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Essay writing -- Topics suggested


Please write down the points for these essay topics and send them by email to samba.ssivan@gmail.com
I will post them into this blog itself so that it can be of use to others.   On my part let me give some points for these topics.

1.  The problems of a few airlines and suggestions for their recovery.

Points:  Problems faced by Kingfisher Airlines, Air India.  -- Pilots going on mass leave , steps taken by the government.  -- causes and remedies.

2.  What brought losses in the recent quarters for a few banks and steps they should take to avoid losses.

Points:  High incidence of NPA in new loan accounts also.  -- pertains to many sectors such as industries, education loan, housing loan etc.  Pressure brought by politicians to make advances to all without leaving scope for study of individual cases.  -- also careless dealing of advance sanctions by a few personnel-- for personal gains.

3.  Twenty overs cricket -- is it helping cricket or takes away the merit of cricket -- in the light of fixing controversies.

Points:    Twenty overs cricket -- too much advertisement, costs.  Each player is paid high amounts.  Ticket costs are high.  Most of the matches last over only decides the match -- fixing up of these matches cannot be ruled out.  Sachin Tendulkar has said though there are minor lapses in IPL , it is a good form of cricket.

One way good players from various countries join together in one team and play.  Not good in one way - players from the same Indian state compete here.

4.  Hike in petrol prices -- Is it right for the government to hike or not?

Points:    High is mainly due to rise in the value of dollar as against indian rupees.  International oil prices have not risen.  There is scope for reduction of prices increased.  But many parties try to capitalise on this situation.

5.  Computer websites like facebook, twitter -- are they helpful or they affect our privacy?

Points:  Some of the websites do not have adequate privacy terms.  Users are not aware as to how they have to protect their privacy.  When the photos, information fall into the hands of unscrupulous people they misuse the same.  Too much time is wasted on these websites by youngsters-- boys and girls affecting their studies.

6.  The role of Bank Officer in your views.

Points:   A Bank officer helps his branch management in serving customers for collection of deposits, making advances to the public and to make profit for the bank branch.  He assists branch manager in house keeping and in the orderly conduct of branch.

7.  Is it advisable to take up a government job or a private sector job and why?

Points:   There is no job security in IT industry and other private sectors.  it is advisable to join a public sector bank or company, serve well and be hopeful of getting rises in career.   Though salary may not match the IT industry one has job satisfaction, mental satisfaction and opportunity to serve others.

8.  Newspapers -- relevance in the context of internet and television providing immediate news .

Points:  Yes, news is available in internet,   In many parts of our country internet has not spread adequately--even college students do not have access to internet.  Newspaper can be read at any part of the day or thereafter and helps one to improve his communication skill.

9.  How do you visualise yourself in Banking industry say after ten or fifteen years from now?

Points:  I see myself as a Branch Manager of a bank branch-- because I posses interest in serving the people, am confident of getting rise in my career path,.

10.  "The greater the spirit, greater is the chances of success in any work/venture/attempts". Elaborate.

Points":  Anything we do we must do with sincerity and full interest.  When a lady cooks food with passion the quality of food will be good.  On the other hand when she cooks with lack of interest it will not come out well.  this can be extended to any field -- acting in a movie, playing for a State or country in cricket, football , writing stories, books,  managing functions etc.


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