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Interview experience -15th February 2012 --Ratul Koch UBI Kolkata

Here i want to share my interview experience which was held at kolkata
on 15/02/2012 .time 2:30 pm
i was called and i entered the room, saw 3 aged persons. I just opened
the door and i said
“may i come in sir ?”..
“please come in.”..they replied..they asked me to take sit. I said
“thank you sir”..
Now they asked..
“So Mr. Ratul..tell me about urself”..
I replied  very well as i was by all prepared for that question..
They asked me “what is KYC” and “benefits of CBS for customer and
bank(i didn’t get the question and i asked twice them saying sorry sir
i did not get)..
This questions were related to my work as i am working as an SWO in
allahabad bank..i replied
They asked “kya abhi vi bank ka naam likhna jarrori hai ?”.. I said
-”no sir, but branch code is neccessary “..
now they asked me -”will you leave allahabad bank ? Oh! allahabad bank
has given you NOC also”..
I said- yes sir..
They asked – “where is ur branch ? how do you feel in allahabd bank? U
might know all the works of bank, Loans”..
I replied-”yes sir all the work i can do, except loan.. I have not
work on loans. there is a PO and an AFO who looks after that.”..i said
them I likeallahabd banks working environment..they asked me about my
branch’s staffs..
Now by laughing(loudly) they asked me-”allowance kitna milta
hai..milta hai ki nahi..?”.. I just smiled.
They asked me about promotion policy of allahabad bank..and asked me
-”r u eligible for promotion”..
I replied -”no sir! For promotion to scale -I, I will have to wait
another one year..eligiblity counts till march of every year”..
They said-”ok”..
Now they asked- “who is the executive director of allahabd bank ?”..
I couldn’t answer the question..i said twice -J P DUA
they said -”he is CMD..sarkar na ?”
I replied- “sorry sir, I don’t know”..
Now they themselves of the three member said..”hey..wo
to bob ka hai”..(but yes sarkar is the executive of allahabd
bank..later on my branch manager said).
They asked me- “are u married ?”
I said -”no sir! I am bachalor”.
They asked- “kahi pe vi posting dene se jawoge naa ?..baad main mat bolna”..
I replied – “yes sir ! Kahi pe vi..if you want i will put my sign on
wherever u want (kuch jyada hi bol diya kya ?)..”..
They asked- “will you sign bond ?”
I said-”yes sir”..
They said thank you ratul.. I exited the room thanking them all one by one..

I profusely thank Ratul for sending this to me and am sure this will be of great use for other candidates who are going to attend the interview.
Interview experience -15th February 2012 --Ratul Koch UBI Kolkata Reviewed by sambasivan srinivasan on 9:07:00 PM Rating: 5


Namrita said...

all the best! which bank?

ratul koch said...

It was for Union bank of india

my ibps score- 170, obc

Sambasivan.S said...

Yes. it was for Union Bank of India. Ratul has presented it nicely. I request others who attend the interview to send a write up like this.

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