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BANK INTERVIEW - questions -

I am getting requests from candidates for giving a list of interview questions.

Questions that were asked to a candidate who attended Federal Bank Interview in
November 2009
1. What are the sources from which an organisation can arrange funds for expansion?
2. What is gilt edge securities?
3. What is coupon rate?
4. What do you know about Federal Bank?
5. Why you want to join Federal Bank?
6. Difference between SBI,PNB and ICICI?
7. Net worth of Federal Bank?
8. Where do you see yourself after 2 years?
9. What do you think "what is the profile of a PO"?
For answering questions 4,5 and 7 pl. go through the website of the bank.
6. SBI is under SBI Act and it has 7 susbsidiary banks. PNB is a nationalised bank. Right now more than 51% capital is in the hands of government. ICICI is a private sector bank wherein govt. participation is less . (u have investments from LIC, GIC etc, besides the public.)
8.This question is asked to find out the confidence level of the candidate. This also tries to find out whether the candidate has got focus about his career.
Ï see myself working in Federal Bank as Assistant Branch Manager—having completed my JAIIB and CAIIB. I will be waiting for opportunities for posting as Branch Manager.”
9.A probationary officer has to learn the functioning of bank departments – deposits, advances and other administrative areas. Having learnt these he must be willing to take up responsibility as ABM. He must be able to guide his people in performing as a team to achieve the group’s targets. He must be positive and be able to rise up to the occasion in times of need and he must be able to lending an extended hand to the branch management.
Best wishes
I am giving a list of questions I coined for a candidate who is to appear for an interview shortly in a bank. These questions can be suitably changed for each one of you to suit ur qualification/city of residence etc. best wishes.
1) Welcome, take your seat. Make urself comfortable. From where are you coming?
2) Nice, u have come from Indore. What are the place u like very much in Indore.
3) Have u visited Mumbai earlier? If so, when? If not, what are you impressions about Mumbai and how do u compare this with Indore.?
4) U have studied B.E. E & I and also MBA. What is the specialisation u took in MBA and why?
5) Do u find any relevance between E & I and ur MBA degree.?
6) How do you MBA Finance knowledge will help u in ur working in our bank?
7) You are a Finance MBA. Then I think u must be knowing a lot about Banks. What are ur ideas about the functioning of banking system in our country?
8) How do u compare our banking system with other developed countries?
9) What is the exchange rate of rupee vs dollar now?
10) What is the role played by Mumbai in fiancé world of our country?
11) What do you know about Federal Bank.? Is there a branch of our Bank inIndore? If so have u visited it and what are ur impression about its working.
12) Supposing there is not branch of our branch in Indore and we want u to suggest a locality for opening a bank branch, which are will u suggest and why?
13) Have u seen the website of other banks and also our bank? How do you compare them? What are the good points of our bank website.
14) What is the political scenario in MAHARASHTRA now and what is the reason for this situation? How this problem will come to an end.?
15) Why do you want to work in a Bank and that too in our Bank?
16) Tell us about urself briefly.
17) Supposing u r selected how long will u take to join the Bank?
18) Supposing u are posted in Kerala or some other state in South India will u join immediately.?
19) Have u talked about our Bank to others and what are their impressions about our Bank?
20) Supposing u r not selected what will u do?
21) Tell us about ur family briefly.
22) What is the bank rate?
23) What are the important points of latest credit policy announced recently?
24) SLR was raised and what is its effect on economy.?
25) You are working as Manager in a branch and a staff member is not disciplined.How will u correct him?
26) Supposing u r posted as Governor of RBI what steps will u take immediately.
27) What is the interest rate in SB account and why it is less than time deposits?
28) What is our interest rate for a deposit of three years?
29) Who is an NRI?
30) Please tell us about the business position as u know about our Bank.
31) Hello ! please tell us some good points about ur college.
32) What are ur strengths?
33) Which newspaper do u read normally and what is the important news today/yesterday?
34) What is Debt Recovery Tribunal and in what way it is helping banks.
35) What do u know about Banking Ombudsman?
36) What is a partnership?
37) What is a private limited company and public limited company?
38) Supposing God appears before u now and gives u three boons. What are the things u will ask and why?
39) Tell us the happiest day u have had so far.
40) What are ur views about Hindi cinema? What is the movie u saw last and tell the story line briefly.
Friends !
I am posting a mail received from a candidate who has attended Indian bank clerks interview recently. This candidate has got engineering degree and is working in software company. He is desirous of a change in order to settle down properly.
pl see his mail. best wishes
Hi Sir,
I have attended my Indian Bank Interview.Thanks a lot for your valuable guidance and help.The datails of the interview are as follows:
There were three interviewers who were very friendly.Questions were asked regarding banking and also personal details.Subject and General Knowledge questions were not asked.
First Interviewer
1.Personal details regarding family and my native place
2.How I lost my job in IT company and a few questions regarding recession.
3.The bank accounts which I have and what transactions I used to do.The columns in a passbook.
4.What are the different kinds of loans.
Interviewer 2:
I hail from kerala but I am staying in Chennai for the past one year.So the second interviewer who is a lady asked me to speak in Tamil.I am not that fluent in speaking in Tamil but I managed with using English words in between.
1.Any of your relatives are working in bank
2.Questions regarding my name and initials and family
3.Recent news regarding RBI (increase in SLR).What si SLR
Interviewer 3.
1.Difference between ATM card and Debit card and credit card
2.Difference in the salaries in Bank and IT company
3.If I get a chance in an IT company will I go back or not
3.On my way to my previous company how many Indian banks are there?(I said there si one at teynampet)Why I noticed Indian bank alone.Why I didnt use Indian bank ATM for withdrawing money?
4.How I used to transfer money from one account to another.(NEFT)WHat is NEFT?
I said that I dont want to go back to the software field becoz there is no job security.I was laid off from my previous company and dont want any more bitter experiences from the private sector.
5.Why you still have your account in a foreign bank and not in a public sector bank?
The interview lasted for around half an hour had a great time.Finally they said that I have to promise them that if they give me the job I wont go off if I get a better job.
I am hopefully waiting for the reasults.Once again I thank you for all your help
Similarly kindly send the questions asked in your interview to samba.ssivan@g,mail.com or ravisvian@yahoo.com
I will be able to make use of them for suggesting future candidates.
I am happy to post the questions asked to two candidates in recent Indian Bank interview at chennai. One is B.Sc. Chemistry and M.Sc. IT student and another student is M.Com.

