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Success in Interview

His name is Harish.  Very enthusiastic person.  He was good is sharing information about interview with others in others forums like bankpo.in.   Attended calls made by me from USA.  He was feeling dejected in not clearing one or two bank interviews.  He went through the changes made by Mr. Manohar (KVB) in September in the blog presentation and appreciated it with full sincerity.

He is well qualified (MBA) and very good in communication,.  I use to encourage him and motivate him. Yes. today I received a mail from him that he has been selected as clerk in OBC.

I am narrating in detail because in spite of my offering to give advice for interview over phone not many people use it adequately.  People like Rajan, Srivasthav, Praveen and Harish who utilised it got success and am very happy about this.  Of course credit goes entirely to those boys and also for God for guiding them properly.  I am only sharing the happiness that my stay for six months in USA helped me communicate in detail with quite a good number of candidates.

Please go through the number of blogs on interview posted here and if you have any doubt please mail to samba,ssivan@gmail.com

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