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Name- Himanshu Kumar
Qualification- MBA-IB from Amity University, Noida
IBPS CWE Score- 173
Category- General
Total Interviews- Union Bank, SBI Associate, Syndicate Bank, Bank of India, Allahabad Bank, UCO Bank
Final Selection- State Bank of Mysore (SBI Associate) PO, Bank of India PO, UCO Bank PO, Allahabad Bank PO
Strategy for Learning- I have started preparation for Bank PO with my friend. We both studied together as i think Group Study is best. This came fruitful as my friend selected already as PO in Bank of Baroda in Zonal Office, New Delhi. We have focused each subject individually. I was weak in English and GK was nightmare for her. We help each other and now we both are PO in Public Sector banks.
We have used “Economic Times” and “Pratiyogita Darpan” for GK and “Objective General English, by R S Aggarwal” for English.
I would also used to say that PRACTICE 1 SET of PO daily is very necessary.
Questions asked and answered given by me in my Union Bank, SBI Associate and Syndicate Bank interviews-

What were you doing after MBA?
I have completed my MBA in September 2010 and after that i was working with a Marketing company and simultaneously preparing for Bank Exams. But after my Job i did not get enough time to prepare completely for banking preparation. When i heard about IBPS CWE exam, i decided to leave the job to prepare for the CWE.
Why did you not do your MBA in Finance?
I did my MBA in International Business (Major) and Marketing (Minor). As i did my graduation in science, i did not have sound basic knowledge of finance. This was the reason behind selecting Marketing as a Minor specialisation.
What is a Deemed University?
A deemed university is one which is assumed to be a university and granted permission by UGC to award degrees for its courses with prior consent to maintain infrastructure, technical assistance and faculties.
Why Deemed Universities were in news in Past?
In past i have heard about a conflict between AICTE and deemed universities that Deemed universities must have approval of AICTE granting degrees for Technical Courses. But High Court of Delhi made a decision that if a deemed or Private University is approved with UGC then it does not need to be approved with AICTE to award degrees for technical courses like MCA, B-Tech, MBA and others...
What is the Importance of Marketing in Banking?
Banks deal mainly in Lending and deposit activities. Bank services deals in customer satisfaction. Generally it has seen that maximum banks operate in nearby area in the town. When a customer approaches for Loan it would go first a bank with lower interest rate. But today almost all banks have same competitive lending rate. So it is Easy Processing of loan that would attract customer to come in your bank. And an MBA can better assess need of the customer and retain customer with the Bank by providing him what he/she need in early possible time.
When a customer comes to your branch to deposit his hard earned money in his account, he generally found a long waiting line. In this case irritation is obvious as it is waste of time as well. So Token System and Waiting Room type facilities can attract customers.
What is a Bank?
Bank is a financial institution which deals in various kinds of financial activities like Lending, (Accepting deposits in saving a/c, Current a/c, Recurring deposit a/c, Fixed deposit a/c), Foreign Exchange activities as Authorised Dealers (AD) of Category-1, Corporate Finance, Banccasurance, Online Trading (Dmet), Debt Restructuring, Financial Inclusion and others....
What an MBA in Marketing can do better in Bank?
Marketing is a very important tool to assess customer need and customer retention. Marketing is required to make competitive strategies of Bank as a whole and at branch level. Now a day’s banks are dealing in insurance activities as a dealer. If you sell these products, bank gives you incentives and other things like understanding need of creditworthy and rich customer’s need is also an important activity.
What is International Trade?
International Trade is an exchange of goods and services among a country with rest of the World. It comprises Export and Import of merchandise like handicraft, crude oil, gold, ores, textile, commodities etc and services like project financing, IT services, banking services, transportation services, knowledge sharing services etc. International Trade is crucial for a country as it is an important factor for growth and to fulfil demand.
What is Foreign Exchange Reserve?
Foreign Exchange Reserve includes Factor Income, Foreign Currency Stock of most tradable currencies like USD and GBP, Reserve with IMF in the form of SDRs (Special Drawing Rights), Gold Reserves.
