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1. Write an essay on any one of the topics in about 500 words:
A) Opening up of banking sector for more leading private companies.
B) Gains made on account of Bank Naitonalisation
C) Monetary measures for reducing inflationary trend and its results
D) Banks in every day life of a common man.
E) Impact of media on our daily life.

2. You are Branch Manager of a Bank. Write a letter to Head office recommending installation of ATMs in your Office premises and also in the Extension counter in an Engineering college. Elaborate the progress your branch will be making on account of this move.

You are the Chairman of local Business Establishments Committee. Write a letter to the Manger of local Bank branch requesting that banks' working hours should be increased by one hour in the evening to facilitate depositing of cash by your members into their account. Give additional reasons justifying your request.
Your friend has been attending bank interviews for the last two years. He did not get selected in his fourth interview for which results were announced recently. He is feeling dejected. Write a letter to him in 150 words suggesting that if he prepares well for the future exams he will succeed.

3. . Write a precis of the following passage in one third of its length. Give a suitable title. (Strike out the draft after making fair copy)

An old tailor and his wife lived on the outskirts of a city. They had a daughter whom they both loved very much and as she was about to be married they took great pains to save money. The man toiled for long hours and his wife worked too. With the money they saved they purchased a few ornaments and kept them in a small wooden box for safekeeping. One day their hut caught fire. The man and his wife escaped just in time but the fire spread rapidly and soon engulfed the whole house. The neighbours soon gathered around and would not allow the man to risk his life and enter the house to save the precious ornaments. They drew water from nearby wells to pour onto the fire. A young traveller saw the poor man in tears and said, “Why are you so upset? Your house can soon be rebuilt.” “It is not my house that I am shedding tears for”, the tailor replied, “But the ornaments that we have bought for our daughter. Now we shall not be able to give her the wedding gift we worked so hard for!” The traveller thought for a while and seeing the plight of the poor man decided to help, but for a price. “I will help you on condition that I will give you only what I like.” The poor man was so desperate to salvage a few of the ornaments at least that he agreed.

The young man entered the house carefully and located the box hidden exactly where the old man had said it would be. He came out of the house with the box, opened it, removed the ornaments and returned the box to the tailor. The old man was bewildered. “But the ornaments are mine. Why have you done this?” the tailor asked. “I agreed to give you what I liked and so I have given you the box”, the young man retorted cheekily. The neighbours were annoyed with the young man but could think of no solution. The old man had agreed to the condition after all. But his wife intervened, “Let us go to the magistrate. He is a just man. Surely he will find a solution.” The young man was not willing to go to the magistrate but the neighbours insisted. When he heard the story the magistrate realised the young man had taken advantage of the poor tailor. “You told the tailor that you would give him what you liked and he agreed, is that correct?” he asked. “Yes. I will give you what I like were my exact words”, the young man replied. “Do you like the ornaments?” the magistrate questioned. “Yes of course!” “Well as you like the ornaments you have to give them back to the old man as was agreed between you.” The young man realised that he had been outwitted.


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