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Banking related general awareness--042012

Match Point

  • The Golden Peacock Innovative Products/Service Award for 2011 has been awarded to - Indian Bank.
  • The Centre has approved capital infusion of  7,900 cr into - State Bank of India.
  • IDBI Mutual fund has announced the launch of an open - ended debt scheme known as - IDBI Dynamic Bond Fund
  • Andhra Bank has launched a new loan for practicing professionals, called - AB Professional Loan.
  • The Government is planning to set up a new body to oversee telecom and cyber security called the - National Telecom Network Security Coordination Board.
  • The new CMD of Indian Register of Shipping (IRS) is - Arun Sharma.
  • The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has appointed a new Director - Jitendra Tyagi.
  • For innovative product/service for its retail product Cent Sahayog launched in October 2011 Central Bank of India received - Golden Peacock Award
  • With the promise to help online shoppers navigate thee-commerce jungle’, amazon.com launched - jungle.com
  • For outstanding achievement in environment sector the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department has been honoured with the - International Green Globe Foundation Award
  • The Corporation Bank has appointed a new Executive Director - Amar Lal Daultani
  • Manipal Global Education Services in association with Axis Bank has launched the - ‘Young Bankers’ Programme.
  • State Bank of Travancore (SBT) has announced the appointment a new Chief General Manager -MC Jacob
  • For doorstep service in Maharashtra YES Bank ties up with - Buldana Urban Cooperative
  • To cope with the demand for tickets the demand for tickets, the Railways has increased the advance reservation period from - 90 to 120 days.
  • The Board of Investment (BOI) of Mauritius has signed a Memorandum of Understanding for co-operation on bilateral investment promotion and facilitation with - Invest India.
  • China recently released a set of ‘world’s highest resolution’ lunar images taken by its second moon orbiter-Chang’e - 2
  • For the distribution of micro-insurance products specially designed to cater to the diverse needs of women, L&T Insurance ties up with - Vimo SEWA
  • The former Chairman of the SEBI who has been appointed trustee of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) - CB Bhave.
  • The Indian Association of Physiotherapists has awarded ‘Significance Contribution Award 2012’ to - Badrinath Prathi.
  • For his distinguished service to the maritime industry, GJ Rao, Chairman, Paradip Port Trust, has received Business Leader of the Year - Major Ports SMP 2012 award
  • To provide integrated technology outsourcing services to US - based Great American Insurance Group, it has signed services pact with - HCL Tech.
  • Developed in partnership with GENWI, Times Internet Limited (TIL) launched India’s first tablet magazine - Tweek
  • Reliance Life Insurance Company (RLIC), part of ADAG’s Reliance Capital Ltd, launched a unit - linked plan called - Classic Plan II
  • To promote mobile banking services Airtel Nigeria, a subsidiary of Bharati Airtel is partnering with - First Bank
  • For its integrated business model in the Food and Beverages category Elite Foods Group has won the - ‘National Quality Excellence Award’
  • For its community services in rural India, Hindustan Zinc has won the - Assocham CSR Excellence award for 2011-12.
  • Life Insurance Corporation has given a charge of Managing Director to - Sushobhan Sarker.
  • Oriental Bank of Commerce the new CMD of - SL Bansal.
  • The Mudra Foundation has appointed Director of Mudra Institute of Communications - Ahmedabad (MICA) - Nagesh Rao.
  • The Small Industries and Development Board of India, to provide 100 crore growth capital to micro, small and medium enterprises has signed a MoU with public- Indian Oversea Bank
  • To launch Infrastructure Debt Fund (IDF) schemes, Indian Infrastructure Company Ltd has joined hands with - IDBI Bank
  • Allowing its customer to access their bank accounts and all other services, the largest private sector lender that has joined the social media platform Facebook - ICICI Bank.
  • Mahindra and Mahindra, for financing for a range of its vehicle, has inked an MoU with  - Indian Overseas Bank
  • India’s second largest motorbike manufacturer Bajaj Auto Ltd (BAL) unveiled its long -awaited compact passenger vehicle - RE60
  • Pharma major Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd, with in-licence from the US-based Cymbiotics Inc, has launched - Supamove cream
  • Tata Consultancy Service has signed a multi-year, multi-million euro contract to manage IT services development for its French operations, with a car rental company in Europe - Europcar.
  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan, announced a new joint venture which will offer a full service suite of IT, BPO and infrastructure services to Japanese Corporation for the Japanese market named as - Nippon TCS Solution Centre.
  • One of the leading power electronics companies in India, Numeric Power Systems Ltd, has sold its UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system business for 829 crore to - Legrand of France
  • The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) and Tata Capital Limited signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work closely on - BEE’s Energy Efficiency Financing Plat from (EEFP)



