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Another success in KVB PO interview


I am happy to inform that Mr. R V Praveen has come out successful in the KVB PO interview.  He had his interview last week and the email informing his selection has been received.  Congrats Praveen.
"Hello sir...this is praveen from salem....i attended KVB interview on tuesday and i got selected.....i really thank u a lot for providing  a lot of information in your blog....it was very useful regarding the interview..A lot of questions posted there gave me an experience to attend interview....Thanks a lot sir......

He has sent a list of questions asked by the Interview  Board:

The questions they asked :(Tell me about yourself)
 1.why did u chose banking sector after engineering?
 2.about the college i studied.
 3.what is two tier architecture?
4.what is meant by a proxy server?
5.what is the advantage of linux over unix?
6.what is a bit?
7.name some commands you know.

This boy is from Tamil Nadu and I forwarded the list of blogs on interview.  Credit goes to him and God for bringing success.  However www.sbank.in wishes him all the best in his career.

1st October 2011

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