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1.         Women and 12 children together take four days to complete a piece of work. How many days will four children alone take to complete the piece of work if two women alone can complete the piece of work in 16 days?
            a) 32                b) 24                c) 16                d) 12                e) None of these
2.         At present, Aruna’s age is 1.5 times the age of Pujan and twice the age of Somy. After six years, Aruna will be 1.4 times the age of Pujan and Somy will be 0.8 times the age of Pujan then. What is the present age of Somy?
            a) 30 years                   b) 36 years       c) 24 years       d) 18 years
            e) None of these
3.         Gulshan, Shakti and Om start running around a circular stadium and complete one round in 14 sec, 8 sec and 15 sec respectively. In how much time will they meet again a the starting point?
            a) 23 min         b) 14 min         c) 13 min         d) 21 min         e) None of these
4.         The ratio of the monthly income of Trupti, Pallavi and Komar is 141:172:123. If Trupti’s annual income is Rupees Symbol3,38,400, what is Komal’s annual income? (In some cases, monthly income is used, while in others, annual income is used).
            a) Rupees Symbol4,12,800                b) Rupees Symbol3,63,500                c) Rupees Symbol3,17,600    d) Rupees Symbol2,95,200
            e) None of these
5.         Manoj incurred a loss of 40 per cent on selling an article for Rupees Symbol5,700. What was the cost price of the article?
            a) Rupees Symbol7,725                     b) Rupees Symbol9,080         c) Rupees Symbol8,250         d) Rupees Symbol9,400
            e) None of these
6.         The average of four consecutive odd numbers A, B, C and D respectively is 40. What s the product of B and D?
            a) 1599            b) 1591                        c) 1763                        d) 1677                        e) None of these
7.         Anu walks 2.31 km in three weeks by walking an equal distance each day. How many metres does she walk each day?
            a) 110m           b) 90m                         c) 140m           d) 120m           e) None of these
8.         A man riding a bicycle completes one lap of a square field along its perimeter at the speed of 43.2 km/hr in 1 minute 20 seconds. What is the area of the field?
            a) 52900 sq m                          d) 57600 sq m             c) 48400 sq m
            d) Cannot be determined        e) None of these
9.         A 360-metre-long train Crosses a platform in 120 seconds. What is the speed of the train?
            a) 3 m/s            b) 5 m/s           c) 4.5 m/s         d) Cannot be determined
            e) None of these
10.       On Teacher’s Day, 4800 sweets were to be equally distributed among a certain number of children. But on that particular day 100 children were absent. Hence, each child got four sweets extra. How many children were originally supposed to be there?
            a) 300              b) 400              c) 540              d) 500 
            e) Cannot be determined


1.B      2.D      3.B      4.D      5.E      6.D      7.A      8.B      9.D      10.B

REF.141 TO 150.

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