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                                                           11  2012   4
                                                            General Awareness
                                       (With Special Reference to Banking Industry)
1. Which of the following is definitely a major indicator of the state of economy of a country?
A) Rate of GDP growth         B) Rate of inflation     C) Number of banks in a country      
D) Stock of food grains in a country                          E) None of these
2. The Government of India is running a national programme of control of which of the following diseases?
A) Renal failures         B) Heart ailments        C) Cancer        D) AIDS         E) None of these
3.  “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan” is aimed at the education of which of the following?
A) Engineering and technical education         B) Education of girls upto graduation level
C) College education              D) Adult education     E) Education of children between 6-14 years
4. The Five-Year Plans in India are designed and launched by which of the following organizations?
A) Ministry of Rural Development     B) Ministry of Agriculture      C) Panchayati Raj Samitis of each state
D) Planning Commission of India      E) Ministry of Home Affairs
5. Which of the following banks is a nationalized bank?
A) ICICI Bank               B) Yes Bank               C) Saraswat Co-op Bank      D) Reserve Bank of India     E) Bank of India
6. Which of the following types of accounts are known as “Demat Accounts”?
A) Accounts with zero-balance facility
B) Accounts which are opened to facilitate repayment of a loan taken from a bank; no other business can be conducted from there
C) Accounts in which shares of various companies are traded in electronic form
D) Accounts which are operated through Internet banking facility
E) None of these
7. If you visit the branch of a bank, you will normally not see a department/section/counter named as
A) Cash           B) Credit         C) Customer care        D) Housekeeping        E) Retail banking
8. Which of the following has become3 a permanent venue of the International Film Festival in India?
A) Goa            B) Pune           C) Jaipur          D) Hyderabad                                     E) None of these
9. Which of the following programmes has been launched to develop basic infrastructure in the country?
A) Bharat Nirman Yojana       B) Technology                        C) Special Economic Zones   
D) National Rural Employment Guarantee Act         E) None of these
10. Pierre Nkurunziza is the President of which country who has been recently honoured with an award in India for his commitment to the cause of child welfare by the NGO MAMTA-Health Institute for Mother and Child?
A) Tanzania    B) Burundi      C) Zambia       D) Nigeria       E) Kenya
11. In which country a federal minister has recently declared a bounty of $100000 on the head of the maker of an anti-Islam film ‘Innocence of Muslims’, which sparked violent protest across the world?
A) Syria          B) Egypt          C) Pakistan      D) Indonesia               E) Maldives
12. Who among the following is the author of the book titled Business @ the Speed of Thought?
A) VS Naipaul            B) Jaswant Singh        C) Ritu Beri    D) Bill Gates   E) None of these
13. The scheme to distribute food grain, oil etc to the poor in the country at a subsidized rate comes under which of the following programmes/scheme?
A) Village Grain Bank Scheme          B) Emergency Feeding Programme    C) National Food for Work Programme                        D) Mid-Day Meal Scheme                  E) Public Distribution System
14. ‘ASHA’ is a scheme of the Government of India operated in the area of _____
A) drip irrigation         B) universal education programme     C) infrastructure development
D) housing for rural masses               E) health and family welfare
15. Which of the following policies/agreements/accords is closely associated with reform in banking industry?
A) Doha Accord         B) Basel Accord   C) Look East Policy          D) Geneva Framework  E) Kyoto Protocol
16. Which of the following is a banking term?
A) Blue Book B) Embargo     C) Real Time Gross Settlement          D) Writ            E) Blockade
17. The head office of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is situated in ______
A) London      B) New York C) Vienna        D) Taipei         E) Seoul
18. The Government of India has implemented which of the following concepts/schemes particularly to ensure that all the schemes get enough budgetary support for women welfare?
