- 1st September 2011

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Friends one of our members Mr. Harish of Haryana attended an interview in Punjab National Bank(Haryana State - Clerks). The email and report received from him are posted herein.

"gud mng sir,
sir i faced my int yesterday .. it was fine .. i answered
all questions in a smart way. i thank u for ur kind support to me"


"" hii frendzz im science back ground and mba postgraduate in 2010.my interview was in chandigarh
(haryana) on 1 sep2011 ..;

there were 3 gents in my panel all were very coopperative . no of questions asked by them from me
are as under::

1> abt me and my family back groound (answered )

2> who is finance min of india?? (answered)

3> how to dissolve gold (answered)

4>name any 2 scientist who got nobel rize in chemistry (answered)

5> difence bet inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry (answered)

6> top news headlines of last 7 days (answered)

7>anna hazare belongs to which vill/sity (answered)

8>wht is refraction / (answered)

9>debit card (answered)

10>a tragedy happened in ur city (charkhi dadri) in past what was that tell us .( answered)

11>name the persons who are still in touch with aanna hazare since its inception started by aanna

12> do u have comp knowledge?? word is used for wht?? (answered)

13>wht does justify means in ms word??

14>whow long would u like to work with us if selected ?? (answered)

frendzz my interview was fantastic i answered all questions easily . all members were fully satisfied
now at last they told me gud all the best .. then i again wished them and come out from int room..""
Thank you Harish. I hope you would have done the interview well. Best wishes

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