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Interivew-- a recent experience.

Interview started sharp at 10 am. we were offered a pen from union bank as a gift of participation in interview. :lol:. each candidate was interviewed for 8 to 10 minutes. Those candidates having work experience have most question related to there work experience.My turn was 11th. and it was 12:15 in my clock.I was called inside.
After initial greetings they offfered me seat. I said thank you . There were 3 panel members all male. only 2 were speaking. one was just waching my body language. First question fired to me..
so you are master of pharmacy hmmmmm so tell me if I take you in bank how your pharmacy background will help to bank? I said my background will have benifit in giving advances to pharma companies. So second member said you are telling me that for giving loan to every sector I have to recruit a special degree holder hmm? I said sir I will help the bank to evaluate loan proposed ammount estimation better. by the way I am ready to do any work bank offer me to work as a PO.
2. Are you experienced or Fresher?
I have work experience of 15 months as in Pharma major pfizer.
3. second member again inturupted me and said that pharma is very small sector there requirment might be small?
I said sir if you compare pharma market of India itself is 75k crore and it conrtribute to 5 percent of india export so there is large needs of these companies.
4. But only big players are exporting?
No sir. What place china have in elecronics manufracturing same india have in medicine manufacturing. Small businessmen who have regulatory approval can do export by doing contract manufracturing so there are quite good chance to grow business. He seems to be satisfied with my answer.
5. do you know what are the steps while giving credit to pharma company?
but before I say anything another question come leave it tell me what are requirement for setting a pharma company if you want to set up
I said land, machi :wink:and finance.
6. so where would you like to set up company in India? is there any special are where you get benifit?
yes in Baddi, himachal pradesh.,Daman and Div and Goa.
7. What are the benifits of company setting up there?
It is SEZ in Baddi, so we will get tax holiday, land at cheap cost due to arid area,quality labour at competitive price and if we want to outsource work many allied industries are there.
8. What was your salary in company?
9. What are you were covering?
10. How were targets and your achievement?
11. How was promotion chances of you with being there?
12. How much salary your manager was getting there?
13. Was it a campus placement or you got it after completion of degree?
14. Only Manipal is giving pharma management degree in India? is anybody offer it in Mumbai?
finally he said Vrushal you may go now.
After this I am feeling very low as no question was asked from banking, GK, family background. Interview was over in 8 minutes sharp. I have not hesitated or fumbeled in interview. I think interviewer was in hurry to wind up interviws. It was last day of interview in Mumbai. I got 174 OBC IBPS score. Tell me frieds how was my interview.

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