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Interesting Interview Experience --congrats

I came across this interesting interview experience in www.bankpo.in and I thought it fit to be placed here so that many people will get benefited. Pl read.  Congrats to NIKHIL

Reported at the venue on time, verification took a lot of time(more than expected) and, also since verification of all the candidates was to happen before proceeding to GD, it ended around 01:55 P.M..
After verification, we were taken to the place of Group Discussion. Inside the room there were four members(3-Male + 1-female) present to assess us. We were then asked to pick the badges(with big numbers from 1-15 printed on it) and tag it on to chest. My number was 09 (it was according to the serial nos. called earlier outside GD room).
They greeted us and asked to sit, pick up the notepad & pen on the chair & be relaxed 1st. Then, they informed us about how the entire GD session will & should proceed:-
1. You’ll be given a topic
2. You’ll have 2 minutes to jot down the relative points, which you should be focusing on
3. Each person will get 2 minutes again to present his/her overview of the topic and also his/her stand
4. You’ll be have 40 minutes to discuss on the topic and conclude
5. You must conclude
6. You must not use abusive words, slang and also not get into dirty acts.
Topic for GD :- Joint Family OR Nuclear Family

(Topic sunte hi sab ki baanche khil gayi; After all it was such an easy topic. Isn’t it? This is the time when- though I was more than glad to hear the topic from within, I tried to control my happiness and calm my excitement. I thought it as a chance to cash in that moment, I realized that- since its such a topic on which most of the people if not all will have something to speak  in favor of Joint Family; So, why not go for Nuclear family. And, that’s when the exciting and enriching journey began)
After everyone jotted down their respective points, one-by-one they started giving their views for which each were allotted 2 minutes. No.1, No.2, No.3 and so on till No.8 revealed that they’ll be speaking in favor of Joint Family; I was trying to keep my excitement level to minimum, you know why? ;) . So, I started like this :-
A very Good After Noon Sir, Ma’am and my friends. I will be speaking in favor of NUCLEAR Family(Everyone present there turned to me suddenly), few basic reasons for this are……
 Then No.10, 11, 12, 13, & 14 again back to the same page as No.1-8. Surprisingly, No.15th joined me(might have changed her mind at the last moment or might have thought like me).
So, then followed the session of 40 minutes:-
Some excited fellow yelled out and started the most important session of GD; I thought he was told by his well-wisher while preparing- to speak at very 1st chance and then keep mum for entire time, which he did. :)
See, nothing could be golden than this– As everyone except two of us were of similar view; as soon that guy spoke, no one was there to counter him, they only could have supported him. So, I took that as a chance to get into this. I countered his view. Then came another one, I countered his points too.
In between the discussion No.15th also tried to put her points as well as discuss with others, which she did for some time. However, she fell to the pressure of the mass attack and unknowingly accepted their views and the negatives of Nuclear family.
On the other hand, I was comfortably able to handle each one of them one-by-one and was also addressing the panelists along with the GD group. During this process when I was answering and rest of the people were shouting and repeating the same thing time & again; the panelists seemed to be enjoying this. :)
Meanwhile, in the GD, suddenly, people started supporting each other’s point of view and also engaged into talks among themselves. As most of the time allotted to us had already expired,  many worthy points were discussed too(many points re-occurred repetitively),  and very few minutes left to conclude; I asked a friend beside me on the right side(who was sitting silently, might be tired), whether he wants to take this opportunity to conclude. He accepted that and tried very hard to get into & stop the tea-shop talk by everyone else to pass the message about conclusion. But, akhiri waqt mein sunta kaun hai; sab bache-khuche waqt mein apne aap ko prove karna chah rahe the. I also tried to apply the brake with conclusion, but failed. Seeing this and also as time exceeded- the panelists asked us to stop the GD and thanked us, told to wait outside.
As the GD ended and I was moving out with other members, All the panelists there smiled seeing me(I didn’t know if this was love at first sight; but definitely got a positive signal)
Such a saturating GD it was, it acted as moral booster and also a good stress buster, coz. it was more than 03:00 P.M. that we went out of GD room. For the first time I was not bothered about the result, I was living in the moment of satisfaction and joy. :)
Before interview started, it was breather time for all of us however, we enjoyed the chit-chat, gossiping, tea/coffee/biscuit served in between :) And, some were also busy in going through any last time update on General Knowledge. :)
Interview started at around 03:20 P.M. serial-wise(according to the numbers we were given earlier).
My turn came up at 05:10 P.M. :-
Me: May I get in ?
M1: Yes, Come in !
Me: Good Evening Sirs, Good Evening Ma’am !
Everyone again smiled seeing me.
M1: Have a seat !
Me: Thank you sir !
M2: So, How do you see that GD, Did you enjoy? (then smiled)
