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CWE PO--Guidance for final finish.

I am reposting two blogs because many candidates get doubts as to how many questions they should answer and how many marks they should get. Allocate time suitably, strict to that, attempt at least 60% questions in all the five objective tests. Also write all the questions in descriptive paper in good handwriting. (Descriptive model papers also given- besides model papers for other objective tests).Make use of the links provided recently. Give your comments regarding usefulness of this site. A lot of changes in format have been brought by Manovee – he is joining KVB as PO shortly.Best wishe


Common Written Examination - Probationary Officers --2011
I have already posted a blog inviting attention to the advertisement given by IBPS regarding the above.

A candidate has written asking for clarification and I thought it is worth posting my reply as a blog so that it will benefit not only him but also other candidates.

"I have got the following doubts after reading the adv clearly.they are

English is a qualifying one or score will be considered for selection

Can you explain about the cut of marks as i was unable to understand from the adv

What will be the decent score to be eligible for every bank."

May be similar doubts may be therein the minds of other candidates also.

There will be an objective test consisting of 250 questions to be answered in composite time of 150 minutes. In all the subjects 50 questions will be given.

English 25
Quant.Aptitude 50
Banking related
General Awareness 50
Awareness 50
--- 225 marks

Time allocation suggested -
Reasoning - 40 mins
QA - 40 mins
GA - 20 mins
Computer - 30 mins
English -20 mins.

You may choose either Reasoning or QA and start and after the time is over stop that and go to another section. Like this you have to compartmentalise the time available and answer questions from all subjects . Remember negative marking is there and hence you should mark an answer only if you know at least 60% confident about it. Attempt at least 60% questions within this time and out of that even if 90% is right you may be eligible for interview.

For descriptive test -- use all the time given fully - write in one language - Hindi or English -- all the questions should be attempted. - Essay-precis-letter writing etc. Write in legible hand writing. Essay should be written in 3 or four paras. Precis you can have a rough then write fair one and give title. Letter writing should done neatly in a format. Over writing should not be there. Spelling mistakes should not be there. Grammar mistakes should not be there. Once you take this test also seriously you will be qualifying for interview and when you get interview please send email to samba.ssivan@gmail.com for guidance. Wherever I may be I will send reply email.

Desc.Paper on
English composition
Letter writing) 25 marks

250 marks

The above tests except the Test of English Language and Descriptive Paper on English Composition will be printed bilingually, i.e. English and Hindi.
The Descriptive Papers of only those candidates who secure minimum qualifying
marks in each of the objective tests will be evaluated.

All the above tests except English Language (objective) will be in English and Hindi so that candidates who are not comfortable with English will be able to understand well and answer questions relating to reasoning, quantitative aptitude, banking related general awareness, computer awareness. You may see that English Language objective has weightage of 25 marks only and that means each correct answer will get 0.5 mark. Eligibility marks will be decided out of 225 -- cut off marks for each subject will be there. this is to make it compulsory - that candidates should attempt questions relating to all the five subjects and not answer two or three or four subjects only. Objective English is also important in that you must secure the minimum cut off and also if u score more in it will help you in overall total marks eligibility.

Divide the time for each subject - English is only 25 marks and qualifying .

The descriptive papers of those candidates who have secured over and above the cut off marks in objective papers only will be corrected and then mark list issued. This mark list will be valid for a period of one year. The candidates can apply for Bank PO jobs in the 19 nationalised banks along with the mark sheets. Depending on cut off set by the respective banks candidates will be called for interview and final selection made.

