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Questions that were asked in CWE PO examination on 18th sept 2011
1)man booker prize
2)neft full form
3)types of bank accounts
4)wimbledon 2011 mens single winner
5)yingluck-president of?
6)female football world cup
7)llp full form
8)which country honoued indira gandhi
9) saving accounts-which dates interest is calculated
10)RTGS minimum limit-2 lakh and no maximum limit
11)types of bank account
12)when can we break fixed deposits and recurring deposits
13)what was done by angela merkel
14)what happens when rate of inflation increases
15)which is not a term of money market
16)yh malegam-microfinance
18)which of the following is not a feature of census
19)which state decided to give oil
20)in which state lokayukta decided to....
21)which body has the sole power to issue money and currency
22)which body has largest shares in indian bank
23) who's the 3 tymes consecutive CM?
24)  mortgage means
25)  Gorkha movement
26)  POSCO's P stands for?
27)  ‎3 idiots wala :P
28)  yingluck shinawatra first female PM of? --thailand
29) Lokayukta report on illegal mining Karnataka
30) Inflation Rate increase hogi to kis par effect pdega
31) The 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup Japan beated United States
32) One question was on US debt based

‎1. Education loan is provided by
a)SIDBI b)MFI c)RBI d)SFC e)None

2. Salva Kiir Mayardit is the president of which country? South sudan... had posted this question just 1 day before exam:P

3. Question on Indian Finance Minister recent UK visit.issues &policies?

4. Which country has tighten the immigration laws recently?

5. Steel authority of india recently bid for hajigak ore mines. where is it located?

6. Question on India and Sri Lanka memorandum of understanding on the port project that will boost economic activities in Jaffna and its neighbourhood?

7. Following not directly decided by RBI?
a)reverse repo b)repo c)base rate d)bank rate

8. Copper mines majorly located in which state of India?

9. Clearing house is place where? banking related where representative of all banks meet on daily basis for clearing cheques.

10. Michael phelps related to which sport? Swimming

11. SFIO recently in news.SFIO is under which ministry? corporate affairs

12. Nileema Mishra & Harish handle recently in news for the award? Magsaysay Award

13. Capital market is a place where? securities are traded for raising long-term funds.

14. Following are authorized to accept deposits withdrawable by cheque?
a)insurance companies b)finance c) rbi d)banks e)govt. corporation

15. Highest % household savings ?
a)bank deposits b)postal savings

16. National panchayat day? 24th April

17. Legislation acts related to security issues
a)workmen compensation b)maternity benefit c)right to education d)employee state insurance act e)all

18. Pak foreign minister recent visit to india.Finalized a set of CBMs? Hina Rabbani Khar

19. MANDRA novel awarded saraswati samman. It was written in which language?
20. Following is not applicable for negotiable instrument?
a)must be registered b)must be transferable c)must be in writing d)must be signed e)all

21. RTGS minimum threshold limit recently raised to
a)3lac b)4lac c)5lac d)2lac e)no limit

22. Govt. sharehold in public sector banks cant be below
a)33% b)50 c)40 d)66.6 e)51

23. How many villages are to be covered in next 5yrs under Financial inclusion?
a)30,000 b)43,000 c)73,000 d)1,20,000 e)no target

24. Global water summit April-May 2012 to be held in?

25. In every WTO meeting there has been a deadlock on which particular issue?

a)agriculture subsidy b)patent alloting mechanism c)trade rules d)tariff barriers in EU countries.

26. Jeev Milka singh & Arjun Atwal related to which sport?  golf

27. Champions trophy is related to which game? Cricket

28. Wire Transfer means? banking related

29. CM of WestBengal prior to Mamata Banerjee? Buddhadeb Bhattacharya

30. Micro Finance originated from which country? Bangladesh

31. London Jan 2012 is going to hold which games? Olympic

32. NEFT system uses which codes?
ans: IFS Codes

33. KYC procedure requires?
ans: ID & address proof of the customer

34. Self Help groups means?

35. KG-D6 block is related to?
ans: natural gas production

36. In India,cheques are valid for a period of ___ months?
a)3 b)6 c)9   ans  6 months

37. CM of which state resigned recently for the allegations made by the Lokayuktta on illegal mining?

38. State govt. proposed Fair price shops are a part of?
ans: Public distribution system

39. Finance given to senior citizens against residential houses/flats?
ans: reverse mortgage loan

40. "One Child Policy" received a severe criticism recently. Which country was that?

41. Fastest inter bank transfer is by?
ans: RTGS

42. Question on Mobile banking provides services like?

43. Financial inclusion means?

44. Credit card means? also known as smart card

45. NPA?

46. ASBA?
ans: Application Supported by Blocked Amount

47. Recently credit rating of which country downgraded to AA+ from AAA?
ans: USA

48. Interest rate on term deposits is ____ than savings account deposits

Ans.  higher.


Thanks a lot Manish Arora

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