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Congratulations on your clearing IBPS/getting a call for interview.  

I am attaching a file containing links for interview.

Please go through the blogs, prepare well and then write to me giving your cell phone number to enable me to ask questions over phone. 

I am attaching the mail again to this email so that you can click and go to respective pages. first click the links you will get link and then click the link.

Please go through my blog site -- www.sbank.in

Search with labels on the right side:

also prepare for questions like tell us about yourself, about your family, your college, about your ambitions, etc.

please read also

www.bankpo.in for interview guidance,.   also visit one or two bank branches and see how they function and talk to bank officials if you know.

I will call you over phone next week.  please tell your cell phone no.

Retd. Chief Manager/Visiting Faculty fpr placement programs.

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