Other detailed information regarding the written examination will be given in an
Information Handout, on IBPS website which will be made available for the
candidates to download along with the call letter.
There will be penalty for wrong answers marked in the Objective Test. For each
question for which a wrong answer has been given by the candidate one fourth or 0.25 of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted as penalty to arrive at corrected score. If the total of the penalty for a test is in fraction, the marks obtained will be rounded off to the nearest integer, i.e. if fraction exceeds by 0.50 or more, it will be rounded off to next higher integer. If for any question a candidate gives more than one answer, it will be treated as wrong even if one of the given answers happens to be right and there will be the same penalty of 0.25 of the marks assigned to that question deducted as penalty. If a question is left blank, i.e. no answer is given by the candidate, there will be no penalty for that question.
The corrected scores obtained by each of the candidates will further be converted into standardized scores following Linear Conversion Method.
Each candidate will have to secure a minimum standardized score in each of the tests to qualify in the written examination and to be considered for vacancies in the participating banks. The cut-off points will be decided based on the average (Average – ¼ Standard Deviation for General category candidates and Average – ¾ Standard Deviation for Reserved Category candidates).
IBPS will print the Score Cards for each of the qualifying candidates and will send the same by Registered/ Speed post to each candidate at the correspondence address
specified in his/ her online application.
Score Cards issued by IBPS will be valid for one year from the date of issue of the Score Card. Candidates can appear in subsequent examination(s) to enhance their scores if they so desire."

quote ends.

It is expected that weightage for written test will be 70% (marks obtained for 250 will be converted for 70) and interview will be for 30 marks. This number may change depending on the decision of banks to give more weightage for interview or written test. clear picture about this will be known only after the scheme is implemented.

I thank Mr. Dileep for having raised the doubt and that helped me put this blog.
In case you any other doubts you can send mail to samba.ssivan@gmail.com

To an extent possible I will answer your doubts if necessary by referring to others.
You also have forums like www.bankpo.in /http://www.orkut.co.in/

Those who are accessing this blog may invite their friends also and become followers.

I have been posting from 2009. So if you want on any subject please go to SEARCH in the blog and do search. it will take you to my blog here. If u do not find suitable one please send email to me.


I am a BCA graduate who graduated out in 2003. I am working in the field of Medical Transcription. Of late, I am looking on the options to change the field and pursue my career in marketing/management and that was when I thought about appearing for bank exams. I compete in General category. I have attended the written exams for SBI PO and Associates PO. I have a doubt to be clarified on the marks that should be scored for selection in the written exams. I have got some ideas from different people where they say, you need to attend at least 40% in all sections, some say need to score at least 40% in all sections, and some do that the eligibility varies in proportion to cut-off. I would like to know
1. What is the minium score that I should get in each section.
2. Does the weitage for selection is equal for all sections as there were equal number of questions and marks in all.
3. Or the weitage will be given more for particular section over the other.
4. How will the cut-off marks be decided and also the weitage of sections in the cut off.

5. I am appearing for Repco Bank PO on 21/8/2011. The test for 2 hrs comprising of 60 questions for 60 marks each for QA and reasoning and 40 questions for 40 marks for English and GK. Please provide me ideas on questions to atend.

6. I read your blog in which you discussed about the PNB's specialist officers exam in detail. Likewise, I request you to give us details on CWE for IBPS that would help us in big way.

The cut off varies from exam to exam. I remember to have read some information on this in a site www.bankpo.in

Yes. sometimes the cut off comes down to 10 marks also in certain subjects,.

I have given in my blog Books for preparation -- in that blog itself I have given suggestion -- attempt at least 50% questions and even if 90% of that comes out successful one may be safe. Time for various sections like reasoning, english, QA, Banking related general awareness and computer awareness should be allocated time taking into account marks and questions.

Weightage may differ for example in PNB It professional knowledge is given 90 marks and English was only qualifying paper. So it may differ from exam to exam. You have to go through the "Prepare yourself booklet" received along with the hall ticket for this purpose.

Cut-off marks will be decided depending on over all performance of candidates under each category. I am not conversant with that and I feel there is no need for knowing it. yes. We must have time plan for each section and go to the next section after the time is over. It so happened in recent SBI exam candidates spent more time on reasoning questions. Any paper will have very easy questions, easy questions, moderate questions, tough questions and very tough questions. Success lies in identifying easy questions and answering them also identify very tough questions and not attempt and waste time at all.

Yes. for Repco I suggest you can allocate time like this:

Take the strong area first and attempt. Reasoning -45 minutes QA - 30 minutes English - 25 minutes GA and revision - 20 minutes.

Again another point. On reading a few questions many of us get mentally blocked because those questions are not known and tension builds up. This should be avoided. It is sufficient for us to answer easy and moderate questions and succeed.

best wishes

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