General Awareness

1.         Which public sector bank has introduced multipurpose “Pre-funded Cheques” of three values, ie 1000, 5,000 and 10,000?
            a) State Bank of India                        b) Syndicate Bank      c) Punjab National Bank
            d) Uco Bank                           e) Indian Bank
2.         Bank of Rajasthan was merged with which of the following banks?
            a) Punjab National Bank                     b) ICICI Bank                        c) HDFC
            d) State Bank of India                                    e) Kotak Mahindra Bank
3.         Which state has initiated a new scheme named “Devi Rupak Yojana” to spread awareness about population control and positive check in falling sex ratio?
            a) Punjab                     b) Uttar Pradesh          c) Haryana
            c)         Madhya Pradesh                     e) Himachal Pradesh
4.         With effect from January 24, 2012, which of the following key rates determined by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is not correct?
            a) Repo Rate - 8.5%                b) Cash Reserve Ratio - 6%
            c) Bank rate - 9.5%                 d) Reverse Repo Rate - 7.5%
            e) Statutory Liquidity Ratio - 24%
5.         The term “round tripping”, in case of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), is related to which of the following?
            a) Use of FDI fund out of the country           b) Coming back of domestic money as FDI
            c) Sending back domestic money as FDI
            d) Repatriation of the FDI made abroad        e) None of these
6.         The National Finance Switch is the key element in electronic payments. What type of payments does it facilitate?
            a) Internet Banking                 b) e-Banking               c) ATM Payments      
d) Mobile Banking     
7.         Which day has been declared as ‘Balika Diwas’ (Girls’ Day) by the Ministry of Women and Children Development?
            a) April 5         b) July 9          c) October 9                d) December 9
            e) November 26
8.         A Banking Ombudsman will not entertain Credit Card Complaints which are more than _________ old.
            a) 3 months                 b) 6 months                 c) 9 months
            d) 12 months               e) 2 years
9.         Which of the following rates is not decided by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)   
            a) Bank Rate               b) Repo Rate               c) Reverse Repo Rate
            d) Prime Lending rate             e) Cash Reserve Ratio
10.       Which of the following statements is / are correct with regard to foreign banks operating in India?
            a) Foreign banks would be allowed to open branches more than the existing WTO commitment of 12 branches in a year.
            b) Foreign banks would be permitted to acquire a controlling stake in a phased manner, but only in those private sector banks which are identified by the RBI for restructuring.
            c) The parent foreign bank of a wholly owned subsidiary would continue to hold 100 per cent equity in the Indian subsidiary for a minimum prescribed period of operation.
            d) Only (a) and (b)                  e) All the above
11.       The competitive devaluation by the countries would badly affect which of the following?
            a) Exporters                 b) Importers                c) Traders       
            d) Service providers    e) IT industry
12.       If a person is not satisfied with the decision passed by the Banking Ombudsman, he/she can approach the appellate authority against the Banking Ombudsman’s decision. The Appellate Authority is vested in which of the following?
            a) Managing Director of the concerned Bank
            b) Governor of the Reserve Bank of India
            c) Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India
            d) High Court of the state in which bank’s branch is located
            e) None of these
13.       The commercial banking system in India consists of
            a) Nationalised banks and private sector banks         
            b) Scheduled and non-scheduled banks
            c) Regional rural banks, co-operative banks and land development banks and land development banks
            d) All the above
            e) None of these
14.       Universal Bank is one which
            a) is presently universal, ie operating in all the countries of the world.
            b) undertakes the work of note-issuing authority, monetary and regulatory authority, banker of the Government and equipment leasing.
            c) undertakes the functions of a development financial institution as well as a commercial bank.
            d) All the above                                  e) None of these
15.       Who among the following will head the Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC), once it is set up?
            a) Prime Minister                     b) Minister of Finance                         c) RBI Governor
            d) Independent Chairman appointed by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs
            e) Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission.
16.       In which of the following countries is the Unit Banking System prevalent? d
            a) Canada                    b) Great Britain                       c) United States of America
            d) India                       e) Pakistan
17.       A company which pools money from investors and invest in stocks, bonds and shares, is called
            a) A bank                    b) An insurance company       c) Bank assurance
            d) Mutual Fund                       e) A non-banking financial company
18.       Which of the following mobilise the savings of the public to specifically invest in industrial securities?
            a) UTI                         b) LIC                         c) GIC                         d) All of these
            e) None of these
19.       What is the number of Federal Reserve Districts in the Federal Reserve System of United States?
            a) 12                b) 16                c) 22                d) 26                e) 28
20.       We read in the newspapers that India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited (IIFCL) was recently given a nod to fund the infrastructure projects in the country by “takeout financing”. Which of the following is the primary aim of “takeout financing’?
            a) To provide long-term loans                        
            b) To be able to accept loans from foreign countries and refinance in India
            c) To prevent any possible asset-liability mismatch
            d) To create a healthy atmosphere of financing infrastructure in India
            e) None of these
21.       Approximately, what fraction of market capitalisation of the Bombay Stock Exchange is accounted by the 30 stocks of the BSE SENSEX?
            a) 10%                         b) 20%                         c) 29%                         d) 35%                        e) 40%
22.       Who can invest in Commercial Paper?
            a) Individuals              b) Banking companies                        
c) Corporate bodies registered or incorporated in India and unincorporated bodies, Non - Resident Indians (NRIs) and Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs)
d) All the above                                  e) None of these
23.       SEBI has issued guidelines with respect to Mutual Funds. Some of the guidelines include.
            a) Mutual Funds should be constituted as a Trust under the Indian Trusts Act and at least two outside trustees should be on board.
            b) Mutual Fund’s business should be authorized by SEBI and it should be operated only by the separately established Asset Management Company (AMC).
            c) AMC shall have a minimum net worth of 10 crore and at least 50% of the members of their board should be independent.
            d) All the above                                  e) Both (a) and (b)
24.       The most favoured national (MFN) rule and the national treatment policy of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) enshrine themselves with which of the following?
            a) Non-discrimination                                                 b) Reciprocity                        
c) Binding and enforceable commitments.     d) Transparency                     
e) International parity
25.       The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) constituted a working group to examine various issues concerning the deposit rates including the floating rate of interest on fixed deposits under the chairmanship of
            a) SS Kohli                  b) Dalbir Singh                        c) HN Sinor     d) RK Talwar
            e) None of these
26.       In which country have people recently voted overwhelmingly in a referendum to joint the European Union?
            a) Serbia          b) Bosnia         c) Croatia        d) Albania       e) Slovakia
27.       Which country has rejected the Arab League’s call for a national unity government in two month’s time, dubbing it as against the country’s sovereignty?
            a) Lebanon      b) Syria            c) Yemen         d) Libya          e) Cyprus
28.       Which of the following countries/groups of the world had adopted an oil import embargo on Iran till July 2012?
            a) US               b) ASEAN      c) Arab League                       d) European Union
            e) Russia
29.       Who among the following has recommended raising railways passenger fares and linking rail tariffs to inflation from next year?
            a) Montek Singh Ahluwalia                b) Pranab Mukherjee  
            c) Sam Pitroda                                                d) MS Swaminathan
            e) Nandan Nilekani
30.       Which public sector bank has won the “Golden Peacock Innovative Products/Service Award” for 2011?
            a) Indian Bank                        b) Oriental Bank of Commerce                       c) Dena Bank
            d) UCO Bank                         e) Syndicate Bank
31.       What is Baltic Dry Index?     
            a) Price index of Baltic region countries
            b) Measurement of loss of revenue due to prohibition in Baltic region countries.
            c) Index of worldwide international shipping prices of various dry bulk cargoes.
            d) A London-based index for investment in arid regions of the world.
            e) None of these
32.       For which of the following diseases has the eight-member Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) committee, which was set up to look into the proposal of the WHO for banning blood tests, approved the ban on blood tests to detect the disease?
            a) Typhoid                   b) Japanese encephalitis          c) Tuberculosis
            d) Dengue                   e) Plague
33.       Against who among the following has the Upper House of Pakistan’s Parliament recently adopted unanimously a resolution that demanded his arrival in the country?
            a) General Pervez Musharraf b) General Kayani
            c) Nawaz Sharif                      d) Nazam Sethi                       e) Imran Khan
34.       In which state in the city named GIFT under construction? It is purportedly being built to provide high-quality physical infrastructure so that finance and the firms can relocate their operations from other cities where infrastructure is either very bad or very expensive.
            a) Maharashtra                        b) Gujarat        c) Haryana       d) Uttar Pradesh
            e) Tamil Nadu
35.       Which company has been given approval by the Board of Approval (BoA) under the Commerce Ministry to set up a special economic zone (SEZ) in Indore in Madhya Pradesh?
            a) Tata Group              b) Reliance                  c) Tata Consultancy Services
            d) Videocon Group     e) Larson and Tourbo
36.       Against which of the following cruel animal games of India has a leading Irish animal rights group Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) announced to launch a Europe-wide campaign for “tourism boycott” of India?
            a) Jallikattu                  b) Donkey Basketball             c) Bull Fighting
            d) Buffalo Kho Kho   e) Dog Shooting
37.       Between which city of India is the 4th edition of the Asian Mining Congress scheduled to be held from January 28?
            a) Jamshedpur                         b) Raipur                     c) Bhopal         d) Kolkata
            e) Chandigarh
38.       Between which two locations in Gujarat is the much awaited roll on-roll off (Ro-Ro) ferry service through the sea route to connect the Saurashtra region with South Gujarat expected to be made operational next year?
            a) Luvara and Vapi                 b) Ghogha and Dahej             
            c) Lakhigam and Dandi                      d) Jageshwar and Valsad
            e) Bardoli and Ambetha
39.       After the renovation of Nalanda University, the Bihar government is working on developing the ruins of the Vikramshila University as a tourist destination. Which of the following ancient rulers built the Vikramshila University?
            a) Pala rulers                b) Gang rulers                         c) Chalukya rulers
            d) Maurya rulers          e) Nand rulers
40.       Which of the following companies of India recently pulled out of the proposed special economic zone (SEZ) project at Jalpaiguri in West Bengal?
            a) Videocon Group     b) Reliance                  c) Parshvnath Developer
            d) Larson and Tourbo             e) GVK Group
41.       Of which public sector bank of India, after the SBI, the United States-based ratings agency Moody’s recently revised local currency deposit ratings and all its debt ratings to negative from stable?
            a) Punjab National Bank         b) Bank of Baroda      c) Bank of Maharashtra
            d) Syndicate Bank                  e) Indian Bank
42.       which of the following IT companies of India has announced 10,000 jobs for locals in the US and Europe, sending at strong message that Indian IT firms are creating and not stealing jobs in troubled western economies?
            a) Infosys                    b) HCL Technologies c) Tata Consultancy Services
            d) Wipro                      e) Satyam - Mahindra Computers
43.       Name the leading environmentalist who has resigned from the London Olympic Games’ ethics committee-the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 - protesting against the controversial sponsorship of Dow Chemicals, for its links with the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy.
a) Noam Chomsky                  b) Lord Sebastian Coe                       
c) Meredith Alexander                        d) Dick Pound                                    e) Christine Clair
44.       Name the Congress leader and Governor of Kerala and Puducherry who died recently.
            a) K Rosaiah               b) ESL Narsimhan                  c) MOH Farook
            d) Gurbachan Jagat     e) Oomen Chandy
45.       Eminent writer and former Director of the All India Radio, Kartar Singh Duggal, who died recently, used to write in
            a) Bengali        b) Punjabi        c) Marathi        d) Gujarati       e) Konkani
46.       Which of the following Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) has been entrusted with the task to train engineering teachers of IIT extension centre in Raipur and Port Blair?
            a) IIT, Kolkata                        b) IIT, Kharagpur                    c) IIT, Kanpur
            d) IIT, Chennai                       e) IIT, Ahmedabad
47.       Who among the following has officially been nominated as India’s candidate for the post of judge of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the casual vacancy caused in Asia following the resignation of Awn Shawakat A1-Khasawneh from Jordon?
            a) Dalveer Bhandari                b) Dr Nagendra Singh                         c) RS Pathak
            d) MC Chagla                                     e) Jeevan Reddy
48.       Mario Miranda, who was posthumously awarded the Padma Vibhushan along with four others on the occasion of the Republic Day, was a famous.
            a) Film-maker              b) Singer          c) Painter         d) Cartoonist
            e) Classical dancer
49.       Which political party along with the Election Commission is in favour of compulsory voting in India and even some state governments led by the party passed legislations to this effect, which are yet to be approved by the Governors?
            a) Congress                 b) Bhartiya Janta Party                       c) Communist Party of India
            d) Samajwadi Party    e) Janata Dal (U)
50.       For the pilgrims of which country is the Indian Railways launching a special train “Damba Diwa Vandana” to carry to all major Budhist sites in India?
            a) Thailand                  b) Japan           c) China           d) Sri Lanka    e) Vietnam


