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Bank Interview - questions

interview experience  at punjab n sindh bank

-Abt my home place?
-Abt interesting columns in newspaper?
-Banking and economy?
-All ant Interest and deposit rates?
-Real rate of interest?
-How electricity is produced frm water?
-How modem and firewall works?
-Abt relocating to rural areas?

interview experince at punjab n sindh bank
there were 4 membrs..they askd me what is distance b/w bhopal and gwalior ?( since m frm gwl)
what hav u studied for intrw prptn?
will u have any prblm regarding posting to rural areas or away from hometown?how many exams givn for bank po.. selectd in any bank?
why bank since done engg in computer science?
why not applied for technical officer in the bank since advt were published same time?
what is RTI?
what is its benefit..?
what is UIDAI? how it is useful?
gas responsible for bhopal gas tragedy?
layer which protect frm uv rays?
financial inclusion?
how technology help in rural banking?
what main prblm does india is facing accrding to me?most literate state in india and why?
how will u motivate rural peoples to banking services?
at last family background..


interview experience  at punjab n sindh bank

i just had my intrview at chandigarh.there were 4 person.they didnt take much time.asked some questions like--tell us about urself??/
why banking after btech??
what is diffrnce bt petrol and diesel engine??
what is fix and floating rate of interests????
difference between current account and savings account???
how can ur marketing knowledge help us(i have done mba marketing)

Interview experience of a candidate at Bank of Baroda
Started by rightmost person:
1. Place of residence, my father's profession, my place of schooling & college.
2. What is IB in MBA-IB? What you've done after your last educational qualification, ie from previous 1 year? --- I told import export sector's badly affected one. So didn't get placement, so started preparing for Bank exams.
3. Which other bank exams you've given & cleared?

After this Leftmost started:
1. What change in orientation, expectation & reaction of yours if you got posted to rural area after doing MBA in IB? --told the apt answer.
2. What about mobilty of yours? Are you comfortable anywhere?--told obvious answer.

Now mid one & most thoughtful senior person started:
1. What is derivative?--i asked in which sense, he said in all totality. I answered.
2. What is LC? Then started from my answer.
5 min to LC-LC hi khelte rahe :), mean to say in detail, tried to catch me in hypothetical situations.
3. Types of LC?
4. What else you've covered in your MBA?
5. What is Exchange Market?
6. What is exchange rate?
7. Who are main players in Exchange market?8. Who is Market maker?---not get satisfied with my answer, so started himself to answer that.

After that thank you, you can go. Thank you. Interview over. 15 min around.

.........I think interview has it's own importance either it is for 5 min or for 15-20 min. So never take it lightly. It might look formality to us, but reality one never knows

Interview experience of a candidate at Bank of Baroda

Hi frnds my interview was on 27th of August at 1 PM in Chennai.Here goes my experience There were three members.
1.Services sector is the fastest growing sector .So why do you want to leave that and come to banking?
2.What are the challenges that banking industry faces in next 10 years?
3.How important and what are the means of marketing for banking?
4.Will you be able to do that ?
5.Different skills required for HR effectiveness
6.What novels do u read
7.Nelson Mandela's autobiography?
8.How many tigers are there in India?and a few more on books as that was one of my hobbies(reading autobiographies)The interview lasted 15 minutes or so . They wished me good luck and it went smoothly except that Mandela's autobiography and one more gk question


Interview experience of a candidate at Bank of Baroda
I had my interview today at BARODA TOWERS KOLKATA.

I reached the venue 1 hr ahead of the schedule time i.e 1:00 pm.

Luckily in 1:00 pm schedule panel-I I was the first person in their list.So I had my documents verification as well as my interview ahead of all others in the same schedule&panel.Interview started at 3:00 pm for the people in 1:00 pm schedule and I was the first to face the music:the Panel consist of 3 members and were really calm and co-operative...
They asked simple Qns as under:
1.About my Family background?
2.About my kolkata local address as mentioned in the admit card(I belong to Patna)?
3.Reason for leaving Bharti Airtel?
4.Reason for leaving IBM kolkata?
5.About my job profile in both organisations?
6.About my selections and expected selections in other bank PO exams?
7.From Academics----since I have 68% in B.sc ,why stopped studies?
8.About Banking structure in India?
9.Then they explained that they are hiring basically for rural branches and asked ,how comfortable I am with a posting in a remote village in Bihar and UP where power hardly stays for 2-3 hrs?

Interview experience of a candidate at Bank of Baroda
1> IT is booming sectore than why dont u got for it ?

2> what are the qualities that a banker should have ( and trust me guys i made a complete mess of this answer )

3> now some financial bombs - what is YIELD CURVE ? venture capital ? savings account; interest rate; who decides , fixed deposit interest ? are they same for all banks ? autonomy to banks ? balance sheet ? elements of balance sheet ? they asked a few questions on some ratios of balanced sheet gave hints also but i've never ever read about those ratios so a big SORRY.

4> difference between marketing and selling?

5> BOB products.. knowledge about them...

6> about BOB ( and i started like a parrot )

7> as i mentioned about BOB's mission Sardarji asked what are international standards of banking ??

8> how will u rate yourself from 1- 10.. followed by your weakness? fir toh janaab shuru ho gaye.. ..i am not really satisfied with the interview... could have answered some questions in a far better way.. was more spontaneous than logical and it spoiled the show... all the best to the one's left for interview.

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