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computer knowledge - 022012

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Computer Knowledge

1.         When you enter text in a cell in Excel, it also appears in which of the following?
            a) Status bar                b) Formula bar                         c) Row heading
            d) Name box               e) None of these
2.         Which elements of a Word document can be displayed in colour?
            a) Only graphics          b) Only text                 c) Only the first word of each line
            d) All elements, but only if you have a colour printer
            e) All elements
3.         A workbook is a collection of
            a) Page Setup              b) Buttons                   c) Diagrams     d)Charts
            e) Worksheets
4.         _______ appear at the bottom of the Excel Window.
            a) Sheet tabs                b) Name Box               c) Formula bar
            d) Title bar                  e) None of these
5.         EPROM stands for
            a) Erasable Programmable Read - Only Memory
            b) Electronic Programmable Read-Only Memory
            c) Enterprise Programmable Read-Only Memory
            d) Extended Programmable Read-Only Memory
e) Electrical Programmable Read-Only Memory
6.         The technology that stores only the essential instructions on a microprocessor chip and thus enhances its speed is referred to as
            a) CISC           b) RISC           c) CD-ROM    d) Wi-Fi          e) MISC
7.         Which in not a basic function of a computer?
            a) Store data                b) Accept input                       c) Process data            d) Copy text
            e) Accept and process data
8.         ASCII is a coding system that provides
            a) 256different characters       b) 512 different characters     
c) 1024 different characters    d) 128 different characters    
e) 1000 different characters
9.         Which part of the computer is directly invoked in executing the instruction of the computer program?
            a) The scanner                         b) The main storage     c) The secondary storage
            d) The printer              e) The processor
10.       In order to create column data in World, you need to
            a) tab consecutively until your cursor reaches the desired place
            b) set tabs or use the Table menu
            c) use Excel                
            d) press the space bar until your cursor reaches the desired place
            e) None of these
11.       Files are organised by storing them in
            a) tables           b) databases                c) folders         d) graphs         e) diagrams
12.       When a computer is switched on, the booting process performs
            a) Integrity Test          b) Power-On-Self-Test                        c) Correct Functioning Test
            d) Reliability Test       e) Shout-down
13.       In World, the feature that automatically detects common errors is called
            a) Autocorrect                         b) Autograph               c) Spelling and Grammar
            d) Go to                      e) Thesaurus
14.       A computer system that is only and perhaps not satisfactory is referred to as a(n)
            a) Ancient system       b) Historical system    c) Age old system
            d) Legacy system        e) Legal System
15.       Which of the following is not a binary number?
            a) 001              b) 101              c) 202              d) 110              e) 011
16.       Which of the following does not store data permanently?
            a) ROM           b) RAM           c) Floppy Disk                        d) Hard Disk
            e) None of these
17.       Which f the following is the smallest storage?
            a) Megabyte                b) Gigabyte     c) Kilobyte      d) Terabyte
            e) Nanobyte
18.       Which menu enable the user to choose toolbars?
            a) View           b) Format        c) Insert           d) Edit                         e) Help
19.       By viewing the properties of the local hard disk of a computer, the user can find out
            a) the amount of space that has been used up and the remaining free space on the disk.
            b) the name of the user viewing the properties of the disk
            c) nothing useful to the user   d) the number of programs available in the computer
            e) None of these
20.       Pre-defined and built-in formulas in Excel and known as
            a) Autosheets              b) Diagrams     c) Charts          d) Tables        
            e) Functions

1. B        2.E         3.E         4.A         5.A         6.B         7.E         8.D         9.E         10.C

11.C       12.B       13.A       14.D       15.C       16.B       17.E       18.A       19.A       20.E

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