1st candidate
Respected sir,
I did my interview well by god's grace and your great help. thanks a lot sir, i will never forget your timely help to me. the interviewers were very friendly and allowed me to patiently express my thoughts. i had a very nice discussion with them. There were three interviewers and they asked questions about
1. my family background
2. how is IT used in Banking
3.Will u leave the job if u get a good IT offer
4.Tell about your hometown
5.Why is IT Down at present and explain the situation in USA
6. job security or high salary which is important
7.what is your dad
8. tell about your final semester project
9.where your did ur ug and pg
2nd candidate
hello sir
the first question they asked me is about my college i.e
1.why u did your B.Com in surat?
i said my father is in bank of baroda so he got transfer to surat that's why

2.why you would like to join in bank? whether its your own interest or father's compulsion?
i said i would like to serve people in large scale & its my own interest.

3.what are the main functions of bank?
i said accepting the deposit & lending funds

4.if a customer has deposited his money in your bank & you have given him interest at a low rate.he comes to you & shouts.what will be your reaction?
i said in any organisation wherever we work we need patience.so first i will listen quietly to whatever he says & then if there is any mistake on my part i will say sorry to him & will
take further steps to solve his problem.if he does not agree to it i will consult with the manager.

5.one lady asked me whether u know tamil since u have been in north for 7 years
i said i know then she asked me to say on thirukkural.

6.then about 3 to 4 question regarding my personal details.

7.they asked me whether you come from surat to chennai by train.
i said yes, then they asked me what are all the station u come across.
i said some 4 to 5 stations that's all i remember.

8.assume that u have been given posting in some place near salem or interior how u will manage?
i said i will be in hostel of take seperate house & stay

10.they asked me about crossed check.i dont remember that question properly.
i said to my father i will ask him & mail u sir

interview went on for 20minutes.
I am giving below a set of questions that were asked in a recent Bank Probationary Officer interview. A perusal of these would reveal that candidates should brush up their subject knowledge, be thorough with current affairs, factors relating to banking and also possess good communication skills.

I request readers to read not only this blog - but go through many other blogs on the same topic put up by me earlier. After perusal if you have any doubts please send email to ravisivan@yahoo.com. U will get reply early.

P.O. Interview:
Candidate No.1
Q.1 Diff. b/w Asset management & Wealth Management ?
Q.2 Double Entry System in A/c’s
Q.3 What do you mean by Leveraging of a Firm ?
Q.4 What are Quantum Reserves for India & China ?
Q.5 What is GDP & GDR ?
Q.6 Where do you see yourself 10 yrs from now ?
Q.7 Difference b/w banking & Finance ?
Q.8 What comes in your mind when I say “Barbie” ?
Q.9 I think you are overqualified for the job ?
Q.10 What will you do if an investment firm gives you a package of 6 lakhs after joining ?
Candidate No.2
Questions Asked were :
  1. Why do you want to join Bank.
  2. What are the general and business headline today in news paper.
  3. Do you know the CTC of IOB for PO?
  4. What is PERT and CPM?
  5. About Sub prime crisis.
  6. Define Equity/ share ?
  7. Why plants dies; give a scientific answar?
  8. Why do you want to leave your current job and want to join Bank?
Candidate No.3
There were three members in my panel.They asked me some questions on banking which I am explaining one by one.
1. What are cheques & bankers cheques and also give the difference between them ?
2. What are NBFCs and how they work ?
3. What is Free Market economy , Recession, Depression and course of action to take an economy out of recession.
Next set of questions are very basic in nature like :-
1. ” Your strengths which makes you fit to be a Bank PO ” .
2. ” Your favorite color and why you like it ” ?
3. ” Name a person whose thoughts fill you with utter disgust and you want to put 10 slaps to him ” .
Candidate No.4
- Why from IT to banking?
- What is the diff between broadband and spectrum?
- Previous po exams qualified and appeared?
- Father’s profession?
- Your take on sibal’s policy of abolishing class 10 board exams?
- Savings bank rate?
- External links on the home page of iob?

