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Banking related general awareness


1. Base – II norms are associated with which of the following aspects of the banking industry?
a. capital adequacy                            b. Manpower planning                       c. Retirement benefits for the employees       d. Corporate Governance         
2. Literacy Rate is highest in which of the following states?
A. Delhi                  b. Maharashtra                    c. Kerala                d. Tamil Nadu                     
3. Which of the following cannot be called a major wheat producing state?
a. Punjab               b. Kerala                c. Rajasthan                         d. Uttar Pradesh                  
4. Yen is the currency of  :     a. China             b. France               c. Britain                d. Japan                                
5. Headquarters of the United Nations Organization is located in
a. New York          (b) Tokyo              c. London              d. Kathmandu                                                     
6. Which of the following countries does not play international cricket?
a. Japan b. New Zealand                    c. Australia            d. Bangladesh                     
7.  Census is done in India after a gap of ---YEARS  : a. 5         b. 7         c. 10       d. 12      
8. Which of the following is / are the easy way(s) to handle inflation in the economy?
1. Increase the money supply in the economy                              2. Curb the money supply in the economy    3. Increase the credit flow in the economy                        4. Curb the credit inflow in the economy
a. Only 1 & 3        b. Only 2 & 4        c. Only 1                d. Only 3               
9. Members of Rajya Sabha are elected for a period of---YEARS:a. 4   b. 2 ½     c. 5 d. 6  
10. Many times we come across a term in field of banking operation which reds 'ECS'. What is the full form of the same?  ---   a. Electronic Coding System                     b. Extra Coding system                     
c. Electronic Clearing System            d. Elementary Clearing System                      
11. Union Budget is always presented first in the
a. Rajya Sabha             b. Lok Sabha               c. Joint Session of Parliament                           d. Meeting of the Union    12. The Monetary and Credit Policy is announced by which of the following?
a. Ministry of Finance in Centre         b. RBI c. SBI                     d. Planning Commission of India     
13. The President of India is elected for a term of---YEARS:   a. 4           b. 5         c. 6          d. 7          
14. Which of the following is not an employment generating scheme?
a. Sampoorna Gramin Rozgar Guarantee Scheme        b. National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme   c..Swarjayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana                  d. Kutir Jyoti Yojana
15. Which of the following is the full form of G in 'G-Sec', the term we see every then and now in banking / finance related operations?  --- a. Good                  b. Global                c. Guaranteed         d. Government                  
 1.A          2.C          3.B          4.D          5.A          6.A          7.C          8.A          9.D          10.C

11.B       12.B       13.B       14.D       15.D


Q1) Who was railway minister before Mukul Roy ?
Ans:- Dinesh Trivedi
Q2) OPEC summit 2011 held at?
Ans:- Vienna
Q3) Who was guest of honour for republic day?
Ans:- Yingluck Shinawatra
Q4) What is current CRR?
Ans:- 4.75%
Q5) Swabhiman is related to
Ans:- financial inclusion
Q6) Ranbir Kapoor won best actor for film ?
Ans:- Rock Star
Q7) Who is Chief justice of india?
Ans:- S H kapadia
Q8 ) Ranji trophy is related towhich sport?
Ans:-  cricket
Q9) kiran desai has written which of the following book ?
Ans:- Inheritance of loss
Q10) penalty realed to
Ans:- football

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