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Descriptive paper --bank PO

I found many people have shown interest in descriptive paper. hence reproducing my previous blog.

I am happy to see that a question on financial inclusion which was mentioned in my blog on July21/22 ,2011 appeared apart from banking related questions suggested Descriptive paper question were
 1.Right to Education Act
 2. Rural Development
 3. Write a letter to bank manager issue loan , go for higher studies in USA
 4. write a letter to your friend , attend seminar and topic is NETBANKING
 5. write a letter to close your account in a bank
 6.what is Financial Inclusion
 7. Banking industry growth 8. If I were an author....
. 9. How technology is helpful for Banking sector.
  precis writing is quite simple If any other candidate send questions

corruption - its effects on our personal life and economy
Should education be made fully free to all?

 blessings and best wishes
 s.sambasivan chennai
 Please search for different subjects like reasoning, QA,english, computer awareness, marketing , bank interview, economics etc. U will get a lot of my blogs posted during the last two years. Read them. if u have doubts send email to samba.ssivan@gmail.com

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