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Basic Quantitative Aptitude-- one

Please work out and check with the answer given. Any change pl post in comments.

1.There are 150 weights .Some are 1 kg weights and some are 2 kg weights. The sum of the weights is 260.What is the number of 1kg weights?
a)      56
b)      34
c)      86
d)     40
 2. A is driving on a highway when the police fines him for over speeding and exceeding
the limit by 10 km/hr. At the same time B is fined for over speeding by twice the                           amount by which A exceeded the limit. If he was driving at 35 km/hr what is the speed limit for the road?

        a)15 kmph      b)18 kmph            c)20 kmph       d)25 kmph
3.  Adhvaitth moves 3 kms east from his starting point . He then travels 5 kms north. From that point he moves 8 kms to the east.  He then travels towards south by 5 km. How far is A from his starting point?
     a)15kms           b) 11 kms             c)18 kms           d)21kms
4. A car travels 12 kms with a 4/5th filled tank. How far will the car travel with 1/3 filled

         a)   9 kms       b) 15 kms    c)5 kms           d) 18 kms
5. The sum of the digits of a two digit number is 8. When 18 is added to the number, the
digits are reversed. Find the number?

            a) 35     b)40       c)53          d) 43
6. The cost of one pencil, two pens and four erasers is Rs.44 while the cost of five
pencils, four pens and two erasers is Rs.64.How much will three pencils, three pens and
three erasers cost?

a) 44                b)64                 c)54                 d)45
7. Fathers age is 5 times his son’s age. 4 years back the father was 9 times older than
son. Find the fathers’ present age.

a). 40 years      b)55 years        c)60 years        d)75 years
8. What number should be added to or subtracted from each term of the ratio 17 : 24 so
that it becomes equal to 1 : 2.

a) 5 should be added
b)10 should be subtracted
c) 10 should be added
d)None of these
9. What is the 12th term of the series 2, 5, 8, ….
a)20     b)33     c)45     d) 35
10. If 20 men take 15 days to to complete a job, in how many days can 25 men finish
that work?

a)10 days         b) 15 days       c) 12 days        d) 18 days



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  1. Jitendra singh: Thanks. I corrected the answers for q.1 and 6.

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