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Interview experience --Bank of India --shared

I request Bank Exams members also to send their experience to samba.ssivan@gmail.com so that it can be posted in our blogs for the guidance of other members.
Document verification started at 9.00 am
my turn was at 10.30am for interview
There were 4 persons,3male named as M1 M2 & M3 and one lady .candidate-c
the lady was complete silent .she did not ask me a single question.
i entered the rum by seeking permission from the lady.
i greeted them all and i was told to have a sit
M1;ok you are pinakee is there any meaning of your name?
c:yes sir .it is another name of lord siva
M1;ok.you introduce yourself
c:i answered.
M1:oh you have done MBA.then tell me what is management?
c:i answered.i have used the words vision and mission,which was the
next question for me
M1:so tell me what is the difference between vision and mission?
c:i told that vision is short term and mission is long term(but it was
complete opposite of the right answer)
M1 & M2:both told no you said the opposite thing.vision is long term
and mission is short term
c:sorry sir i told the wrong thing but thank you very much sir for
correcting me.they ere feeling happy when i seek apology for it
M1:he asked about my father’s earning source.nd asked me you are the
eldest daughter?
c:i said yes sir.
M1:pinakee.don’t you think you did not put your all effort towards the
written exam?you have very low mark
c:yes sir it is.sir i was preparing for last 6 months.
since the dean of my MBA college was chief manager of bank of india og
orissa region.so they put me some questions regarding him.
M3:He told you to join banking line?
c:no sir he does not tells us to join any bank or bank of india but he
influences and motivates
us most.i have learnt many things from him.so i am here
M2;OK.do you think there is any importance of banking for economic
development?if yes then told how
c:i explained
M1:what is SHG?what is NGOs?
c:i answered the shg.but he said i heard that there are only women in
the group but u  said males are also there.how it is
c:i told sir they are to market ,promote and distribute the products
in the market.
M3;so what do you think who are successful? the goroup of only women
or group of male as well females.
M1:males have to do the outside works fo r their own livilihood they
can not be present in the meeting?
c:they have to be present in the meeting and yes they will be
successful  in the future.
M1:he asked me about my state and the recent progress of posco.tata
steel.and hindi main”kya tata aa raha hai?mujhe to nehin lagta,tumhe
lagta hay,if yes to kese?
c:i said yes sir TATA is coming with a new project.one day before
sirus mistry visited our state and our cm mr naveen patnaik.
M1;oh yes yes.gud.who is that person mistry?do you know
c:i said yes sir he is new chairman of tata group.
M3:gud.there were some changes about our state. do you know?
c:yes sir orissa has been changed to odisha and the language oriya
changed to odiya by the article no113
M3:oh very nice.very nice.gud
M1:pinakee what do you think,how was your performance in interview?
c:giving a smile.sir i am the performer.if you think that my
preformance is up to the level then i should be awarded.
M1:if you get in then you have to help the poor and involve in progress of shg.
c:definitely sir.
M1:if you miss it,then?
c:ok sir nothing to be worried .if i miss it then i will introspect my
self and i will come with flying colours in the next interview.
M3:gud.keep your confidence like this.
again M1:you know you have done well in the interview.but if you would
have some 10 or 12 marks more then you will be definitely selected.but
we can give maximum 20/25 marks. it is a composite score.ok lets see
c:thank you sir for appreciation.i will do more hard work in the next exam.
M2:ok your interview is over.best of luck
they told me to take chocolate
c:i said thank you mam and thank you to all of you sirs.
while i was coming out out the rum then i heard M1 murmuring pinakee .ok
please friends comment on this experience.how was my performance.since
i have the cutoff mark so tell me is there any chance to get in.plz


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