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Mayer gets $70 million to lead yahoo-- banking related general awareness

New Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer's compensation package could total more than $70 million in salary, bonuses, restricted stock and stock options over five years, according to a regulatory filing by the company on Thursday. 

Mayer's pay package is made up of $1 million in annual salary, as much as $2 million in an annual bonus, and $42 million in stock options and other awards, as well as $14 million in "make whole restricted options" for forfeiture of compensation from Google.
Also, by including some stock grants, Mayer could earn up to a total of $20 million a year, or up to $100 million over five years, a Yahoo spokeswoman said.http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/Popup/2012/7/21_07_12-buss25c.jpg
As the first female Google engineer, Mayer's net worth is already estimated at $300 million.
Industry observers believe Mayer's selection over acting CEO Ross Levinsohn is a signal that Yahoo is likely to renew its focus on Web technology and other products.
Her appointment caps a tumultuous year at Yahoo.
In May, Scott Thompson resigned as CEO after less than 6 months in the job after a controversy over his academic credentials.
Thompson replaced the controversial Carol Bartz, who was fired in September after failing to revitalise Yahoo.
Thompson's total compensation at hire was valued at $27 million. He was able to keep the $7 million in compensation he got for leaving Paypal. Bartz got more than $10 million in severance when she was fired last year.
Mayer started as CEO on Tuesday, the same day Yahoo announced weak financial results, with flat net revenue and a slight decline in second-quarter profit.

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