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1. Why are marketers interested in the level of disposable income?
a) it accurately represents future buying power
b) it increases current buying power
c) it is what is left after taxes to buy luxuries with
d) it is a ready source of buying power
e) None of these

2. Which of the following companies would probably be most interested in tracking discretionary income levels?
a) Asda Supermarkets b) BMW automobiles c) The Post Office
d) Kraft General Foods e) None of these

3. What type of competitive structure exists when a firm produces a product that has no close substitute?
a) Monopoly b) Oligopoly c) Monopolistic Competition d) Perfect Competition
e) None of these

4. In the beer industry, a few large brewers supply the majority of the market. The brewing industry is an example of which of the following competitive structures?
a) Monopoly b) Oligopoly c) Monopolistic Competition d) Perfect Competition
d) None of these

5. Which of the following firms would most likely have a monopoly for its competitive environment?
a) Sunset Cablevision b) Montgomery Transport
c) Post Office Parcel Services d) Telecom Car Phones
e) None of these

6. Essex Office Products has decided to use a particular competitive tool that it feels will have a major impact. Its consultant, Dr. Bell, contends that this particular approach is the one most easily copied by the firm’s competitors. The tool in question is
a) price b) market segmentation c) distribution d) promotion
e) None of these

7. A small hardware store whose only competitor is a huge discount store would be least likely to use which competitive tool?
a) services b) price c) product offering d) distribution
e) None of these

8. Technology assessment is
a) assessing how much technology has been incorporated into an organization
b) trying to foresee the effects of new products and processes on a firm’s operation and on society in general
c) assessing how much technology one wants to put into a company in the future
d) assessing the cost of new technology to determine whether a firm can afford to use it
e) None of these

9. When Bell Laboratories attempts to anticipate the effect of new products and processes on its own innovations, other business organizations, and society in general, it is engaging in
a) product differentiation b) monopolistic competition
c) technology assessment d) innovative marketing
e) None of these

10. If VIDEOCON developed a new technology that made 3-D imagery possible through the use of videotape played on an advanced television set, it would be more likely to market this innovation if it could obtain a
a) competitive advancement b) patent c) low price advantage
d) technological assessment e) None of these

11. USA Chemicals president is very excited about the possibility of the firm’s British subsidiary having access to the entire EU. He realizes that it will be some time before this area truly becomes one market, primarily because of differences in
a) Available advertising media b) culture c) law d) technology
e) None of these

12. Countries in the Pacific Rim encompass _______ of the world’s population
a) 40% b) 50% c) 60% d) 70% e) None of these

13. The lowest level of commitment to international marketing, and also the most flexible approach is
a) a joint venture b) direct ownership c) exporting
d) licensing e) None of these

14. Export agents
a) bring buyers and sellers from different countries together and collect a commission for arranging sales
b) purchase products from different companies and sell them to foreign countries
c) are specialists at understanding the needs of customers in foreign countries
d) arrange for licensing agreements between domestic and foreign countries
e) None of these

15. Cuisinart Corporation owns the Spalding name but does to produce a single golf club or tennis ball. This arrangement could indicate what type of organizational structure for international marketing?
a) exporting b) trading c) joint venture d) licensing
e) None of these

16. Nuhitzu believes it has the technological expertise to produce communication systems that will be the leaders around the globe. Boston Electronics is widely regarded as having excellent management systems and superior marketing programme. The two might form ________ to work together on a worldwide basis.
a) a licensing agreement b) an export trading company c) a joint agreement
d) a strategic alliance e) None of these

17. Once a company makes a long term commitment to a foreign market that has a promising political and economic environment, what becomes a possibility?
a) Exporting b) Joint Venture c) Limited exporting
d) Direct ownership e) None of these

18. ICI has subsidiaries in many countries. ICI is
a) an exporter b) a licensing company c) a trading company
d) a multinational company e) None of these

19. Body Shop and Benetton are examples of companies which has employed _______ as a market entry strategy
a) franchising b) exporting c) Joint Ventures d) licensing
e) None of these

20. Which approach to international marketing involves least risk and minimum effort?
a) licensing b) exporting c) franchising d) joint venturing
e) None of these

21. The difference between a voluntary chain and a retail cooperative is
a) only one does group buying b) in the merchandising and promotional aspects
c) one is independent, the other is not d) there is no difference
e) none of these

22. The concept under which a company carefully coordinates its many communication channels to deliver a clear, consistent, and compelling message about the organization and its product is called
a) integrated direct marketing b) the marketing mix
c) direct marketing communication d) integrated marketing communications
e) none of these

23. Which of the following factors should be considered when setting the advertising budget
a) stage in the product life cycle b) market share
c) product features d) (1) and (2) e) None of these

24. Low competition, high repeat exposure, and low cost are advantages of which type of media?
a) magazines b) news paper c) television d) outdoor
e) None of these

25. Which consumer promotion tool consists of certificates that give buyers and saving when they purchase specified products?
a) samples b) cash funds c) sweepstakes
d) coupons e) none of these

26. Salespeople write their completed activities on ____
a) sales quota reports b) expense reports c) call reports
d) annual territory marketing plans e) None of these

