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A candidate attended interview in a RRB and has sent the questions that were asked.  I am giving below the mail received from the candidate for use of candidates attending interview in future:

i have attended shreyas grameen bank interview on 14th october and i must say your website helped me alot in terms of guessing types of questions......thanx alot

my interview was on 14th october second shift at aligarh(u.p.)

there were 3 members in the panel one was chairman
questions were

1) what is the distance between allahabad and aligarh

2) what u were doing after completing your graduation in 2009

3) what subjects u h studied in company secretary

4) what is the scope of company secretary in private sector

5) what is rrb

6) what are the fuctions of rrb

7) what is the major source of income

8) difference between rrb and commercial bank

9) why u want to join rural bank

10) what is financial inclusion

11) what is contract under contract act 1872

12) what are the functions of rbi

13) what is the meaning of lender of last resort and why i s called so

14) what is deficit financing

15) what is deficit

16) being a girl will i be able to reside in rural area ( for 10 min
they were trying to convince me that i wont be able to reside there )

17) what is my vision for shreyas

18) where do see myself in shreyas

19) from where i prepare for bank exams

20) why only shreyas not anyother rrb

21) what is the difference between shreyas and other bank products

22) how will i manage to reside any where as it is not near to my home town

23) what are the basics of bank

24) what is human resource management

25) what is the importance of human resource in any organisation

26) what is consideration

thats all it lasted for 25 mins

I would like to thank the candidate for presenting the questions in a nice manner.  Normally candidates write very briefly after attending interview.  This candidate has taken care to remember and present the questions and it will be of use for others.

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