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Banking related general awareness --12 2012 3

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                                               (With special reference to banking industry)

1. The Vijay Kelkar Committee on fiscal consolidation has pitched for a reduction of the service tax and excise duty rates to-
    A. 7%                          B. 8%                         C. 9%
    D. 10%                        E. None of these

2. Who is the author of the book “From the Ruins of Empire”?
    A. Pankaj Mishra              B. Raj Kamal Jha           C. Arundhati Roy
    D. Kiran Desai                 E. Vikram Seth

3. The Kelkar Committee has recommended that the Govt. should target to raise_______ annually in the two years through disinvestment of public sector undertakings (PSU).
    A. Rs. 10000 Cr.                 B. Rs. 20000 Cr.          C. Rs. 30000 Cr.
    D. Rs. 40000 Cr.                 E. None of these

4. Altamas Kabir is-
    A. Attorney General.
    B. Solicitor General.
    C. Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG).
    D. Chief Justice of India.
    E. None of these

5. LIBOR stands for-
   A. Liberal Interbank Offered Rate.
   B. Lisbon Interbank Offered Rate.
   C. London Interbank Offered Rate.
   D. London International Offered Rate.

6. Europe has retained the Ryder Cup after beating the US 14.5-13.5.This cup is associated recently-
   A. Golf                      B. Tennis                    C. Badminton
   D. Football                E. None of these

7. Name Canada’s only Olympic title winter in woman’s figure skating who died recently-
   A. Dick Button                      B. Barbara Ann Scott           C. Katarina Witt
   D. Oleg protopopov               E. Sergei Grinkov

8. Which team has regained the Federation cup after a season, outclassing Dempo      SC 3-2 in the final?
    A. Mohan Bagan            B. Mohammedan Sporting      C. East Bengal
    D. Chirag United            E. None of these

9. Name the country in which a police officer has invoked section 295-A of the penal code to register a blasphemy case against Muslims who vandalized a Hindu Temple during the rioting against the anti-Islam flim “Innocence of Muslims”.
    A. Britain                        B. Amercia               C. india
    D. Pakistan                     E. None of these

10. In which Pakistani city, officials have finally given in to a long-standing demand of peace activists regarding the renaming of shadman chowk after revolutionary freedom fighter Bhagat Singh?
   A. Karachi                       B. Lahore                    C. Islamabad
   D. Peshawar                    E. None of these

11. The Internet has established its role as a powerful economic force multiplier with a new study projecting that its contribution to India’s GDP will explode to $100 billion (Rs 5 lakh crore) by ________ from $300 billion (Rs 1.5 lakh crore) at present.
   A. 2013                      B. 2015                             C. 2017
   C. 2020                       E. None of these

12. Which the state Govt. will submit a letter to the Prime Minister led Cauvery River Authority to act swiftly on its request to withhold the September 19 order that directed the State to release 9,000 cusecs of water a day to Tamil Nadu October 15?
   A. Puduchery                   B. Kerala                    C. Andhra Pradesh
   D. Karnataka                   E. None of these

13. Name the state whose Assembly Speaker D Jayakumar resigned the post on 29 Sep. The development comes exactly a month before the Diamond Jubilee celebration of the Assembly.
   A. Tamil Nadu                     B. Kerala                  C. Andhra Pradesh
   D. Karnataka                      E. None of these

14. Al-Qaeda-Linked Shabab fighters are associated with-
     A. Ethiopia               B. Somalia                     C. Tanzania
     D. Mail                     E. None of these
15. Durand Cup is associated with-
    A. Golf                         B. Tennis                        C. Badminton
    D. Football                   E. None of these
16. Name the person who led the controversial operation Blue Star to flush out terrorists from the Golden Temple in Amritsar in 1984 and was stable near a hotel in central London on Sep. 30
 A. Lt Gen (Rtd.) KS Brar              B. Lt Gen (Rtd.) AS Vaidya
 C. Lt Gen (Rtd.) ZU Shah             D. Lt Gen (Rtd.) MA Zaki
 E. None of these