1.d      2.b      3.c      4.b      5.b      6.c      7.c      8.d      9.d      10.e

11.b    12.c    13.b    14.c    15.b    16.c    17.d    18.d    19.a    20.c

21.b    22.d    23.d    24.a    25.c    26.c    27.b    28.d    29.c    30.a

31.c    32.c    33.a    34.b    35.c    36.a    37.d    38.b    39.a    40.a

41.d    42.a    43.c    44.c    45.b    46.b    47.a    48.d    49.b    50.d

General Awareness
(With Special Reference to Banking Industry)
1.         Banks in our country normally publicise that additional interest rate is allowed on retail domestic term deposits of which of the following?
            a) Minors                     b) Married women                  c) Senior Citizens
            d) Government employees                                          e) Rural residents
2.         The main financial instruments of corporate sector are
            A) Shares                    B) Debentures                         C) Public deposits
            D) Loan from institutions
            Select the correct answer.
            a) Only (A) and (B)                b) Only (B) and (C)    c) Only (C) and (D)                d) Only (A), (B) and (D)                         e) All (A), (B), (C) and (D)
3.         Consider the following statements.
            A) Securities that have an original maturity that is greater than one year are traded in capital markets.
            B) The best known capital market securities are stocks and bonds.
            Select the correct answer.
            a) A is true and B is false        b) A is false and B is true.
            c) Both are true                       d) Both are false                     e) None of the above
4.         Which of the following is/are the function(s) of Exchange Banks?
            A) Remitting money from one country to another
            B) Discounting of foreign bills.
            C) Buying and selling gold and silver.
            D) Helping import and export trade.
            Select the correct answer.
            a) Only (A) and (B)                b) Only (B) and (C)    c) Only (C) and (D)
            d) Only (A), (B) and (C)                     e) All (A), (B), (C) and (D)
5.         The main functions of a commercial bank can be segregated into
            A) Payment system                 B) Financial intermediation
            C) Financial services
            a) All (A), (B), and (C)                       b) Only (A) and (C)    c) Only (A) and (B)
            d) Only (B) and (C)                e) None of these
6.         ‘Unit Banking System’ is the system where an individual bank undertakes the banking business through
            a) a single office          b) a few branches operating within a limited area
            c) Several branches with full-service banking office
            d) Both 1) and 2)        e) None of these
7.         Consider the following statements.
            A) If the beneficiary of a cheque has lost the cheque, he can instruct the paying bank to stop payment of the cheque without waiting for the account holder’s instructions.
            B) While outsourcing, the only consideration should be cost savings.
            Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
            a) Only (A)                  b) Only (B)                  c) Both (A) and (B)
            d) Neither (A) nor (B)             e) A is true but B is false
8.         The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) was set up on the recommendations of
            a) Narasimham Committee                 b) Hilton-Young Commission
            c) Mahalanobis Commission               d) Fazal Ali Commission
            e) None of these
9.         Consider the following statements about Infrastructure Debt Funds (IDFs) in India.
            A) IDFs can be established in India as a trust, not as a company.
            B) IDFs are regulated by SEBI
            c) IDFs are aimed at providing long - term, low - cost debt for infrastructure projects.
            a) Only (A)                  b) Only (A) and (B)                c) Only (C)     
d) All (A), (B) and (C)            e) None of these
10.       For how many crops does the Commission for Agricultural Costs & Prices (CACP) recommend the Minimum Support Prices (MSPs) every year?
            a) 16                b) 18                c) 22                d) 24                e) 28
11.       According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, which of the following countries will top in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2012?
            a) China           b) India           c) Brazil           d) Mexico        e) US
12.       Which of the following is not among the committees which were set up to look into the issues concerning railway safety?
            a) Kahanna Committee                       b) Rakesh Mohan Committee
            c) Seekari Committee              d) Wanchoo Committee
            e) Kanjaru Committee
13.       A company making a public issue of securities has to file a Draft Red Herring Prospectus with SEBI through an eligible merchant banker prior to filing a Prospectus with the Registrar of Companies. What information does this Draft Red Herring Prospectus provide?
            A) Financial details about the company                     B) Objects of raising money
            C) Price and size of offerings            
            Choose the correct answer.
            a) Only (A) and (B)                b) Only (B) and (C)    c) All (A), (B) and (C)
            d) Only (A)                             e) None of these
14.       Consider the following statements about the Special Drawing Rights (SDRs).
            A) SDRs are an attempt by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to increase international liquidity.
            B) SDRs from the part of various countries’ foreign reserves along with gold.
            C) SDRs are also called Paper Gold.
            Which of the above statements is/are true?
            a) Only (A)      b) Only (B) and (C)    c) Only (B)      d) All (A), (B) and (C)
            e) None of these
15.       As per the unemployment survey made by NSSO, which religious groups has the highest Work Population Ratio (WPR) among men in rural areas?
            a) Hindus                    b) Muslims                  c) Christians                d) Jain
            e) All the above have equal WPR
16.       Regional Rural banks are classified as
            a) Scheduled commercial banks          b) Subsidiaries of the sponsor banks
            c) Subsidiaries of NABARD              d) All the above          e) None of these
17.       Which of the following conditions are required to be fulfilled by a Regional Rural Bank to be eligible for opening of new branches?
            a) It should not have defaulted in maintenance of SLR and CRR during the last two years.
            b) It should be making operational benefits.
            c) Its net worth should show improvement and its net NPA ratio should not exceed 8 per cent.
            d) Only a) and b)                    e) All a), b) and c)
18.       Which of the following statements is not correct about non-banking finance companies (NBFCs)?
            a) An NBFC cannot accept demand deposits.
            b) These institutions trade in the capital market in a variety of assets and liabilities
            c) An NBFC can issue cheques drawn on itself.
            d) Deposit insurance facility of Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation is not available for NBFC depositors.
            e) NBFCs act as brokers of loan - worthy funds and in this capacity they intermediate between the ultimate saver and the ultimate investor.
19.       Which of the following in India can use “Repo Bonds” to raise short-term money from market?
            A) Commercial Banks             B) Corporates              C) Governments
            Choose the correct option.
            a) Only (A)                  b) Only (A) and (B)    c) Only (A) and (C)
            d) All (A), (B) and (C)            e) None of these
20.       Which of the following is not an objective of SIDBI?
            a) To initiate the process of modernization and technical upgradation of the present units.
            b) To facilitate the marketing of the products of the small scale sector in India and abroad            
            c) To give loans both to the private as well as public sector undertakings in the field of commodity production, mining and services such as hotels and transport.
            d) To provide special aid to labour - intensive industries to enable them to provide more employment
            e) To provide refinancing, factoring, leasing services to the small sector.
21.       Which of the following is the reason for the success of mutual funds?
            a) Mutual fund schems offer to every investor security, steady growth, regular income and easy liquidity.
            b) A small investor gets the professional expertise of the funds managers of the Mutual Fund.
            c) It carries tax breaks and this benefit is passed on to the investor.
            d) All the above                                  e) None of these