This candidate had done B.Sc. chemistry and M.Sc. IT. Suggested questions.
You can expect the following questions:
1) You studied chemistry in graduation but u have taken IT for PG. Why?
2) Why did u not study MSc chemistry
3) What is the difference in approach to be adopted in studying the two subjects.?
4) What do you know about Banks?
5) What are the main functions of Banks.
6) What are the ancillary functions of Banks
7) How do you think ur knowledge can be used in banks?
8) What is the role of clerks?
9) What are the recent changes that have come in banks?
10) In which bank do u have accounts and how do u rate their servie?
11) What do u know about Indian Bank and its achievements? (refer website)
12) What is the difference between indian commercial banks and foreign banks?
13) Please tell us about yourself?
14) How will you manage an angry customer at the counter?
15) What is ur native place and tell us a few points about it?
16) Which colleges did u study and tell the good points ?
17) Supposing u are selected in Indian Bank which branch will u choose to serve?
18) Are you married?
19) Tell us about ur family?
20) What are ur ambitions in life?
21) supposing u r not selected in this Bank what will u do?
22) Have u qualified for interview in any other bank/s?

I am giving below the mail received from a candidate who attended central bank interview recently.
yes sir i attented the interview
following qns were asked 1. which subjects u studied in ur graduation 2. why are you applying for clerk u should try for officer level jobs in banks. the objective of this qns was that they were checking whether u r satisfied with the clerk job. they laid a lot of empasis on me and other candidates on this qns 3. 1 qns about chhattisgarh 4. when is mobile portability sheme is going to launch 5. what is RTGS and NEFT 6. what is virus , name of latest virus. have u ever tried to know teh working of a virus 7. what is booting and its type

I suggest you may contact some of your relative/friend who is working in any Bank to find out how to face the interview.

You may also read my book: Group discussion and Interview costing Rs.50 published by Sakthi Publications, Chennai. These are available in Higginbothams, Anna Salai, Ravi Book House, Mylapore, and other leading book stalls throughout Tamil Nadu.
 am posting a letter received from a candidate who has come out successful in Kaur Vysya Bank interview recently. This candidate pursued with me for doubts clarification after the campus training conducted in his college in pondy two years back . A perusal of this will be useful for those who are attending interviews in other banks.

I have not changed the contents sent by him.

Thank you very much.. Ya your guidance helped me a lot sir in facing the
written exams and the personal interview.
I was interviewed by Mr. Kuppuswamy the CEO and
MD of KVB bank.
The questions are very simple for me since i finished bca and there is
no previous work experience.

1. My dad is working in co-operative bank.. so he just asked me the
difference between the
co-op bank and their bank.
2. what is firefox?
3. What is virus and hw can we prevent virus in computers? virus expansion?
4. how a internet works... its network structure.
5. How a atm machine works.
6. what is pin no.
7. what are the computer languages you know?
8. do u have habit of reading newspaper... if yes means what newspaper
and tell its
last one week spl news about your computer field and your own interests.
9. What are the websites you refer often... what is google.. how it
actually works..ajax technology means wat?

but basically they looking for good communication and no nervous from
the candidates sir..
There will be one silent interviewer.. he watching wat all the things
i doing and my expressions.

Interview went nearly 15mins only sir...

now they sent result and mentioned i will receive the regular
appointment letter in due course.

1 Why you want ot join the govt. sector OR this bank ??
I want to serve govt. sector because it gives me an opportunity to serve people on a large scale. It provides challenges and opportunities for growth in career, Dena Bank offers this.

2 How we can Improve the Banking Services, Increase the customer ??
Sir, banking services can be improved by increasing the computerisation and making full use of internet, ATMs etc. For that we should take steps to educate people to use computers. Also security should be given top priority and customers should be educated about how to safeguard their accounts.

3 what are duty & responsibility of clerk ?
A bank clerk meets more customers than even Managers and officers. He is the ambassador of the Bank. Bank clerk has to feel important and render service in an excellent manner with smile. He should educate himself about Banking, Deposit rules and regulations, about advances, about his seat and also computerisation. He should be willing to take up responsibilities. I am eager to learn more and improve myself.
4 Why you want to join Govt. sector not Pvt. sector ??more or less same as no.1 question

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