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Essay writing - Nothing is impossible in the world

Nothing is Impossible in the World

“The word impossible doesn’t exist in human dictionary” is not an exaggerated saying. It is based on the result shown by human endeavour. History is full of impossibilities that could be possible through noble and continuous efforts. Alexander the Great decided to conquer the world. He succeeded in his effort to the maximum extent. Many parts of civilized would succumbed to his feats or his performance.
If we take a piece of ordinary glass, hold it over some shredded paper and let sunlight shine through, we will simply have a bright pile of paper. But if we take a magnifying glass and focus the same sunlight on the paper, we can start a fire. Thus, winners always focus on mastering the ability to accomplish. Once we conceive an idea and back it up with strong belief, we can belief, we can definitely succeed.
The term Impossible itself comprises the words ‘I’ ‘M’ Possible, which implies nothing is here in this world that is not possible. The work may appear to be difficult, but it can never be impossible is just a big world thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in this world. Impossible is considered as an opinion rather than a fact. Impossible can be used in temporary sense, as it is nothing permanent.
Every person, who strongly believes that anything is possible and can be achieved, is indeed inwardly optimistic who never allows, failures to come. There are numerous examples from the lives of common people which enhance the vision of possibility. Louis Braille was a blind educationist who devised the touch system of reading and writing for the blind. His impediment did not deter him from devising the Braille script for the visually challenged. Helen Keller was both blind and deaf, but became an educator of the blind. She wrote books like “The Story of My Life”, “the World I Live in” and “Out of the Dark”. Sudha Chandran, the famous classical dancer, danced her way to millions of hearts across the globe. She lost her leg in an accident during her early youth. Though it seemed to be impossible at that time to fulfil her dreams, she rose from the life of incognito and became famous.
How the degree of possibility could be raised to such an extent and lead to a great success which was completely impossible at the very beginning of their life? It is nothing but their will power, determination and confidence in achieving their goal. Napoleon Hill wrote- “Whatever the mind of man conceives and believes, the mind can achieve.”
We are only making our destiny, shaping our life and deciding our fate. God has bestowed enormous power and qualities on human beings. Man is the supreme of all His creations. The qualities like courage, will power, determination, enthusiasm, concentration, memory, judgement, reasoning, etc. ensure that e accomplish what we desire. Just we should learn the secret of doing things the right way.
Everybody is free to dream. But dreams should not remain in our heads. These should become a reality; otherwise they continue to live at the back of our mind forever trapped in the midst of our thoughts. But how can one aim at fulfilling one’s dreams whose journey has been full of obstacles and failures? Obviously one will be frustrated with impossibility. But here one should remember that failure is the pillar of success. Some may experience passing through a smooth paved road as they move towards their goal. On the other hand, for others, the road may be quite a bumpy one, with frequent stops, missed exits and roadblocks.
The real reason why we do not try to do certain things or fail to do them when we try, is often because we do not really want to do them, or if we really want a thing, our desire for it is feeble. When we do not really want to do it, we set to work to find excuses and make a mountain out of a mole hill. If our desire is like a thin, feeble stream of water, it is turned aside or blocked by every small obstacle. But a rushing torrent simply sweeps rocks and trees and banks out of its way and forces itself through every obstruction. In the same way, a fierce desire, and a strong determination will make difficulties easy and will discover the way to success.
Pallissy, the French potter in the 17th century, made up his mind to discover a pure white glaze for china. He was a poor man, and had but little education; but for twenty years he worked at his task, trying hundreds of experiments and failing in all. However, he never gave in. His wife and neighbours called him a lunatic, for he ruined himself in his efforts. At last, to get wood to feed his furnace in the final experiment, he burnt up all the furniture in his house. But he succeeded in the end and became a famous man.  He had the will and be found the way. Thus, perseverance and patience act as weapons in turning failure into success.
                Circumstances may be adverse, but it should not deter us. Carlyle said that genius is another name for the capacity to take infinite pains. The examples of many great men in different eras bear testimony to it. History of human civilization tells us about many such great leaders and their efforts which were beyond imagination. It is nothing but the ‘willpower’ or indomitable determination of a person which makes impossible possible. The story of man’s progress from barbarism to civilization is nothing but a story of his dedication pitted against all hostile forces of nature, which can be achieved by any one of us through continuous process of concentration on noble objectives. Once acquired, it will enable us to have our way in all things.
                The notable achievements of science, art and literature are all the results of endeavours of men with will power who worked against heavy odds to achieve their goals. Madam curie and Pierre Curie could discover Radium – a great boon to humanity only because of their desireness and willpower which prepared them to lay down even their lives in the pursuit of their goal.
                The work which seems unaccomplishable can be successfully undertaken with sheer grit, determination and hard work. Mahatma Gandhi, Father of the Nation, with his conviction in Satyagraha and non-violence, succeeded in his fight for the Blacks in South Africa and also in securing independence for India from the British rule. Gandhiji’s willpower and determination converted this theoretically impossibility to practically possible the 16th President of the US, Abraham Lincoln, was the son of humble parents, but rose to the highest rank of honour by dint of his unwavering determination and continuous efforts Napoleon, though a poor background, became the emperor of France.
                Mother Teresa worked for the upliftment of the destitute, ailing and dying, driven by inner spiritual powers, in spite of being frail in her physical appearance. We also have the inspiring examples of Sir Edmund Hillary and Ten Zing, whom not even the dangers of high altitudes could weaken and they resolved to reach the top of the Mt. Everest. In order to get success in a work one must be driven internally. Then only one can grow in conviction, competence and willingness to accept responsibility.
                Today, man has landed on the moon which was believed to be a god. Modern science has achieved wonders. It has brought about far reaching changes in every walk of life. It has increased human comfort and given man powers fit only for the gods. It has given eyes to the blind, ears to the deaf and limbs to the crippled. It has also provided us with wings that nature has not given us. With electricity man can turn a night into a day. Now, the marvelous achievements of Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering have turned things from impossible to possible. With the advancement of science and technology and the conviction of man, the posterity will be witness to how man inhabits the moon and procreates the human race there.
                Swami Vivekananda said that Karma can directly lead one to the supreme goal. Dedication towards work is what makes the journey of life a meaningful endeavour. Work is the key to success, progress and happiness. According to Sophocles, “Heaven never helps the men who will not act.” There is nothing impossible in this technologically advanced world, if efforts are on. The most important phenomenon to make impossible possible, undesirable desirable, failure success, fruitless fruitful, is by using the world ‘right’. By taking the right decision at right time at right place with right direction, we can reach the right destination.

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