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·  As per amendment to the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986, the age-group of 14 to 18 has been defined as
è Adolescents
E  The Union Cabinet on August 28 approved a proposal for amending the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act 1985. The Cabinet also approved another amending to define children aged 14-18 as ‘adolescents’ and prohibit their employment in hazardous establishments.

·  The Supreme Court lifted recently ban on iron-core mining in
è Karnataka
E   The Supreme Court on September 3 lifted ban on iron-core mining in Karnataka.

·  Out of 1.4 crore neo-librates adults, women comprise
è 72 per cent
E   Over the past year, some 1.4 crore adults have been added as “neo-literates”, and nearly 72 per cent of them were women.

·  The country with which India recently decided to resume bilateral military exercise
è China
E    India and China on September 4 decided to resume bilateral military exercises stalled in 2010 as part of efforts to boost defence ties and build confidence between the two neighbours.

·  First quarter GDP growth of 2012-13 pegged at
è 5.5 per cent
E   The gross domestic product (GDP) growth 5.5 per cent in the first quarter (April-June) of 2012-13 marked a show of persistent sluggishness from a robust 8 per cent expansion in the same period in 2011-12.

·  The rank of India in recently published economic freedom list is
è 111
E   India ranks very low at 111th position in terms of economic freedom, as per a global study in a worldwide index of 44 nations.

·  A web portal launched by women and child development ministry is
è Track Child
E   The Union Women and Child Development Ministry on September 18 decided to launch a web portal named Track Child, which will serve as a Central database of all those children who has gone missing in different part of the country.
·  The person who has been appointed as new chief justice of India.
è Altmas Kabir
E   The senior most Supreme Court Judge Altimas Kabir on September 29 took over as new Chief Justic of India succeeding Justice S.H. Kapadia.

·  Name the High Court, which gave nod to installation of GPS system in Auto-rickshaws
è Delhi High Court
E   The division bench of Delhi High Court on September 17 gave a nod to the installation of GPS system in auto-rickshaws in Delhi.


·  Name the city where 16th NAM Summit was held
è Tehran
E   The 16th Summit of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) was held from 26 to 31 August 2012 in Tehran, Iran.

·  Name of volcano which starting spewing ash and lava
è Fuego Volcano
E  Guatenala, in the second week of September, evacuated of thousands of people after the Fuego Volcano started spewing ash and lava.

·  Name the person who recently won the presidential election in Somalia
è  Hassan Sheikh Mohammad
 E  Hassan Sheikh Mohammad won the presidential election of Somalia 10. He won elections by gaining 190 votes to 79 in the second round of election.

·  Name the person who has been crowded as Miss India Fiji 2012.
è Sheryl Kumar
E   Sheryl Kumar was on September 8 Crowned as Miss Fiji 2012 at a glittering ceremony in Suva.

·  Tension grew between Japan and China over
è Senkaku Island
E  The uninhabited group of Island Senkaku Turned to be the cause for mounting tensions between Japan and China.

·  Name the University that has topped the list of best universities for 2011-12
è Massachusetts Institute of Technology
E  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) topped the list of best universities by the QS World University Ranking for 2011-12. This is first time that there is a massive rise in the tech-based university of the world.

·  Name the country which launched a new Nuclear Safety Agency
è Japan
E   Japan on September 18 launched a new Nuclear Safety Agency.
·  The country which declassified the existence of richest diamond reverses
è Russia
E  The Russian government on September 18 declassified its diamond reserves formed after a 7 kilometre wide asteroid stroked the graphite rich area of the country.

·  Name the women astronaut who made a record of maximum time spacewalks
è Sunita Williams
E   The Indian-American origin, Sunita Williams on September 6 booked a record for total cumulative spacewalk time of 44 hour and 2 minutes by a women astronaut with her sixth walk in the space.

·  The movie which won the Golden Lion Prize for best movie
è Pieta
E   The Golden Lion Prize for the best movie was given to the South Korean movie, Pieta directed by Kim Ki-duk at the 69th Venice Film Festival on September 8.

·  The player who has been given ICC player of the Year Award for 2012.
è Kumar Sangakkara
E   Sri Lankan veteran Cricketer Kumar Sangakkara was honoured with ICC Cricketer of the Year Award. He was also given ICC Test Player and LG People Choice Award.

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