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Now it is 7 am.  attempt.  the answers and I will post answers by 10 am in the same blog.

PART ONE--  Odd man out
1.        a) Shy            b)         Abode             c) Model          d)         shower
2.      a) Microscope  b)         Microfilm        c)         Microscope      d) Microbe
3.      a) Shark           b)         Barracuda        c)         Herring            d)         Whle
4.      a) Plentiful      b)         Ample             c)         Copious           d)         Abundance
5.      a) Anger          b)         Sorrow                        c)         Feeling                        d) Joy
6.      A) Pointed -  Blunt                 B)        Sweet – Sour
c) Hard – soft                    d)         Long – High
7.      A) Sly              B)  Virtuous                C) Pensive       D)        Cowardly
8.      A) Instruct      B)        Explain           C)        Teach               D)        Train
9.      A) mercury      B)        Cast Iron         c)         Antimony        d)  Chromium
10.  A) Furnace oil             b)         petrol               c) cow dung    d)         mustard oil

1.A      2.D      3.C      4.B      5.C      6.D      7.C      8.B      9.B      10.D

Fill in the Blanks Type Questions (Simple , Easy To Answer)
1.      The kitten will play, if you………… a piece of string in front of it.
a)      Sway        b) tangle          c)         dangle             d)         dip
2.      Krishna would have been ……….on any evidence he gave.
Challenged      b) cross-examined       c) praised         d)         questioned
3.       I do not hanker………..wealth.
A) After               b)         on                    c)         from                d)         upon
4.       Ram feels that he is in a _______ and badly needs a change.
A) Stake   b)         rut                    c)         bore                 d)         ditch
 5. The salaries and perks of the employees were not in ________ with their status in this industry.
       (a) Value         (b) Conformity         (c) Accordance       (d) Possession

1.C      2.C      3.D      4.C      5.C      

1. Prejudice begins as a/an_______ statement, ending on a ______ that justifies any extreme.
a. simple, proof                       b. odorous, sentiment             
c. innocuous, belief                 d. ample, tool 
2. The growing city______ upon the ______ of certain animals.
a. touches, dwelling                            b. extended, shelters              
c. encroaches, habitats                        d. hits, habits  
3. There is an urgent need to________ the attitude of people towards_______ steps against smoking.
a. curb, such                            b. rectify, few            
c. correct, little                        d. reorient, reformative          
 4. Besides ______  laws for social causes, the government should also launch social  ______ campaign.
a. Implementing, justices        b. enforcing, activity              
c. judicial, cause          d. framing, awareness
5. The recent spate of riots has proved that biases ______ in childhood are strengthened in ______
a. gathered, school                              b. learned, riots                      
c. inculcated, adulthood                     d. imbibed, force

1.C      2.B      3.A      4.B      5.C      


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