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IOB PO Interview

I have posted a number of blogs on interview.Nearly 200+ questions will be there in these.

In spite of this many candidates ask for specific questions and hence I am giving a list for ready reference.

Questions that can be asked in IOB PO Interview:

1.        Tell us about yourself
2.       How do you think banking is suitable for you? Elaborate
3.       What do you know about IOB?
4.       How many branches IOB has? 
5.       What is an ATM? Use
6.       What IS THE        total deposits, advances, profit of IOB in the lat year
7.       Chairman and ED of IOB
8.       What is a bank?  Functions
9.       RBI functions
10.   Clearing house
11.   Tell us what you studied in the college in the last years.  Which subject you liked?
12.   What are low cost deposits?
13.   Current account – what do you know about current account
14.   What do you want to be after 5 years from now.
15.   Are you willing to work anywhere in India?  How will you manage as a married woman?
16.   Will you take banking as a serious career or you want to work for a few years only?
17.   What is the value of I US $, Euro, Pound sterling.?
18.   What is the cost of gold per gram?
19.   Montek Singh Ahluwalia – poverty line definition—controversy
20.   Do you think women can do equally well a men?
21.   Name successful business women you know and tell a few points.?
22.   Tell us about your native place/family/ hobbies
23.   Which sports you are interested in?
24.   Which movie did you see recently? Tell us the story briefly
25.   Navrathri – Diwli which festival you like and why?

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