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CWE PO exam is now going on in India. 14 lakhs people have applied for this. Another CWE Clerks will be held in India in November 2011 in which 50 lakh people are expected to write.

I want to share a point with you all. It was 8.30 pm iST 17th September 2011. A candidate from Tirupati came online. I am now in usa. She told that she was not able to take a print out of her hall ticket. She was citing some reasons for her staying in Bangalore for not having taken printout earlier.

IBPS line was not opening properly. She tried from her house and then from a browsing centre. I was online at that time and I was having tension. Luckily she got it after 35 minutes or so--the site opened and print out came.

At the same time there was another candidate from Haryana trying for his friend.
Lesson: Please take print outs from websites as early as possible and not postpone till the last minute, because such sites which are required by lakhs of people may or may not function in the last few minutes before the exam.
I hope my dear students/friends --you would have written CWE PO well.  Do not worry about the result.  Now please apply for CWE Clerks if you have not applied so far and then start reading.

One can hope to become an officer in three or four years even if he joins as a clerk in case he passes JAIIB and CAIIB exams.

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