22.       Recently in a seminar the representatives of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) said that employment schemes like the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGS) have played role in increasing inflation. How could (MNREGS) have stirred up the inflationary trend?
            A) By increasing real wage trend?                  B) By increasing real wage rates
            C) By increasing demand      
            Choose the correct option.
            a) Only (A)                  b) Only (A) and (B)    c) Only (A) and (C)
            d) All (A), (B) and (C)            e) None of these
23.       The scheme of mobile branch envisages the extension of banking facilities through a well-protected van with
            a) an arrangement for two or three officials of the bank sitting in it with books, a safe containing cash, etc.
            b) a secure biometric ATM                 c) police escort in separate jeep
            d) All the above                                  e) None of these
24.       Which of the following instruments of credit control adopted by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) does not fall within ‘general’ or ‘quantitative’ methods of credit control?
            a) Stipulation of certain minimum margin with respect to advance against specified commodities
            b) Open market operations                  c) Bank rate
            d) Variable reserve requirements        e) None of these
25.       Banks may provide banking facilities at the premises of their customers.
            a) after obtaining the requirement permission from the Reserve Bank of India
            b) as per the policy framed by their Board within the framework of Section 23 of Banking Regulation Act, 1949.
            c) provided the business place of the customer is situated within a radius of 5 km from the branch.
            d) provided the customer does not deal with any other bank
            e) None of these
26.       Which country has restored ful diplomatic relations with Myanmar after the military - controlled civilian government released scores of political prisoners and announced a ceasefire with a rebel group recently?
            a) Britain         b) US               c) France         d) India           e) Russia
27.       Who has written the book Valley of Masks?
            a) Tarun Tejpal                        b) Namita Gokhale      c) Salman Rushdie
            d) VS Naipaul                         e) Sanjoy Roy
28.       In which country has the “Trilingual Initiative” been launched to encourage its people to learn all three languages, including English, in order to promote inter-ethnic reconciliation?
            a) Nigeria                    b) Bolivia        c) Peru                         d) Myanmar    e) Sri Lanka
29.       Which of the following ports of India is all set to be upgraded as an all-weather-deep water, direct-berthing Greenfield port?
            a) Mangalore               b) Nagapattinam         c) Dabhol        d) Kochi
            e) Paradip
30.       Who among the chairman / chairperson of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), which has been in the news recently because two of its members resigned?
            a) Shanta Sinha                       b) Dipa Dixit               c) Dr Dinesh Naroria
            d) Sukanya Bharatram                        e) Vinod Kumar Tikoo
31.       Who is the chairman of the National Security Advisory Board of India?
            a) MK Narayan                       b) Naresh Chandra      c) Brahma Chellaney  
            d) Jasjit Singh                         e) C Uday Bh..skar
32.       In favour of which mobile operator has the Supreme Court of India set aside the demand of the tax authorities asking the company to pay capital gains tax to the tune of over 11,000 crore on a 2007 off shore transaction?
            a) Airtel           b) Aircel          c) Uninor         d) Vodafone   e) Hutch - Essar
33.       In which country is an impeachment trial going on against the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for corruption charges?
            a) Pakistan                   b) Angola        c) The Philippines
            d) Angola                    e) Costa Rica
34.       Which country has announced to withdraw from the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes, a tribunal run by the World Bank that serves as the arbitrator for foreign - investment contracts, following a recent judgement in which the country was ordered to hand over $908m to Exxon Mobil?
            a) Venezuela               b) Ecuador      c) Algeria        d) Indonesia    e) Cuba
35.       In which country has Otto Perez Molina, a former general, been sworn in as President with a pledge to bring the country out of its notorious record of organised crime?
            a) Columbia     b) Panama       c) Guatemala               d) Peru                        e) Thailand
36.       From which country to the Gulf Coast is the controversial Keystone XL pipeline proposed, which has been rejected by the Obama administration in the US for the companies to reapply?
            a) Mexico        b) Canada        c) US               d) West Indies                        e) Brazil
37.       Which country has joined Greece as the second Eurozone country to be accorded “junk” status by all rating agencies?
            a) Italy                         b) Portugal      c) Spain           d) Denmark                 e) Poland
38.       In which city is the “India Show” to be held in February, which is aimed at giving a renewed emphasis on improving the economic and commercial relations between India and Pakistan?
            a) Islamabad                b) New Delhi              c) Lahore         d) Kolkata
            e) Rawalpindi
39.       The scientists claimed that the meteorite which fell in Morocco in July 2011, was from Mars. The event happened for the first time in _______ years.
            a) 50                b) 100              c) 120              d) 150              e) 200
40.       As per the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) data, industrial production bounced beak with a growth of what per cent in November 2011, marking a five - month high in a reversal from the negative trend witnessed in October 2011?
            a) 5.9%            b) 6.5%                        c) 7%               d) 8.2%                       e) 9%
41.       For how many years has India extended an anti-dumping duty on import of four Chinese products?
            a) 3 years         b) 5 years         c) 10 years       d) 12 years      e) 15 years
42.       Which of the following bodies unveiled rules for direct investment in stocks by foreign investors, including individuals, to put curbs on opaque structures to prevent routing of funds by resident Indians?
            a) IRDA          b) FICCI         c) CCI                         d) SEBI           e) FIPB
43.       Which of the following companies infused Rs.520 crore equity into BSES Delhi distribution companies as part of 5,100-crore financial package being worked by IDBI?
            a) NTPC          b) RIL             c) Adani Power Ltd                d) Birla Group
            e) Tata Power
44.       Name the auto-making company which launched three new variants of the Eon-D - Lite plus, Era plus and Magna plus-in the India market in January 2012.
            a) Tata Motors                         b) Hyundai Motor India                     c) Volkswagen
            d) Maruti Suzuki         e) SSyangyong
45.       The government of which of the following countries has acquired 1.09 per cent stake, currently worth about 2500 crore, in Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), as per the company’s latest shareholding data?
            a) Malaysia                  b) Japan           c) Philippines               d) Singapore
            e) South Korea
46.       Which photography pioneer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection recently, making it likely for the 132-year-old trailblazer to become the most storied casualty of a digital age?
            a) Eastman Kodak Company              b) Fuji              c) Nikon          d) Canon
            e) Olympus
47.       Which company retained its top position in Inter brand’s list of the top 100 global brands in 2011?
            a) Apple          b) Coca-cola    c) Microsoft    d) Google        e) Nokia
48.       At which of the following places is the National Thermal Power Corporation’s (NTPC) first ultra-mega power project of 4,000 MW being set up in India?
            a) Kudgi, Karnataka               b) Lankahuda, Orissa c) Mundra, Gujarat
            d) Cheyyur, Tamil Nadu         e) Tilaiyya, Jharkhand
49.       Which of the following life insurers of India has launched a new plan named “Jeevan Ankur” recently to cover the educational and other needs of the child?
            a) SBI Life                  b) Life Insurance Corporation of India
            c) Bajaj Allianz                       d) ICICI Prudential                e) Reliance Life Insurance
50.       With which of the following countries/ groupings is India engaged in one of the biggest military operations - Operation Altanta - against piracy in the Indian Ocean?
            a) ASEAN                  b) Japan                       c) SAARC                 
            d) European Union     e) Australia


