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Books for Bank exams.

Common Written Exam -P.O./clerks -- Books suggested

Please search for different subjects like reasoning, QA,english, computer awareness, marketing , bank interview, economics etc. U will get a lot of my blogs posted during the last two years. Read them. if u have doubts send email to samba.ssivan@gmail.com
Many times candidates ask me for guidance regarding preparation for this examination and hence I thought it fit to write a blog for the same.

First ensure you like mathematics and you enjoy mathematics. Then revise tables upto 20. (ex. 20x 19 = 380, 16 x 16 =256). You must be thorough with squares upto 50. Then cubes upto 25. Use calculators prepare and then be sure. Then u must be thorough with formulae for square, rectangle, circle, sphere, parallologram, cube, cylinder etc.

Now coming to books:

If u can prepare seriously - say four to five hours per day and are interested in doing methodical preparation:

1. English -- Objective English by Hari Mohan prasad (Tata Mcgraw Hill Publications)

2. Quantitative Aptitude - R.S.Agarwal (S.Chand & Co.New Delhi)

3. Verbal Reasoning and Non verbal Reasoning - R.S.Agarwal (S.Chand and Company, New delhi
--The Pearson Guide to Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation-for the CAT 2/e
(in some exams especially SBI Po exams questions of CAT level are asked)

4. General Awareness -- the Hindu last six months + Banking and economics - Business Studies Plus Two text books (CBSE or State Board)

5. Computer Awareness --- Kiran publication or BSC chronicle publication

Besides this I recommend you reading any one or two competition magazine like
Banking Service chronicle or Pratyogita Darpan or Competition Refresher or Competition Success Review.

You can also look into www.indiabix.com, www.bankpo.in for occasional guidance and to know developments.



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Ph: 044 - 25967807, 25966778)

Also 30 model papers by BSC Chronicle, New delhi

Many of these books will be available in leading book shops in your city/town.

I suggest your visiting this blog also periodically for updating.

You have a lot of information on almost all these subjects in this blog. You can see them by making a search in the blog itself.

For example a search on Bank interview brought this many results as on today:
BANK EXAMS: Oriental Bank of Commerce - Interview
Jul 21, 2011
Plus u also go through the questions I have given for so many times -- also interview guidance in blogsite. Please go through general awareness materials - a lot of them - on Banking, economics etc. posted by me. ...
BANK EXAMS: OBC bank interview
Jul 20, 2011
The following questions were asked to a candidate in a recent bank interview: I am giving answers for a few questions. 1} tell me about yourself 2} what do u know about obc bank say in 4 lines ...
BANK EXAMS: Oriental Bank of Commerce Interview
Jul 21, 2011
BANK EXAMS. A guide to expected questions asked in recruitment interviews in banks. Thursday, July 21, 2011. Oriental Bank of Commerce Interview. Posted by Sambasivan.S at 4:54 AM. Labels: 2010 bank clerks interview, OBC ...
BANK EXAMS: Three mistakes committed in interview by freshers
Jun 03, 2011
BANK EXAMS. A guide to expected questions asked in recruitment interviews in banks (please enroll yourself as members and also tell your friends through mail or in different forums) ...
The above just an example to prove the contents of this blog.

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