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ü  Name the person who has been elected new election commissioner of India

Ø  Syed Nasim Ahmad Zaidi

·  A 1976 – batch IAS officer of Uttar Pradesh Cadre, Syed Nasim Ahmad Zaidi, who retired as a civil aviation secretary on July 31, was on August 7 appointed Election Commissioner of India by President Pranab Mukherjee.

ü  Name the person who has been selected for The Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavna Puraskar 2012

Ø  D.R. Mehta

·  The retired civil servant D.R. Mehta, the founder and chief patron of Bhagwan Mahaveer Sahayata Samiti, known for the affordable artificial Jaipur foot worldwide, has been selected for The Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavna Puraskar 2012.

ü  Name the Indian Physicist, who was declared one of the winners of the first Fundamental Physics Prize

Ø  Ashoke Sen

·  Physicist and a professor of the Harish Chandra Research Institute, Ashoke Sen, was on July 32 declared one of the winners of the first Fundamental Physics Prize started by Russian Billionaire Yuri Milner.

ü  The person who has been recently appointed chief economic advisor to the finance minister

Ø  Raghuram Rajan

·  The former International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief economist Raghuram Rajan has been appointed as the chief economic advisor in the finance ministry, as reported on August 10.

ü  Name the country with which Election Commission of India signed An MoU to strengthen democracy

Ø  South Korea

·  The Election Commission of India and South Korea Election Commission on August 1 signed a MoU to strengthen institutions and processes for the democracy.

ü  With which country India signed an agreement for modernization of Indian Railways?

Ø  Belgium

·  India on August 1 signed an agreement with Belgium for the modernization of Indian Railways and making some of the major railway stations in the country of global standard.

ü  Name the only Indian who won two medals in consecutive Olympic Games

Ø  Susil Kumar

·  Indian Wrestler Susil Kumar on August 12 won India’s sixth medal of the 2012 London Olympics after setting for silver in the final of the Men’s 66 kg free style wrestling event. He created the history by becoming the first and only Indian to win two individual Olympic medals.

ü  London Olympics Silver medal - list Vijay Kumar belongs to

Ø  Himachal Pradesh

·  London Olympics Silver medal - list shooter Vijay Kumar belongs to Hamirpur district of Himachal Pradesh. He was conferred the ‘Himachal Gaurav Samman’ and also a cash prize of Rs. one crore by the State Government on August 15.

ü  Name the bird which has been declared recently as State bird of Delhi

Ø  House Sparrow

·  The house Sparrow was on August 14 declared as State bird of Delhi by State Government. State Government announced the decision after launching a campaign Rise for the Sparrow.

ü  On the basis of number of tobacco users globally, India Ranks

Ø  Second

·  Having nearly 275 million Tobacco users, India ranks second globally and very close to China (appropriately 301 million), according to a study published on August 17.

ü  Name the Indian who has been conferred with the Pakistan’s ‘Sitar – I - Imtiaz’ honour

Ø  Gopi Chand Narang

·  In a rare honour, eminent Urdu Literatteur Professor Gopi Cand Narang has been conferred ‘Sitar – I - Imtiaz’, the third highest civilian honour bestowed by Pakistan on August 14.

ü  Name the NASA’s rover that touched down Mars

Ø  Curiosity

·  The NASA’s rover Curiosity landed on the Martian surface on August 5 to begin a two – year mission seeking evidence the Red Planet Once hosted ingredients for life.

ü  Name the person who became the most successful athlete in the Olympic history

Ø  Michael Phelps

·  US Swimmer Michael Phelps became the most successful athlete in the history of Olympics Games after he won the gold in 4 X 200 meter free style relay on August 1, thus reached to 19 medals, surpassing the 18 medals won by Soviet Gymnast Larisa Latynia.

ü  Name the Nepal’s former minister, who has been jailed recently for corruption charges

Ø  Khum Bahadur Khadka

·  Nepal’s Supreme Court on August 14 jailed a former home minister Khum Bahadur Khadka for corruption charges in the latest in a series of high profile graft convictions of prominent public figures.

ü  Name the Miss World 2012
Ø  Wen Xia Yu

·  China’s Wen Xia Yu was on August 18 crowned Miss World 2012 in Dongsheng Fitness Centre Stadium in the North Eastern city of Ordos.

ü  Name the Hollywood director, who died recently

Ø  Tony Scott

·  Veteran Hollywood British Director Tony Scott leaped from the Vincent Thomas Bridge over Los Angeles harbor spanning San Pedro and Terminal Island and died on August 19.

ü  Name the biggest company of the world of all time

Ø  Apple

·  Apple is the world’s biggest company ever. On August 20, its surging stock propelled the country’s value to $ 623 billion, bearing the record for market capitalization set by Microsoft in the heady days of internet boom.

ü  Name the building from where 40 per cent of India’s FDI originates

Ø  One Cathedral Square

·  A 12 – storey – building named ‘One Cathedral Square’ in the heart of Port Louis holds significance in India’s FDI inflows story. About 40 per cent of the Country’s FDI originates form just this one building.

ü  Terrorists recently attacked Pakistan Air Force’s Minhas Base in

Ø  Kamra

·  Armed with heavy artillery and IEDs, terrorists on August 17 breached Pakistan Air Force’s Minhas Base in Kamra two hour’s drive from Islamabad.

ü  Which country recently ended direct censorship on media?

Ø  Myanmar

·  Myanmar Government on August 20 abolished censorship on the country’s media. The journalists were given permission to print without prior censorship and restrictions were lifted on 30,000 internet sites, allowing users unrestricted access to political content for the first time.

ü  Which country announced the political asylum to Julian Assange?

Ø  Ecuador

·  The foreign ministry of Ecuador on August 16 announced that Ecuador would grant political asylum to Wiki Leaks co – founder Julian Assange.

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