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As most of you would be knowing NIIT is conducting national level aptitude tests for career in IT. This test is called NITAT. Given the reputation of NIIT and its respect in IT industry, this test is a must give for youngsters like you. Below let us discuss some key benefits and will take you to registration form.
What is NITAT ?
NITAT is India’s largest and most widely recognised IT aptitude test conducted simultaneously across 200+ cities. About 4,24,070 students have benefited from this test over the last 7 years.
When the test will be held ?
The test will be held on Feb 19th while the last date of application is Feb 18. The results will be out by Feb 22.
What are some of the key benefits of giving NITAT ?
  • You will get I.T. Aptitude Assessment Scorecard.
  • You can check your ranking at a national, zonal and discipline level.
  • You will also be eligible for Personalized I.T. Career Consultation.
Some Key Benefits for Top Ranking Students
  • National Top 25 students - Visit to the IBM Innovation Centre,and the Green Data Centre in Bangalore.
  • Zonal Top 25 students – Individual and group sessions on 'Careers in the IT Industry' with IBM technology conducted by ‘IBM Career Education Program’.
  • National Top 1000 students - Congratulatory letter signed by Viswanathan Anand.
  • National Top 30% students - Merit Certificate from NIIT.
How To Register For NITAT ?


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