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Banking related general awareness --IBPS PO -2

1.  1.      smart money-credit card
2.  2.      for opening bank a/c-domicile is n’t required
3. .Guest of Honour in Pravasi bharat diwas: kamala prasad biseesa
4.  NERPA is a Submarine
5.  .Who won Australian open doubles: Leander Paes
6 .india australia test match captain of aussie’s-michael clark
7.  Ranbir kapoor best actor film-rockstar
8.DICGC limit-Each depositor in a bank is insured upto a maximum of Rs.1,00,000
9 Ombudsman –court of law
10.Which one transfer money from one bank to another internationally swift
11.Banking Ombudsman scheme is applicable to
12.Which of the following is not a function of rbi fiscal policy
13. rajiv gandhi electrification scheme
14.  what is debit card
15. base rate was decided by ibdivisuak banks
16Padmavibushan award Mario de miranda got which award
17Drawee bank means
18. Golden jubilee of afro asian rural development held in New Delhi
19. Not money market instru: equity shares
20.Retail loan
21.Speed transfer rtgs
22.Question on revenue deficit
23. Rice quota 7 kgs
24.Banks follow negiotable instruments act
25.Axis bank is a private ltd bank
26.Swalbham scheme is for senior citizens
27.which facility was provided by linked in- search
28. Fixed deposites also called as term deposites
29.Fixed deposites can be mature at a preagreed timeperiod only
30.If repo rate increases bank will raise intrest rates
31.which is nt the capitl mrket money tresury bill
32.question on npa
33. Question on gdp
34.Italian ship ‘Enrica Lexie’ for killing 2 kerala fisherman
35.2012 Asian Indoor Athletics Championships in Colombia
36. Dhaka book fair releases Taslima’s Nirbasan
37. ECS Complaint solved by payment and settlement act
38.non banking institutions set up atms called white lable atms
39.2012 badminton champion held in hyb
40.The full form of seu ans. Slightly enriched uranium
41..female CEO of any bank-Chanda kochhar
42.WhY inDIA voted against SRi Lanka?.
43.3male president related question.
44.Parmshwr yojna-mp
45.Doubtful asset percentage
46.All mewmbers should enforce budget discipline Europian Union
47.End of present foreign trade policy
48.Fund to fight Naxalism sanctioned by Home ministry.
49. Planning Commission along with which dept. announced packaged for the tribal naxlite area….option are——-tribal dept/Home Ministry/financedept./rural
50.in which organisation summit talked abt budget?
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