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SBI Associates PO 

My Gd started around 3.pm topic was Whther Multi party system is good for india or not. it lasted for 20 to 25 minutes conclusn n all included.
there were 4 person in the panel, P1 P2 P3 P4. they were also there in GD.
I entered the interview room around 4.20pm was feeling damn sleepy:( :(
i greet them and they asked me to sit.
P3 said u from delhi university (smiling and gng through my Bio-data form)
me: yes sir.
P3: he came to my hobbies and said so u like listening music which kinda music u listen?
Me: soft sir.
P3: Who?
Me : named a few
p3: so tell me who is the singer who passed away recently?
Me: took 5 secnds to recollect. answered.
p3: ok.y u mention playing sudoku as ur hobby at such an inportant place.???
P2 : intereuptd .and said its vry interstng game and needs loads of attentn. i smiled . he asked could you solve the hard one?
Me answered.
p2 so u have apllied for SBI before also..will u leave asso. if u cleared SBI?
me ansewred : they looked bit convinced.
P2 : where do u see yourself after 10 years..
Me: i said at middle level. n he intrupted in between and said y don’t you think u can be at top level. then he said, when i was at ur place and i was asked the same question i said sir i wud like to replace u, in m sitn here today:):) (i thought well generly we all dream about it but dont admit it)
tried to answer my side.
P1 : asked about CSR?
then he pased to p4.
P4 : asked about micro finance.
P4 asked lady MD in bank, answered, then he asked Lady CM answered but forgot UP and Delhi:( Vice prez answerd..
overall the panel was very friendly and it was great experience.
God luck to all aspirants.

Before clearing any exam…we take it as impossible
task….but believe me nothing is impossible…until u give your
100%….So dont stop in between…Keep practice….!!
Tomm 26th feb is my Joining as IOB PO….so my best wishes for all
bank aspirants….do prepare with positive attitude…success will be


  1. Congrates yr....thnx 4 sharing ur experience....i also cleared my cwe clerk exam...waiting 4 score card....will you tell me what is the next process???..afterall you go through it....please reply

  2. congrats. please go through the blogs given herein and update your skills. best wishes

  3. Dear Mr S.Sambasivan ,

    thnx 4 sharing ur interview details but kindly write ur what u hav said to their questions instead of writing "i answerd". It'll giv a more details of ur knowledge.

  4. I am a retired chief Manager of a Bank. This blog is based on an interview given by a candidates. best wishes

  5. I am a retired chief Manager of a Bank. This blog is based on an interview given by one of the candidate. best wishes


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