Me: Oh, yes sir; I enjoyed the entire session very much. I liked the topic which was considerably tough in a manner as there lies a chance of very few points with monotonous discussion as well as a danger of- if everyone chooses the easiest side of Joint Family(how would the discussion start?). However, it came out better than expected, the session gave a good insight on the current state of social, economical and moral obligations. I am happy to be part of that session.
M1: Good, so tell us about yourself, family background.
Me: Answered.
M2: So, your interest is in music, who is the First Indian Musician to receive the Ramon Magsaysay Award?
Me: I’m sorry sir, don’t know.
M2: Ok, a hint- That’s a lady and also the first musician to receive Bharat Ratna.
Me: Again- No sir, no idea at all.
M2: Hmm… she is M. S. Subbulakshmi. || As you said in your introduction about the economic downturn in the year 2008-2009; World is on the brink of another economic crisis, why so?
Me: Yes sir, world is again facing the threat of another recession, even many countries have not yet recovered from the last one. I think, the chaos & crash of economy in some European countries like Greece, Ireland, very recently France and other small countries as well have certainly affected rest of the countries. So, such threat is obvious…..
As I was adding few more things was interrupted…
M2: So, what is the term the recent crisis is being referred to, why it happened?
Me: Sir, I know about the last one that it happened due to ‘Sub-Prime Lending’; but, have no idea about the current one. I have not come across to such term and also not gone through in detail.
M2: Ok, The term is ‘Sovereign Debt’ !
Me: Smiled, Thank you very much for this sir.
(He then signaled M3 to take on the charge)
M3: So Nikhil, Why do you want to join bank, that too, after doing BHM And, how do you see any connection?
Me: Answered.( I said :- First of all I think, Bank jobs provide better career prospects with the stability, security and social identity to an individual. Second, My father is also working in a bank, and many other close relatives too, who have been the reason of influence for me. As far as the relevance of worthy contribution in banks for a HM graduate is concerned, I think- Banks and Hospitality has one big thing in common i.e.- ‘Customer is God’, hence, Customer Service is the priority. So, such skills with the financial management and leadership skills will be an advantage while learning the process of Banks extensively.
M3: That’s good; So, Who decides Saving Interest rate and what is it currently?
Me: Banks decide this. Currently its at 4%. However, Yes Bank Gives- 7% and Kotak gives- 6%.
M3: (Smiled) Ok, So, How can a customer be retained with us even if we don’t offer the same rate; otherwise, he will easily get distracted and invest in savings in Yes Bank & Kotak Bank esp.?
Me: Sir, if we don’t increase the saving’s rate, then, the only option to retain our customer and also to attract new customer is to provide a perfect ‘customer service to them and keep them satisfied with other products’. Maintaining good, quality reputation with customers while delivering other products will have a moral bearing on him in any such decisions.
M3: That’s what I was looking for, as you mentioned about customer service. Fine answer.
(He then signaled to the lady M4)
M4: What is the difference between CRR & SLR?
Me: Answered
M4: Tell us few things about KCC?
Me: Answered
M4: What do you know about Canara Bank, have you visited its website?
Me: Yes, I visited its website several a times to gather some key info. Answered about the history, financial position, awards, recognition in brief.
M4: Who are the partners in our insurance product?
M4: How much is the stake of Canara Bank in this?
Me: 51%
M4: And, Mutual Fund?
Me: Canara-Robecco
M4: Have you heard of Canara Bank Equity?
Me: Yes ma’am, I saw one news flashing about the start of Canara Bank Equity, but have no idea in detail. I was unable to understand that.
M4: Actually, recently we have launched this product, we are the first bank to enter into equity venture.
(I didn’t understand though, smiled)
Me: Ok, thank you ma’am.
(All four saw the rest of the three and then said- Thank you very much Nikhil. All the very Best !)
I said Thanks to all and got up to get out. As I reached the door, ‘M1′ asked :- How much is your score in written? I said :- Sir, its 167. M1 said- Ok, Thank you. All the Best for results. ||
Phew………. Interview ended there, it was around 05:35 in the evening. Rest of the candidates waiting their turn were anxious and jumped on to me asking as- what happened? It was for around 30 minutes, tell us about the questions, the panelists etc….. And, I vanished soon after picking my bags and flying some positive words to them. :)
 It was best ever interview I faced till date. I felt very satisfied & relaxed that evening)
Friends, Finally I got selected in Canara. Moral of the story is to feel free, not worrying about the result, taking the tough route, being positive, being real, do not lie at all whether about past or present, your past career graph should have a genuine justification, and most importantly maintain eye contact with the panelists, listen to their questions or words carefully.
That’s it, there are many tips to be given; but, stick to what you feel is right, acceptable and makes you happy from within.
I wish to thank bankpo.in for all the indirect & direct guidance & support it provided for the preparation of exam & interviews and also wishing all the best to every aspirant here.
Nikhil Nikunj

source:  www.bankpo.in

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