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Banks will open five days a week -- news

New Delhi. So soon as the state bank will work 5 days a week.The new system is expected to be implemented from April.According to sources, the Central Government in this regard by the Indian Banks Association (IBA), RBI and the bank has conveyed his decision to headquarters. Customer service will run. Currently this service from ten till four o'clock that morning.

Whether the above has been approved will be known in a few days when an official announcement is made by banks. 

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THIS MAY NOT BE POSSIBLE NOW IN THE LIGHT OF SBI mulling about working on Sundays.

Banks will open five days a week -- news Reviewed by sambasivan srinivasan on 9:17:00 PM Rating: 5


Anonymous said...



Sambasivan.S said...

the date from which it will be implemented is not known. As told in the blog it is to be approved.
source is given therein.
best wishes

Anonymous said...

All.Please understand one thing.....that is not possilbe...cos 2 day continues in not possible.

Anonymous said...

-Do you mean to say that all foreign Banks around the world are not doing any business by closing on saturday and sunday.In spite of the fact that SBI is the biggest bank in India; do you know where it stands in the world Ranking? Lets try to be more Geniune atleast now.

Sambasivan.S said...

Considering the power crisis with which we are facing, --shortage of power and petroleum -- I feel it will be good if banks were made to work only for five days in a week. opinions differ.

This will give some time for working women to spend time with their children.

Jai said...

5days banking will be from 1jun2012

Anonymous said...

Banks are providing lot of facilites to their customers like e-banking, debit cards, credit card, net banking by which customer can fulfil his needs so there is no harm to make 5 days week in banking.

Anonymous said...

this is really need of hour. bank officers are working under pressure and lots of burdon. They have no time for their families. Their personal life is getting spoiled day by day. So 5 days banking needed as soon as possible. Due to the presence of alternate delivery channels,people can fulfill their banking needs any time.

Sunil said...


How do you know that its from 1st June ?

Any authentic news or website link ?

Abhishak said...

Getting this news from many people that it stands approved and effective from 1st June 2012....Anyone please check with RBI people whether it is sure news or just rumor....

Sambasivan.S said...

i have not come across this news. let us wait and see.

Anonymous said...

It is definitely moron....2 days continuous off will only effect the cheque clarence system.. Rest for withdrawal....there is already a system called ATM ...for your information....for deposits as people can wait a sunday...they will do for saturday overall 5 day banking will rock

Anonymous said...

Is private banks have demanded for the let me know.

Anonymous said...

whats all the fuss about???? When RBI works for days, State Govt Employees have 2 days off, and Teaching Professionals get Second Saturday and 2 months vacation, why only bank staff are deprived of this???? The Transaction time can be increased by an hour on these 5 days to accomodate the rush. Moreover in the present era of Net banking, ATM and other facilities, this decision wont make a difference

dhiru said...

Recently we all have observed that the finance ministry ask all public sector bank to work for full day on 7th April 2012 just because banks were closed for two days continuously ie on 5th and 6th of april on account of public holiday. So to cope with extra rush on Saturday Banks employee's were directed to do work for extra hour's. After experiencing this i don't think Government is willing to implement five day banking in present scenario. just imagine what will happen when two continuous public holidays will fall on Friday and on Monday.
Moreover i don't thing any banking union has serious approach towards this burning issue.And again IBA will be happy to bargain on this during xth bipartite Agreement.

Bank Lending Criteria said...

In our area, they are operating even on weekends since there are still transaction that cannot be done within the five days work. However, it will be the discretion of bank in terms of their transactios.

Anonymous said...

A good wishful thinking my dear friends, which will remain as a dream in the near future. The industrial lobby will never permit it, so is the Chamber of commerce. As you know, these guys are calling the final shots, whichever Govt. rules.

Shahid hungund said...


Friendz all are just telling it will be implement but their is no specific source from where this news came.
if this system coame in to existence this will be a big revolution in our country.

it will be implement in the next pay settlement.

Shahid Hungund
Corporation bank.

Shahid hungund said...

lets see

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