1.c      2.e       3.c      4.e       5.a      6.d      7.d      8.b      9.c      10.d

11.a    12.b    13.a    14.d    15.c    16.d    17.e     18.c    19.b    20.c

21.d    22.c    23.a    24.a    25.b    26.b    27.a    28.e     29.b    30.a

31.b    32.d    33.c    34.a    35.c    36.b    37.b    38.c    39.a    40.a

41.b    42.d    43.b    44.b    45.d    46.a    47.b    48.a    49.b    50.d

Practice Set - III
Bank PO

Test-I: General Awareness
(With Special Reference to Banking Industry)
1.         Consider the following statements about PURA, an ambitious programme for rural development:
            A) Its full form is Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas.
            B) It envisages connecting villages by roads, electricity and transport facilities.
            C) It aims at establishing good marketing facilities in rural areas.
            Which of the above statements is/are true?
            a) Only A                    b) Only A and B                     c) Only A and C
            d) All the above          e) None of these
2.         Which of the following public sector undertakings (PSUs) is not the one among the five PSUs accorded Maharatna status last year?
            a) Oil and Natural Gas Commission   b) National Thermal Power Corporation
            c) Gas Authority of India Limited     d) Indian Oil Corporation
            e) Steel Authority of India Limited
3.         India has abundant resources of non-coking coals as compared to coking coals. Consider the following statements:
            A) Coking coal has a higher amount of ash while non-coking coal has a higher amount of sulphur.
            B) Coking coal is used in thermal power plants while non-coking coal is used in steel plants.
            a) Only A                    b) Only B        c) Both A and B         d) Neither A nor B
            e) None of these
4.         The Union Cabinet on August 20, 2010 approved a hike in salary from 16,000 to
            a) 25,000       b) 30,000       c) 40,000       d) 50,000      e) 60,000
5.         Which of the following segments of the aviation sector, is 100% FDI permitted in India?
            A) Greenfield Airport Projects           B) Scheduled Air Transport Service
            C) Non-Scheduled Air Transport Service
            a) Only A                    b) Only A and B         c) Only B and C         
            d) None of these         e) All the above
6.         Which of the following day has been declared as the National Voters’ Day?
            a) January 7                 b) March 28                 c) April 5                    
d) November 26                      e) January 25
7.         How does the National Urban Housing & Habitat Policy 2007 seek to realize its goal of “Affordable Housing For All”?
            a) By incentivising state to encourage low-cost construction
            b) By promoting various types of public-private partnerships.
            c) By allowing FDI in construction.
            d) By deregulating the construction sector                 e) None of these
8.         Aam Admi Bima Yojana, launched on October 2, 2007, provides insurance cover of _______ on natural death.
            a) 30,000       b) 50,000       c) 75,000       d) 80,000      e) 1,00,000
9.         A non-banking fiancé company (NBFC) in India has to make some investments in overseas ventures. The NBFC is required to seek regulatory clearance from which of the following authorities?
            a) SEBI           b) RBI                         c) Ministry of Finance                        
d) SIDBI         e) None of these
10.       Harkin Bill, which was introduced in the US Senate, is related to which of the following?
            a) Nuclear non-proliferation    b) Textile import policy           c) Child labour
            d) Environmentally incompatible modes of production
            e) Calamity relief to poor countries.
11.       To encourage Public Private Partnership (PPP) in major ports, FDI up to what ceiling is permitted in India for construction and maintenance of ports and harbours?
            a) 51%                         b) 74%                         c) 60%                         d) 76%                        e) 100%
12.       Which of the following is correct about e-Granthalaya?
            a) It’s an online library developed by India’s Ministry of Culture.
            b) It’s a software developed by National Informatics Centre.
            c) It’s an online company (e-book store) launched by Ministry of Communication.
            d) It’s an electronic manual for public libraries in India
            e) None of these
13.       The first major effort to evolve rules of the game for international trade (or multilateral trade) was made in the post-World War II era. This resulted in the establishment of which of the following?
            a) World Trade Organisation              b) GATT         c) UNCTAD
            d) International Monetary Fund                     e) World Bank
14.       Consider the following crops:
            A) Soyabean               B) Sesame       C) Pumpkin     D) Cotton
            Which of the following is the correct set of crop seasons in which the above are grown?
            a) Kharif, Rabi, Zaid, Kharif b) Rabi, Kharif, Zaid, Kharif
            c) Rabi, Zaid, Zaid, Rabi        d) Kharif, Kharif, Zaid Rabi
            e) None of these
15.       Less Than Full Reciprocity (LTFR) is a term associated with which of the following organisations?
            a) World Economic Forum     b) World Trade Organisation
            c) International Monetary Fund          d) Reserve Bank of India       e) United Nations
16.       Which of the following alternative Exchange Rate Regime is most popular in the world today?
            a) Free Float                b) Managed Float        c) Crawling Peg
            d) Fixed - but-Adjustable Exchange Rate      e) Administered Rate
17.       Recently, Jean - Claude Trichet said that governments should consider setting up a finance ministry for the 17-nation currency region (Eurozone) as the bloc struggles to contain a region-wide sovereign debt crisis. Jean Claude Trichet is related to which of the following organizations?
            a) World Bank                                    b) International Monetary Fund                    
c) European Central Bank       d) Bank of England
e) Asian Development Bank
18.       What is the maximum investment limit for retail investors in any public issue as per the rules of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)?
            a) 50,000       b) 100,000     c) 200,000     d) 500,000    e) 800,000
19.       Which of the following treaty founded the Euro currency?
            a) Maastricht Treaty    b) Merger Treaty         c) Amsterdam Treaty
            d) Lisbon Treaty         e) Paris Treaty
20.       Who among the following economists gave the concept of “economies of scale”, which says “many goods and services can be produced more cheaply in long series”?
            a) Edward C Prescott             b) Amartya Sen           c) Gary S Becker
            d) Edmund S Phelps   e) Paul Krugman
21.       Very often we read in newspapers/magazines about “Sovereign Wealth Funds”. Which of the following is/are the correct description of the same?
            A) These are the funds or the reserves of a government or central bank of a country which are invested further to earn profitable returns.
            B) These are the funds which were accumulated by some people over the years, but were not put in active circulation as they retain them as black money for several years.
            C) The funds which are created to be used as relief funds or bailout packages are known as sovereign funds.
            a) Only B and C          b) Only B        c) Only C        d) Only A
            e) None of these
22.       Who among the following is the new chairman of the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)?
            a) Umesh Chandra Sarangi                 b) Prakash Bakshi
            c) HR Khan                                         d) RK Singh                e) KG Karmakar
23.       The Reserve Bank of India has introduced a new facility recently, through which the banks can dip below 1% of their statutory liquidity ratio to avail cash from this window. Which of the following is the name of this new facility?
            a) Liquidity Adjustment Facility                    b) Marginal Adjustment Facility
            c) Marginal Standing Facility                         d) Cash Adjustment Facility
            e) None of these
24.       Very often we read about Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in newspapers. What is the purpose of promoting SEZs in India?
            A) They are established to promote exports  
            B) They are established to attract investments from foreign countries.
            C) They are established to help the poorest of the poor in India, as the activities of these zones are reserved only for the poor and those living below poverty line.
            a) Only A        b) Only B        c) Only C        d) Only A and B        
