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Basic Quantitative Aptitude-- Nine

31.Thirty men take 20 days to complete a job working 9 hours a day.How many hour a day should 40 men work to complete the job?
(a) 8 hrs                       (b) 7 1/2 hrs     (c) 7 hrs           (d) 9 hrs

32.. From 5 different green balls, four different blue balls and three   different red balls, how many combinations of balls can be chosen taking at least   one green and one blue ball?
a) 3720                        b)3640             c)3456             d)none

33. Find the smallest number in a GP whose sum is 38 and product 1728
(a) 12                           (b) 20               (c) 8                 (d) none of these

34. A boat travels 20 kms upstream in 6 hrs and 18 kms downstream in 4 hrs.Find the speed of the boat in still water and the speed of the water current?
(a) 1/2 kmph                (b) 7/12 kmph  (c) 5 kmph       (d) none of these

35. A goat is tied to one corner of a square plot of side 12m by a rope 7m long.Find the area it can graze?
(a) 38.5 sq.m               (b) 155 sq.m    (c) 144 sq.m    (d) 19.25 sq.m

36.ABCE is an isosceles trapezoid and ACDE is a rectangle. AB = 10 and EC = 20. What is the length of AE?
a) AE=15                    b)AE=10         c)AE=12         d)AE=25

37. In the given figure, PA and PB are tangents to the circle at A and B respectively and   the chord BC is parallel to tangent PA. If AC = 6 cm, and length of the tangent AP   is 9 cm, then what is the length of the chord BC?
a) BC =5 cm                b)BC=4 cm     c)BC=6 cm      d)BC=7 cm

38. Three cards are drawn at random from an ordinary pack of cards. Find the probability that they will consist of a king, a queen and an ace.
a) 64/2220                   b)8/2210          c)64/2201        d)64/2210

39. A number of cats got together and decided to kill between them 999919   mice. Every cat killed an equal number of mice. Each cat killed more mice   than there were cats. How many cats do you think there were ?
a) 991                          b)999               c)992               d)none

40. The square of a two digit number is divided by half the number. After   36 is added to the quotient, this sum is then divided by 2. The digits of the resulting number are the same as those in the original number, but they   are in reverse order. The ten's place of the original number is equal to twice   the difference between its digits. What is the number?
a)43                             b)23                 c)46                 d)48

31.B     32.A       33.C       34.B     35.A         36.B      37.B     38.D       39.A     40.C

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