A) Gender Budgeting             B) Food for Work       C) Providing Urban Facilities in Rural Areas (PURA)
D) Look East Policy                           E) None of these
19. Which of the following is NOT one of the departments of the Ministry of Finance in India?
A) Economic Affairs                          B) Expenditure           C) Revenue     D) Social Justice         E) Disinvestment
20. Which of the following organizations has the privilege of issuing Bank Notes (currency) in India?
A) All Nationalised Banks      B) State Bank of India                       C) Reserve Bank of India
D) New Note Printing Press in India E) None of these
21. In the banking world, when a loan given by a bank to an individual or organization is not returned by the borrower wishfully or otherwise, it is known as_____
(i) Standard Assets                             (ii) Non-Performing Assets                 (iii) Over-Draft
A) Only (i)      B) Only (ii)      C) Only (iii)     D) Both (i) and (ii)      E) None of these
22. If an individual residing in a rural area wishes to get a guaranteed 100 days of employment in government sector, he/she can get it through
A) Pradhan Mantri Gram Rozgar Yojana       B) National Rural Employment Guarantee Act\
C) Jawahar Rozgar Yojana                 D) Antyodaya Anna Yojana               E) Any one of the above
23. Which of the following is NOT a function of a commercial bank in India?
A) Accepting deposits from public     B) Lending money to public   C) Keeping valuables in safe custody
D) Transferring money from one place to the other   E) Selling National Saving Certificates
24. Right to Education Bill has been passed by the Parliament. The bill was introduced to help which of the following groups in society?
A) College-going teenagers                B) Those who are interested in technical education
C) Female students studying in Sr Secondary level               D) Children up to the age of 14 years
E) All adults who could not get formal education
25. What percentage of the total time deposits of banks is locked as Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR)?
A) 10%           B) 15%                        C) 20%            D) 23%            E) None of these
26. With which country has India decided to initiate talks on a bilateral investment protection agreement to encourage businesses from two countries to invest in India?
A) Japan          B) China          C) Bangladesh                        D) Pakistan                 E) Mauritius
27. A group of Libyans enraged by an amateur film produced in America that insulted the Prophet Muhammad burned down the American consulate in Benghazi, killing the ambassador and three of his colleagues. What is the name of the film?
A) The Life of Mohammad    B) Me and the Mosque           C) Innocence of Muslims        D) Inside Mecca
E) Understanding Islam
28. Sardar Man Singh Batra, who passed away recently, was a famous
A) Violinist      B) Choreographer       C) Cricketer    D) Footballer               E) Writer
29. Which of the following Australian cricketer has recently decided to retire from all forms of cricket?
A) Mathew Hayden                            B) Shane Warne          C) Bret Lee     D) Adam Gilchrist      E) Steve Waugh
30. Dinesh Thakur, who died recently in Mumbai, was a noted
A) Environmentalist                            B) Classical dancer     C) Music director        D) Actor/theater director
E) Political leader
31. In which city of the world was the biannual Inno Trans 2012 show of ultra-modern rail coaches inaugurated recently?
A0 Paris          B) Berlin          C) Tokyo         D) Beijing       E) Melbourne
32. Mitt Romney, who is the nominee of the Republican Party for President of the United States in the 2012 elections, is the former Governor of which of the following states?
A) Massachusetts        B) New Jersey                         C) Georgia      D) California               E) Arkansas
33. Which company has announced its association with Indian Formula 1 driver Narain Karthikeyan and HRT Formula 1 team for the 2012 Singapore and Indian Grand Prix, scheduled to be held in September-October 2012?
A) L’oreal       B) Tata Tea      C) ITC             D) Tata Motors           E) Nestle
34. Despite being flush with funds, the credit off-take for banks has been sluggish in this financial year. What is the credit off-take (Credit-Deposit ratio) of this financial year so far?
                        A) 33%            B)  50%           C) 43%            D) 53%            E) 63%
35. Which of the following telecom players has launched video-calling services, a broadband connectivity which will benefit millions of migrants in the country?
A) Bharti Airtel           B) Airtel          C) Reliance     D) Tata Teleservices    E) Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd
36. Which state government in India has launched a crackdown on proliferation of unauthorized driving institutes operating in the state?