e) None of these
25.       Recently we read in the newspapers that Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) is coming up with guidelines for “monocline” insurance agents. Who are these monocline” insurance agents. Who are these monocline insurance agents?
            a) The agents who will be authorized to sell only one simple insurance product
            b) The agents who will be authorized to sell many insurance products belonging to one sector
            c) The agents who will be authorized to sell only insurance policies to one particular company
            d) The agents who are also Business Correspondents            e) None of these
26.       The Commerce Ministry has asked Mukesh Ambani-owned Reliance Industries (RIL) to start supplying gas to expansion projects of Kawas and Gandhar power plants. These plants are owned by which of the following companies?
            a) National Thermal Power Corporation                    
b) National Hydro Power Corporation           c) Adani Group                       d) Essar Group
            e) Suzlon Energy.
27.       With which of the following countries has India decided to forge maritime partnership to develop a sea port at Dawei?
            a) Myanmar                 b) Bangladesh                         c) Thailand      d) Sri Lanka
            e) Afghanistan
28.       Who among the following is the former chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) who has been blacklisted by the government in the ISRO Antrix-Devas S-band spectrum scam?
            a) K Radhakrishna                  b) G Madhavan Nair   c) K Kasturirangan     
            d) Som Mittal                          e) Dr A Bhaskaranarayana
29.       Under whose chairmanship has the Prime Minister constituted an expert committee to look into all issues relating to deregulation of the sugar sector?
            a) Pranab Mukherjee               b) Prabeer Kumar Basu                       c) C Rangarajan
            c) Saumitra Sen                       e) Subir Gokaran
30.       Who among the following is the Indian - origin MP in Germany who will head a parliamentary inquiry committee that will investigate the racist-motivated murders across the country by a neo-Nazi cell evading detection for more than a decade?
            a) Virendra Sharma     b) Sebastian Edathy               c) Priti Patel
            d) Keith Vaz               e) Greg Norman
31.       Recently which country has sought India’s partnership in the development of renewable energy like tidal and geo-thermal energy on its soil?
            a) Japan                       b) Venezuela               c) Thailand     
            d) Chile                       e) Peru
32.       Which of the following companies of India has launched a range of solar - powered lamps named EuroDiya in a tie-up with the US-based Nakero?
            a) Eureka Forbes         b) Reliance Solar Group         
            c) Gautam Plymers      d) Titan Energy Systems Ltd e) PLG Power Ltd
33.       In which of the following places was the 20th session of the UN Food & Agriculture Organisation’s (FAO) Inter Governmental Group on tea held from January 30 to February?
            a) Rome           b) Paris            c) Colombo     d) New Delhi e) Manila
34.       Which of the following lakes of north-eastern India has been identified by the Centre to develop as a mega tourist destination for its potential in tourism?
            a) Sumendu Lake        b) Barapani Lake         c) Loktak Lake           
            d) Gurudongmar Lake            e) Bhimtal Lake
35.       In which of the following cities was the World Water Summit, organised by the Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD), held in early February?
            a) Udaipur                   b) Chennai       c) Bangalore    d) Hyderabad
            e) Shillong
36.       Encouraged by the model of which of the following states, Centre is mulling a national policy on using plastic in road laying, which increases the life of roads?
            a) Haryana                   b) Tamil Nadu                         c) Maharashtra                       
d) Pondicherry
37.       India’s joint Judicial Committee on prisoners with which of the following countries recently visited Indian jails and recommended that fishermen who inadvertently cross the maritime boundary should be repatriated by sea lanes along with their boats?
            a) Sri Lanka                 b) Bangladesh                         c) Thailand
            d) Pakistan                  e) Myanmar
38.       Name the leader who chaired a Prime Minister’s informal group on universal nuclear disarmament and is trying to initiate trilateral talks between India, Pakistan and China on disarmament to evolve areas of convergence in the policies of these countries on the issue.
            a) Subramaniam Swamy                     b) Main Shankar Aiyar
            c) Oscar Fernandes                             d) RK Dhawan                       e) Digvijay Singh
39.       Who among the following leaders has been barred by the Russian election authorities from contesting against Vladimir Putin in March?
            a) Grigory Yavlinsky              b) Gennady Zyuganov                        c) Sergey Mironov
            d) Vladimir Zhirinovsky                     e) Mikhail Prokhorov
40.       Who among the following is the recipient of this year’s ‘lifetime achievement award’ instituted by Ernst & Young, for ‘exceptional contribution in developing India’s financial sector’?
            a) Anjali Mohanty                   b) Chanda Kochar       c) Deepak Parekh
            d) C Rangarajan                      e) M Damodaran
41.       Name the author whose essay titled Three Hundred Ramayanas was dropped from the BA syllabus of the Delhi University, which a Supreme Court appointed committee later on declared to be wrong?
            a) AK Ramanujan                   b) Romila Thapar        c) Sumit Sarkar
            d) Bhikhu Parekh                    e) Subramaniam Swamy
42.       Who among the following wrote the book Such a Long ________ which the Mumbai University ___________________ from its syllabus under the pressure of the Shiv Sena in March 2011?
            a) Rohinton Mistry                  b) Vikram Seth                        c) Suketu Mehta
            d) Anita Desai                                     e) Kiran Desai
43.       For establishing a Vivekanand Chair of Indian studies, to mark the 150th anniversary of Swami Vivekanand, India has decided to grant $1.5 million to which international university?
            a) Canberra University                        b) Chicago University             c) Cambridge University
            d) Oxford University              e) Paris University
44.       Which of the following countries has banned the use of cell phones inside the country, declaring that those who are caught talking on mobiles would be branded as “war criminals”?
            a) Cuba            b) Venezuela   c) North Korea                        d) Libya          e) Syria
45.       In which of the following states was the home secretary among others, arrested for his role in the scandal of irregularities in allotment of high-priced plots of villas in the township project of Dubai - based real estate developer Emaar?
            a) Maharashtra                        b) Goa                         c) Puducherry d) Andhra Pradesh
            e) Haryana
46.       Which of the following countries has declared that its one-party political system is a bulwark against US imperialism?
            a) China           b) Cuba           c) North Korea                        d) Syria           e) Vietnam
47.       Who among the following has been appointed as the new director of the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) of India?
            a) BK Tripathy                        b) Krishna Kumar       c) Parvin Sinclair        
d) Abid Hussain          e) R Ramanujam
48.       Which of the following power companies of India has sought the Prime Minister’s intervention for allocation of natural gas to its 10,000-crore plant at Samalkot in Andhra Pradesh?
            a) Essar Group                        b) Reliance Energy      c) Adani Group          
            d) Tata Power                         e) Torrent Power
49.       What is “Temple Trees”?
            a) The banyan tree outside the office of the Tibetan government-in-exile in Dharmshala, Himachal Pradesh
            b) Official residence of the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka
            c) Official residence of the Prime Minister of Indonesia
            d) The banyan tree in Bodh Gaya where Lord Buddha got enlightenment.
            e) The newly established Buddhist temple in London
50.       With which of the following countries has India inked the country’s largest defence deal to date for the supply of 126 Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircrafts (MMRCAs) Rafale fighter jets?
            a) France         b) US               c) Russia          d) Israel           e) Germany


