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Interview experience --Bank of India - Odisha -shared

I wish the candidate all success.  He has taken pains to share his experience with others.  pl post your view in bankpo.in


I entered the interview room and found 4 members sitting over there.Among them one lady.
M2- Introduce yourself.
Me-Introduced as usual(My name is Sabyasachi samal,I have completed my ——-At last i told i did shayri)
M2- hindi ya urdu
Me-I told in hindi
M3- Sunao koi ek
Me- Sunaya
M2- Mehndi hasan nam sune ho
Me-Yes sir,he died in karachi pakistan
M2-Microfinance institution k upar kitna ceiling he?
Me-I was unable to say(As i mentioned i worked for the rural population who are being exploited by mfi)
M2-Do you think MFI should be there or not
Me-I told practically they should not be there as financial intermediate as they exploit the rural folks as they do not have any financial literacy regarding usage of the credit facility availed to them.But these mfi fellows gave credit to achieve the target.But these people did not invest the money anywhere and became bad debt and mfi fellows forcibly tried to recover the money.
M2- Back to MBA…what is pay back period
M2-Shorter pay back period
Me-We should choose this
M2-Do you know IRR
Me-I told them it is the required rate of return
M2-How to relate irr
Me-I told as summation of NPV is 0 so irr should be related to NPV.
M3-Don’t you think you are over qualified for this position?
Me- I answered them well by citing the example of my fathe
M3-Then he smilingly counter attacked if i say this is theoritical but not practical as there are many undergraduates working with you and you find this data entry operating job is monotonous.
Me-I answered it very well
M2-Back to MBA tell what is marketing?
Me-I answered it well
M2-What is commercial banking?
Me- I answered that it contains retail banking,wholesale banking and universal banking in it’s ambit which means it caters services to all sections of populations.
M1-If many people are standing in queue and a valued customer comes whose deposit is 10lakh how can you handle…they make it really tough to answer by putting pressure
Me-I answered sir meethi meethi baton mein pighal jatein he sab…
M2-He gave the idea that you can also tell 500 rs customers smilingly please sir yeah sir thoda jaldi mein he unki kam kar lun thoda sa,please maf kijiyega apko taklif de raha hun
M3-Tell about bank of india
Me- I told about when it statrted,cmd(wrongly i said anil mishra/they rectified me as alok mishra),star union daichi life insuarance,headquarter,branch number 4157(which they told wrong) they asked me the source i told wikipedia.
M3-Your father is not a good branch manager! How do you react to this.
Me-I answered
M1-As banks are opened for profit motives,should banks open branches at rural areas
Me-I answered it well
M3-They asked about my name Sabya—I knew only 2 arjun and gandiv
M3-Again asked me if i called you as falguni samal how would you react to this.
Me-I said though the name sounds like female centric but beautiful name,i should definitely think why my father mother miss this name…they laughed.
M3-Why banking job?
M3-Why clerical job?
Me- I answered it gracefully.
Once they said ok you may go now then suddenly they asked me to sit down and M2 made me understand that in practical life you may feel dejected finding undergraduates and graduates in working place then he told me after 2 years you can take promotions.
Then M1 asked me if we give you job and you left to join SBI
Me-I told sir i have not applied for SBI Then M1 said Mr samal nice to talk to you.
I do not know what will happen but i feel little bit satisfied…so one thing i feel if you answer confidently they are definitely going to ask many questions but remain calm.Please friends tell what is my chance. As in IOB they told me best of luck but result is zero.So i am apprehensive this time. So share your thoughts


I wish you all the best


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