A0 Delhi         B0 Punjab        C) Madhya Pradesh    D) Karnataka              E) Haryana
37. A 46-member panel on the Goods and Services Tax (GST) led by the Bihar finance minister Sushil Modi has toured six countries to learn the nuances of the GST tax regime. Now the delegation will visit two more countries. While one of them is Japan, which is the second country?
A) US             B) France         C) Russia         D) Canada       E) Germany
38. The Adani Group, global port operators and sovereign and private equity funds are to bid for a majority stake in Dhamra Port. In which state is Dhamra port located?
A) Gujarat       B) Odisha        C) Andhra Pradesh     D) Karnataka      E) Maharashtra
39. Which company has emerged as the world’s most attractive employer for the fourth consecutive year, according to global branding firm Universum’s Global Talent Attraction Index?
A) WalMart    B) Microsoft    C) Google       D) General Motors      E) Coca-Cola
40. Which global beverage giant has planned to build India’s biggest production facility for packaged water in Gujarat for more than Rs.200 crore?
A) PepsiCo     B) Parle Foods                        C) Coca-Cola D) Himalayan and Narang Group       E) Bisleri
41. A steep rise in imports of which product from Japan and Korea has made Indian corporate sector clamour for removal of these two countries from a preferential free trade agreement (FTA)?
A) Textile        B) Steel           C) Cement       D) Sugar          E) Electronic goods
42. Which state has lowered the value added tax (VAT) on diesel, enabling it to be cheaper by 85paise a liter in the state?
A) Bihar          B) Uttar Pradesh         C) Delhi          D) Uttaranchal            E) Meghalaya
43. G Kasturi, who passed away recently, was a famous
A) Economist B) Trade union leader                         C) Journalist    D) Statistician                         E) Psephologist
44. The Government of India is working with which of the following to set up Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) institute?
A) World Bank           B) International Monetary Fund                     C) Asian Development Bank
D) Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)        E) None of these
45. In which state is the State Seeds Corporation all set to supply the highest-ever quantity of certified seeds to farmers during the upcoming rabi season by making available 5.1 lakh quintal of seeds?
A) Bihar          B) Rajasthan    C) Madhya Pradesh    D) Gujarat       E) Odisha
46.  What is the minimum population of cities stipulated by the government for foreign direct investment (FDI) in retail sector?
A) 5 lakh         B) 10 lakh        C) 15 lakh       D) 20 lakh       E) 25 lakh
47. In which of the following Gulf countries were about 1800 workers from Rajasthan arrested recently for alleged violation of visa norms?
A) Bahrain      B) Yemen        C) Saudi Arabia          D) Kuwait       E) United Arab Emirates
48. Which Arabian Gulf country has recently lifted the ban on import of eggs from India, which was imposed in the last week of March following reports of bird flu in the north-eastern states?
A) Kuwait       B) Bahrain       C) Saudi Arabia          D) United Arab Emirates        E) Oman
49. Which state government of India has decided to constitute a special task force to put an end to child labor?
A) Bihar          B) Uttarakhand           C) Andhra Pradesh     D) Assam        E) Goa
50. In which state is separatist women’s group Dukhtarane-Millat active?,  it recently took out a huge protest rally against the film “Innocence of Muslims’, which is perceived to be anti-Islamic.
A)  Assam       B) Nagaland                C) Arunachal Pradesh                         D) Jammu & Kashmir
E) Tripura

ANSWERS  -- 111 2012  4
1.A            2.D            3.E       4.D      5.E       6.C      7.D      8.A      9.A      10.B
11.C                12.D    13.E     14.E     15.B          16.C           17.C    18.A    19.D    20.C
21.B                22.B     23.E     24.D    25.D    26.D    27.C    28.D
29. A          30.D         31.B    32.A    33.B    34.A    35.E     36.B    37.D    38.B   
39.C                40.C     41.B    42.A
43.C          44.A          45.B    46.B    47.D    48.E     49.B    50.D                           

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