1.D      2.c      3.d      4.d      5.a      6.e       7.b      8.a      9.b      10.c

11.e     12.b    13.b    14.a    15.b    16.d    17.c    18.b    19.a    20.e

21.d    22.b    23.c    24.d    25.a    26.a    27.c    28.b    29.c    30.b

31.d    32.a    33.c    34.b    35.c    36.b    37.d    38.b    39.a    40.c

41.a    42.a    43.b    44.c    45.d    46.b    47.c    48.b    49.b    50.a


Test-IV: General Awareness
1.         Consider the following statements about Treasury Bills:
            A) Treasury Bills provide the government with a relatively cheap means of borrowing money.
            B) They are instruments of short-term borrowing by the government.
            C) They are issued to government departments through Tap Issues.
            Which of the above statements is/are correct?
            a) Only B and C                      b) Only A        c) Only A and B         d) Only A and C
            e) All the above are true
2.         The availability of cash and other cash - like marketable instruments that are useful in purchasing and investments is commonly known as
            a) Cash crunch                        b) Liquidity     c) Credit          d) Marketability
            e) None of these
3.         As per newspaper reports, India’s trade gap has been showing a negative growth for the last few months. “Trade Gap” means
            a) gap between total GDP and total consumption
            b) gap between total imports and total exports.
            c) gap between available liquidity and expected demand in next five months.
            d) gap between budgeted revenue collection and actual collection of the same.
            e) None of these
4.         Consider the following statements about ‘Hot Money’:
            A) Hot money comes to a country to take advantage of low rate of interest.
            B) It improves the balance of payments of a country but is detrimental to the exchange rate of the recipient country.
            C) These funds are comparatively stable than other foreign inflows.
            Which of the above statements is/are correct?
            a) Only B and C          b) Only C        c) Only A and C         d) Only A
            e) None of these
5.         Rajeev Gandhi Scheme for empowerment of adolescent girls named as ‘Sabla’ includes the girls of the age group:
            a) 9 to 12 years            b) 10 to 15 years         c) 11 to 18 years
            d) 15 to 18 years         e) 16 to 18 years
6.         The government is preparing ‘Devolution Index’, which will measure social empowerment of people at
            a) Panchayat level       b) Block level              c) District level
            d) Division level          e) State level
7.         Consider the following facts about foreign bonds:
            A) Foreign bonds are issued by a borrower who desires to raise funds outside the domestic capital market.
            B) Yankee bonds are dollar - denominated debt instruments sold in UK by any overseas entity.
            C) Samurai bonds are issued in Japan.
            Which of the above statements is /are NOT TRUE?
            a) Only B                    b) Only A and C         c) Only B and C         
d) All the above          e) None of these
8.         Which public sector bank of India is the first fully Indian bank, established by an Indian national?
            a) Allahabad Bank      b) Punjab National Bank
            c) State Bank of India            d) Central Bank of India                    e) Bank of Baroda
9.         ‘Equity schemes managed strong NAV gains, which boost their assets’ was in news in some of the financial newspapers. What is the full form of the term NAV as used in above head lines?
            a) Nil Accounting Variation   b) Net Accounting Venture   
            c) Net Asset Value                  d) New Asset Venture                        e) None of these
10.       The term Rose Revolution refers to the change of power in recent times in which of the following countries?
            a) Croatia        b) Syria            c) Georgia       d) Kyrgyzstan             e) Tunisia
11.       We very frequently read about Europe’s sovereign debt crisis these days. Which of the following of the following statements is/are true about the same?
            A) In early 2010 the Euro crisis developed in countries like Greece, Spain and Portugal.
            B) This created a credit default swap between the countries of the European Union.
            C) SAARC countries have offered some assistance to some of the severely affected countries like Portugal, Spain and Greece.
            a) Only A        b) Only B        c) Only A and B         d) All A, B and C
            e) None of these
12.       As per the announcement made by the RBI, some Stock Exchanges in India are allowed to introduce Plain Vanilla Currency Options. Which of the following activities/operations is the term Plain Vanilla Currency Options associated with?
            a) Dollar - Rupee Exchange Rate       b) Floating of Commercial Papers
            c) Launch of new mutual funds                     
d) Deciding the opening price of a share on a particular business day
e) None of these
13.       Credit rating agency Moody’s recently upgraded the credit rating of the Indian government’s bonds from the speculative to investment grade.
            Which of the following facts related to the above statements is/are true?
A)    According to a release issued by the Finance Ministry, Moody’s unified India’s local and foreign currency bond ratings at Baa3.
B)    Moody’s Investor Service upgraded its local currency rating for Indian government bonds to Baa3, which is speculative grade as compared to the earlier Bal which is junk or investment grade.
C)    India’s foreign currency bond ceiling is unchanged at Baa2, and the foreign currency band deposit ceiling is Baa3. The local currency bond and bank deposit ceilings are unified at A1.
D)    The government’s local currency short - term rating has been changed to P-3 from NP, indicating the government’s ability to repay short-term debts.
a) Only B                    b) Only A                    c) Only A and C        
d) Only D                    e) All the above
14.       Which of the following is the basic territorial unit of administration in India?
            a) Revenue Division                b) Tehsil          c) District
            d) Village                                e) Block
15.       On the lines of Amul in Gujarat, which one of the following states has come forward to bring a ‘White Revolution’ in the state?
            a) Himachal Pradesh               b) Punjab                     c) Uttarakhand
            d) Uttar Pradesh                     e) Madhya Pradesh
16.       Which of the following states has launched a scheme for providing free electric connection to 2 lakh below poverty line (BPL) families?
            a) Madhya Pradesh                 b) Uttar Pradesh          c) Gujarat
            d) Rajasthan                            e) Bihar
17.       What are “Giffen Goods”?
            a) Goods which are kept in stock waiting for the prices to rise
            b) Electronic consumer goods                        
c) Manufactured goods which are sold in the parallel markets for the poor as cheap substitutes of costly equivalents
d) Goods which do not obey the laws of demand     e) None of these
18.       Why are coins and currency notes called legal tender?
            A) Because they are guaranteed by the government
            B) Because these cannot be refused in settlement of payments.
            C) Because credit cards and electronic cash also form an important segment of money.
            Which of the above statements are not correct?
            a) Only C                                b) Only A and B                     c) Only B       
d) None of the above              e) All the above are correct
19.       Which of the following states is having the highest established potential of wind energy in India?
            a) Gujarat        b) Maharashtra                        c) Karnataka                d) Tamil Nadu
            e) Rajasthan
20.       In the year 1966, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) set up the All India Rural Credit Review Committee in order to:
            a) establish NABARD                        b) establish Regional Rural Banks
            c) re-assess the development that took place in the field of rural credit since 1954, ie, subsequent to submission of the report of the All India Rural Credit Review Committee
            d) All the above                      e) None of these
21.       The land development banks play a crucial role in
            a) the provision of investment credit for agriculture
            b) providing crop loans to the farmers                        c) expanding social forestry   
            d) developing allied activities in rural sector e) None of these
22.       In case of Foreign Currency Non-Resident (FCNR-2) Scheme, the period for fixed deposit is
            a) not applicable to resident accounts            
b) not less than one year and not more than five years.         
c) not less than two years and not more than six years
d) at the discretion of the bank                                   e) None of these