17. Name the British Marxist historian who had profound influence on the Indian Left and who died recently.
  A. Christopher Hill             B. EP Thompson             C. Eric Hobsbawn
  D. CLR James                  E. None of these

18. Name the person who has been reelected as president of the world Squash Federation on Sep. 30 at Stockholm.
    A.VK Malhotra                 B. N Ramachandran     C. Ajay Chautala                                                
    D. Jahangir Khan             E. None of these

19. Famous Indian Player Sunil Chhetri is associated with-
   A. Boxing                   B. Athletics                        C. Football
   D. Hockey                  E. None of these

20. Who among the following has won the Subroto Cup recently-
     A. Dynamo Kyiv (Ukraine)
     B. MSP HS School (Kerala)
     C. Little Angel School (Manipur)
     D. Esthqlal High School (kabul)
     E. None of these

21. Subroto cup is associated with-
     A. Hockey                  B. Football                  C. Volleyball
     D. Cricket                  E. None of these

22. Which of the following report has said that by 2050, 1 out of every 5 Indian will be elderly?
    A. World Bank             B. UN Population Fund          C. UN Development Programme
    D. Asian Development Bank                E. None of these
23. Which state Govt. has roped in Indian Air Force (IAF) to airlift rhino?
    A. J & K                    B. Assam                     C. Meghalaya
    D. Arunachal Pradesh             E. None of these
24. The finance Minister P Chidambaram on Oct 1 unveiled a 12-point revival package for the –
   A. Telecom Sector                B. Capital Market           C. Insurance Sector
   D. Pension fund schemas             E. None of these
25. Name the Govt. appointed commission to review financial sector legislation which has recommended sweeping reforms in all regulators except RBI under a unified financial Agency-
   A. Justice Srikrishna Commission              B. C Rangarajan Commission
   C. kelkar Committee                                D. Deepak Parekh Committee
   D. None of these

26. For which segments of people India Post, the world’s largest postal network, has tied with Us-based Money Gram International to provide money transfer solutions-
   A. Armed Forces            B. Senior Citizens            C. Migrant Labourers
   D. Indians Living Abroad         E. None of these

27. What are “Conflict commodities”?
    A. Minerals mined in Naxalite-Infested areas
    B. International trade in arms
    C. Valuable minerals which are claimed by warring groups in civil war-torn countries
    D. Narcotics supplied by international drug cartels
    E. None of these

28. SFIO stands for-
     A. Serious Fraud Investigation Office
     B. Simple Fraud Investigation Office
     C. Small Fraud Investigation Office
     D. Superior Investigation Office
     E. None of these

29. Who is the author of the book “A Tale of Two Revolts” –
     A. Rafiq Zakaria                 B. Rajmohan Gandhi        C. Patrick French
     D. Ramchandra Guha         E. None of these

30. World Human Rights Day is observed on-
    A. Dec 5                    B. Dec. 10                     C. Dec 15
    D. Dec 20                  E. None of these

31. “Balance of Payments” means
     A. Trade deficit plus total invisibles
     B. Trade Deficit plus capital receipts
     C. Current account plus capital account
     D. Trade deficit
     E. None of these
32. Banks obtain refinance for export packing credit from-
    A. IDBI                 B. EXIM Bank                 C. RBI
    D. SBI                  E. None of these
33. “Bid Rate” denotes
    A. The rate at which currency is purchased
    B. The rate at which currency is sold
    C. The rate at which currency is offered for sale
    D. The predetermined rate for purchase of currency
    E. None of these

34. Card Rate relates to-
     A. Credit Card                         B. Debit Card                    C. Foreign Exchange
     D. PLR                                    E. none of these

35. The currency of payment for imports is decided by
    A. The country of origin
    B. The currency appropriate to the country of shipment of goods
    C. A group of arbitrator countries
    D. Both (A) and (B)
    E. None of these

36. Mr. “A” has purchased a demand draft and dispatched it to payee, Mr. “B” misplaced the draft and requests the issuing a duplicate. Duplicate demand draft will be issued at the request of _________ on fulfilling the formalities.
   A. Mr.  “A”                                     B . Mr.  “B”             C .  Both Mr. “A” and Mr. “B”
   D. Either Mr. “A” or  Mr. “B”           E. None of these