27. The inside salesperson was screening out good leads from poor ones by contacting all prospects on the telephone. The inside salesperson is
a) follow-up b) closing c) prospecting d) approaching
e) None of these

28. Setting call objectives is done during this stage
a) preapproach b) follow-up c) approach d) presentation
e) none of these

29. The marketing manager was asked to update the sales force on direct marketing. She should explain that direct marketing is
a) one to one communication
b) used to match marketing offers to individual buyers of narrowly defined segments
c) another word for sophisticated direct mail programs
d) (1) and (2) e) None of these

30. A corporate website is designed to do all the following except
a) directly sell products b) build customer goodwill
c) respond to communications initiated by the consumer
d) indirectly sell company products e) none of these

31. Family life cycle is most likely to be based on:
a) buying power and gender b) geographic location and family size
c) marital status and age of children d) occupation and marital status
e) None of these
32. Zerex markets its radiator liquid as a coolant in Southern Europe and as an antifreeze in Northern Europe. Which of the following segmentation variables is in use here?
a) Demographic b) Psychographic c) Geographic
d) Life cycle e) None of these

33. The psychographic variable that includes numerous characteristics related to people’s activities, interests and opinions is
a) motive b) social class c) personality d) lifestyle
e) None of these

34. Through marketing newsprint to newspaper publishers and glass manufacturers that use it in packaging. Consolidated Bathurst segments its market based on:
a) customer size b) psychographics c) demographics
d) use of product e) None of these

35. Marketers of Procter & Gamble products define markets on the basis of both volume usage of the product and annual family income. This is an example of which market segmentation approach?
a) homogeneous b) multisegement c) variable d) multivariable
e) None of these

36. A product’s _____ is the place it occupies in the minds of consumers relative to competing brands
a) segment b) position c) attribute d) image e) None of these

37. If Pepsi and Coca-Cola were to use celebrities to challenge the taste of each others cola, this would be an example of _______________ positioning
a) direct b) focused c) head-on d) avoidance e) None of these

38. A product’s position is defined by
a) the consumer b) the marketer c) the industry d) competitors
e) None of these

39. Campbell offers “Soup for One” to small households. In this instance, the firm is conducting segmentation based on:
a) income b) ethnicity c) taste d) family life cycle
e) none of these

40. By expanding its selection of cards for Grandparent’s Day. Hallmark is responding to changes in which segmentation based on
a) Religion b) Family life cycle c) income d) Gender
e) None of these

41. If IBM was concerned about the interest rate it must pay in the next quarter to acquire needed financial resources, this concern would involve which one of the following
a) A marketing environment input b) Its marketing mix
c) Its marketing approach d) A marketing environment output
e) None of these

42. To effectively monitor changes in the marketing environment, marketers must engage in
a) Use of the marketing concept b) environmental scanning and analysis
c) information collection d) Marketing research
e) None of these

43. If Cadburys found a magazine article which provided key information on the television viewing habits of heavy buyers of chocolate, this would be an example of information obtained through environmental
a) scanning b) forces c) analysis d) management
e) None of these
44. Jenkins is a small retail chain in South Wales. When considering changes in its marketing strategy, the firm’s management looks only at changes in shopper attitudes and spending patterns. With regard to responding to environmental forces Smith’s approach can best be described as?
a) passive and proactive b) aggressive and proactive
c) dominant and proactive d) passive and reactive
e) none of these

45. Many marketers view political forces as
a) easily ignored b) easily influenced c) simple to recognize
d) beyond their control e) none of these

46. Which one of the following statements about self-regulatory programmes is FALSE?
a) they are usually less expensive than governmental ones
b) their guidelines are generally more realistic and operational
c) non-governmental ones have neither the tools nor the authority to enforce guidelines
d) the guidelines are generally stricter than governmental ones
e) none of these

47. Why is a high material standard of living simply not enough in society today?
a) people desire a variety of Intangible benefits from products
b) human beings never totally satisfy their desires
c) material goods are not for the purpose of happiness
d) people also desire a high degree of quality in their lives
e) None of these

48. Marketing strategy during a recession should include
a) a reduction in the number of sales personnel
b) a reduction in the expenditures for new product development
c) a reduction in advertising
d) promotional efforts that promote value and utility
e) none of these

49. If the Kellogg Company decides to build a new cereal plant because it anticipates the next five years will bring low unemployment and increases in buying power, it is forecasting a period of
a) depression b) prosperity c) recovery d) austerity
e) None of these

50. In a period of recovery, the best marketing strategy for Electrolux would be characterized by which of the following?
a) flexibility b) aggressiveness c) austerity d) retrenchment
e) None of these


1.d 2.b 3.a 4.b 5.a 6.a 7.b 8.b 9.c 10.b

11.b 12.c 13.c 14.a 15.d 16.d 17.d 18.d 19.a 20.b

21.b 22.d 23.d 24.d 25.d 26.c 27.c 28.a 29.d 30.a

31.c 32.c 33.d 34.d 35.d 36.b 37.c 38.a 39.d 40.b

41.a 42.b 43.a 44.d 45.d 46.d 47.d 48.d 49.b 50.a

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