23.       Which of the following is not a public sector bank?
            a) State Bank of Hyderabad   b) Central Bank of India
            c) Regional Rural Banks         d) HDFC Bank                       e) None of the above
24.       When the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is the lender of last resort, what does it mean?
            a) RBI advances necessary credit against eligible securities.
            b) Commercial banks give fund to the RBI
            c) RBI advances money to public whenever there is any emergency.
            d) All the above                      e) None of these
25.       The paid - up capital of a non-scheduled bank is less than
            a)  5 lakh                   b) 10 lakh                  c) 12 lakh
            d) 15 lakh                  e) None of these
26.       Which of the following countries has openly declared that it would veto the US attempt to seek a new UN Security Council resolution to make the Syrian regime led by President Bashar al-Assad to exit office?
            a) France                     b) Britain         c) Russia          d) China
            e) Germany
27.       After last year’s Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, what periodic cap has been put by the Japanese cabinet recently on the operational life nuclear reactors?
            a) 20 years       b) 25 years       c) 30 years       d) 35 years      e) 40 years
28.       Which of the following Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Ocean University of China to start a post graduate programme in international business with special focus on China?
            a) IIM, Indore                         b) IIM, Shillong                      c) IIM, Kolkata
            d) IIM, Indore                        e) IIM, Lucknow
29.       Which of the following states has decided to go for comprehensive development of tourism on the lines of ‘African safari’?
            a) Assam                     b) Tamil Nadu                         c) Gujarat       
d) West Bengal                       e) Jharkhand
30.       Which of the following state governments has constituted a commission named ‘Samanya Varg Nirdhan Kalyan Aayog’ as a permanent - basis autonomous body for all issues related to the integrated development and welfare of the economically backward among upper castes?
            a) Uttar Pradesh                      b) Bihar                       c) Himachal Pradesh
            d) Punjab                                 e) Madhya Pradesh
31.       Name the Indian artist who uses materials like cow dung, ash and hair to make sculptures and who has been shortlisted for UK’s biggest contemporary art prize, the Artes Mundi.
            a) Sheela Gowda                     b) Geeta Vadhera        c) Ajay Gulati
            d) Gopi Gajwan                      e) Ved Nayar
32.       Name the Indian lady who has been selected as the first international teacher for a prestigious US space education programme, along with 19 other American educators, by the Space Foundation.
            a) TK Anuradha          b) Vandana Suryawanshi        c) Promodha Hegde
            d) Geetha Ramkumar e) None of these
33.       Which of the following countries recently denied in response to concerns raised by the IMF that $32 billion was missing from its accounts, which it said was due to poor record - keeping, not corruption?
            a) Zimbabwe               b) South Sudan           c) Kenya          d) Angola
            e) Cambodia
34.       Seeking to re-build its conflict-ravaged infrastructure, which of the following countries has ought the help of the Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) to run one of its key steel plants?
            a) Syria            b) Libya           c) Yemen         d) Tunisia        e) Liberia
35.       AK Damodaran, who passed away recently in a Delhi hospital, was a/an
            a) Economist   b) Scientist      c) Astronomer             d) Career diplomat      e) Journalist
36.       Who among the following has been appointed the new director general (DG) of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)?
            a) Ranjeet Kumar Das                         b) Arun Choudhary     c) Niraj Rajan Das
            d) Ramesh Sharma                  e) Rajiv
37.       Name the author of the book Nirbasan (Exile), the release of which was cancelled recently at the Kolkata Book Fair after protests from fundamentalists.
            a) Salman Rushdie                  b) Taslima Nasreen      c) Kamal Surayya
            d) Chetan Bhagat                    e) Arundhati Roy
38.       Who among the following is the Chairman of the National innovation Council of India?
            a) Sam Pitroda                        b) MS Swaminathan               c) KKasturirangan
            d) Harsh Mander         e) Aruna Roy
39.       Who among the following has been awarded 21st Bihari Puraskar for 2011 by the KK Birla Foundation for his authology Ghar Tau?
            a) Hemant Shesh                     b) Nand Chaturvedi    c) Sail Chaturvedi
            d) Arjundeo Charan                e) Giridhar Rathi
40.       In which of the following cities an International Canine Festival was held in February?
            a) Cochin         b) Patna           c) Sitapur         d) Bikaner       e) Surat
41.       Who among the following poets died recently who wrote Sahitya Akademy - awarded books Pichhle Mausam Ka Phool, Zakhm-e-Tamanna and Band Hota Hua Bazar?
            a) Bashir Badr                         b) Jayant Parmer         c) Mazhar Imam
            d) Nida Fazli               e) Sheen Kaaf Nizam
42.       Name the person who headed an expert committee on Senior Citizens, and recommended the setting up of a National Council for Senior Citizens to advise the central and state governments on the welfare of senior citizens, which has been approved by the Prime Minister?
            a) Girija Vyas              b) Mohini Giri                         c) Prof Yashpal
            d) Kapil Sibal              e) K Achyutanand
43.       Who among the following has been named as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) by the global electronic giant Sony after the company falling behind Apple and Samsung Electronics and facing the prospect of a fourth consecutive year of losses?
            a) Kazuo Hirai                         b) Howard Stringer     c) Yoon Woo Lee      
            d) Tim Cook                e) Com Lynton
44.       Name the organization from which future tendering and procurement of Aakash - 2 tablets have taken away to be handed over to public sector undertakings such as Telecommunication Consultants India Ltd (TCIL) or ITILtd?
            a) IIT, Kanpur                         b) Centre for Developing of Advanced Computer (C-DAC)
            c) IIT, Rajasthan         d) Central Warehousing Corporation Ltd
            e) Thapar Institute of Technology
45.       In which of the following European countries a consignment of Indian medicines headed for Surinam was seized by the authorities, an act for which the Indian government has hauled that country in the past to the WTO’s Dispute Settlement Body?
            a) Portugal                   b) Italy                        c) Britain         d) The Netherlands
            e) Spain
46.       Who among the following has been appointed the new Chairman of the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT)?
            a) MC Joshi                 b) Mukesh Chand       c) Laxman Das
            d) NB Singh                e) PK Mishra
47.       With which of the following countries, from where main export to India is fertilizer, is India to enter into a long term agreement to secure supply of potash fertilizer?
            a) China           b) Belarus        c) Germany     d) Russia         e) Japan
48.       In the face of sanctions by the US and European Union against Iran, through which of the following public sector banks will India route 45 per cent of the values of Iranian oil exports, because of non-exposure of this bank in US and EU?
            a) Corporation Bank               b) Uco Bank                c) Indian Bank           
            d) Bank of Maharashtra                      e) Canara Bank
49.       Which of the following states has declared that it would be the first state in the country to become carbon - neutral by 2020 by undertaking carbon - smart growth?
            a) Delhi                                   b) Tamil Nadu                         c) Gujarat       
d) Himachal Pradesh               e) Assam
50.       In which of the following cities of Rajasthan is the annual Birding Fair is held for conservation of birds in the country, with this year’s theme “Bustard Recovery Programme”?
            a) Bharatpur                b) Jaipur                      c) Jhunjhunu
            d) Mount Abu                         e) Jaisalmer

1.e       2.b      3.b      4.d      5.d      6.a      7.a      8.b      9.c      10.c

11.a    12.a    13.a    14.c    15.c    16.b    17.d    18.e     19.d    20.c

21.a    22.b    23.d    24.a    25.a    26.c    27.e     28.b    29.d    30.c

31.a    32.b    33.d    34.b    35.d    36.e     37.b    38.a    39.d    40.d

41.c    42.b    43.a    44.c    45.d    46.c    47.b    48.b    49.d    50.b


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