37. It is conventional gross domestic product figures adjusted for the environmental costs of economic activities and it’s a measure of how a country is prepared for sustainable economic development. It is called-
   A. Sustainable development                      B. Eco GDP
   C. White GDP                                           D. Green GDP
   E. None of these

38. Maximum amount of remittance under Electronic Funds Transfer scheme is-
    A. There is no restriction now              B. Rs 10 Lakhs.
    C. Rs 50 Lakhs.                                  D. Rs. 1 cr.
    E. None of these

39. A bank conducts Govt. business as an agent of-
    A. RBI                               B. Govt. of India                    C. President of India
    D. State Govt. concerned              E. None of these

40. Pfizer, the Indian unit of US drug maker Pfizer Inc. has decided to challenge the country’s patent office for revoking a patent for its cancer drug used to cure a certain type of Kidney cancer. Name the drug.
    A. Plerixafor                        B. Avastin                  C. Synovir
    D. Sutent                            E. None of these

41. An LC which provides for warehousing facility is referred to as-
     A. Green Clause LC               B. Red Clause LC         C. Average Clause LC
     D. White Clause LC               E. None of these

42. Land development banks play a crucial role in-
    A. The provision of investment credit for agriculture
    B. Providing crop loans to the farmers
    C. Expanding social forestry
    D. Development allied activities in rural sector
    E. None of these

43. In case of the foreign currency Non-Resident (FCNR_2) scheme, the period for fixed deposit is-
    A. As applicable to resident accounts
    B. For terms not less than one years and not more than five years
    C. For terms not less than two years and not more than six years
    D. At the discretion of the bank
    E. None of these

44. Which of the following is not a public sector commercial bank?
     A. State of Hyderabad                B. Central bank of India
     C. Regional Rural bank               D. HDFC bank
     E. None of these

45. When the RBI is the lender of last resort, what does it mean?
     A. RBI advances necessary credit against eligible securities.
     B. Commercial banks give fund to the RBI.
     C. RBI advances money to public whenever there is any emergency.
     D. All of the above
     E. None of these

46. After acquiring a majority stake in Gujarat Gas Co Ltd. (GGCL) for about Rs. 2,464 Crore, which of the following launched an open offer to bring an additional 26% from the market?
   A. IOC                          B. HPCL                       C. ONGC
   D. GSPC                       E. None of these

47. After lagging behind in net run rate in current T-20 World Cup 2012 in the quarter final match with south African team, Indian cricket team failed to makes it to semi-final consecutively for-
   A. Three times                   B. Four times                 C. Five times
   D. Two times                     E. None of these

48. Indian football Team won Nehru Cup last month and moved a place up in the lastest FIFA ranking. What is India’s current position in FIFA ranking?
   A. 167 th                       B. 168 th                   C. 169 th
   D. 170 th                       E. 171 th
49. A venture capital fund dedicated to promoting Dalit entrepreneurs has been registered by market regulator SEBI, which will pave way for creating a corpus to support business owned by people for the scheduled castes. Name the venture capital fund.
   A. Dalit Venture Capital                         B. SC Venture Capital
   C. DICCI venture capital fund                D. Start-Up venture capital
   E. None of these

50. Who among the following is the Executive Director of UN woman in South Asia-
     A. Helen Clark                  B. Carlos Lopes                 C. Jimmy Kolker
     D. Michelle Bachelet         E. None of these

Answer Key:-

1. B       2. A        3.C       4.D       5.C         6.A      7.B     8.C
9. D       10.B       11.B     12.D     13.A       14.B    15.D    16.A
17. C     18.B        19.C    20. A    21.B       22.C   23.B     24.C
25. A     26.D       27.C     28.A      29.B       30.B    31.C   32.C
33. A     34.C       35.D    36.B       37.D       38.A    39.A    40.D
41. A     42.A       43.B    44.D      45.A       46.D    47.A    48.B
49. C     50.D


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