How much Forex India has and who is custodian of Forex?
Currently India has approx $300 billion of foreign exchange. Reserve Bank of India (Central Bank of the Country) is custodian of foreign exchange according to FEMA Act 1999.
Export and Import comes under which account?
Both Export and Import of merchandise trade and trade in services except prohibited transactions like (Transaction of Lottery Winning, Transaction of money earned from Hobby like Racing, etc) come under Current Account of Balance of Payment.
What is Current Account convertibility?
Convertibility of Rupee under Current Account Transactions is called as Current Account Convertibility. Rupee is now fully convertible under current account convertibility. RBI is given discretionary powers under FEMA Act to instruct authorised dealers for various remittances abroad.
What is Capital Account Convertibility?
Convertibility of Rupee under Capital Account Transactions is called as Capital Account Convertibility. Rupee is still not fully convertible under this and Central Govt or RBI or both permission is required in this. S.S.Tarapoor committee is related to CAC.
What is Rupee Depreciation and what govt do in this situation?
When supply of rupee is more than its demand, value of rupee against foreign currency (US $) goes down in the foreign exchange market. In this situation Export becomes cheaper and Import becomes dearer. In this case RBI sells foreign currency more to suck excessive supply of rupee to balance the supply-demand scenario (In Fixed Exchange Rate System). If country has Floating Exchange Rate System then Central Bank will not play any role as exchange rate is determined by market forces in this case, so central govt can use measures of tariffs and duties for balancing the situation.
How Govt increase Foreign Exchange Reserve?
Foreign Exchange Reserve could be increased by increasing Exports and attracting FDIs. More Export Target could be achieved through making better Fiscal Policy, Foreign Trade Policy, making more FTAs (Free Trade Areas) and Reducing Tariffs. Foreign Direct Investment is a subject of boom in particular area like Realty Sector, Political Scenario, Legal Scenario, Limits of Investments, Role of Central Bank, Corruption Level and others

What is Balance of Payment?
Balance of Payment is the summary of Economic Transaction of a country’s residents with the rest of World in a year. It includes Export and Import, Gifts and Grants, Investment, Income from investment, Increase and Decrease of Forex Reserve of a country.
What is Balance of Trade?
Balance of trade is the difference of export and import of country’s total merchandise trade and trade in services.
What is Fiscal Deficit?
Fiscal Deficit is the excess of Government Planned and Non-Planned expenditure over total receipts like tax-receipts. Fiscal Deficit is 5.1% of GDP estimated for this fiscal (FY12).
How Fiscal Deficit is fulfilled by Govt?
To fulfil this gap or fiscal deficit, central government borrow from public through RBI and Public Debt Office. Government also depend on overseas borrowings. Government also fulfil this gap through disinvestment in CPSEs as seen recently in ONGC.
Why High Fiscal Deficit is not desirable?
If fiscal deficit is more than desired level then Govt will have to rely more on Public borrowing and this in turn swipe away Corporate from the market as leave no debt for their need. This in turn increase interest rates and restrict growth.
What is Current Account Deficit and what are its adverse effects?
Current Account Transactions include export and import of goods and services, income on investment abroad and from abroad, remittances for family and gifts. All that comes in country in monetary terms counted as Credit and that goes abroad counted as Debit in Balance of Payment. When Debit is more than Credit, it is called as Deficit. This is currently at 3.6% of GDP in FY12 and not desirable. A deficit in Current Account of country around 1.8% acceptable. More deficit crush economy and shows incapability of generating resources in the country. Encouraging Exports is good to calm down this deficit.
Tell us what you prepared for interview
I replied that i prepared for Basic of my Education background and about Place where i belong to, Foreign Exchange and Marketing, General Banking and Finance terms, News
Why not selected in UBI despite your Good Marks in IBPS?
I replied that Sir i have good score in IBPS but it was my first interview in Bank and they started like a rapid fire on me. Though they asked same question what you are asking me Sir and i replied maximum correctly but finally they give me very few marks in interview. So i just can say that the day was not favourable.
What is Money laundering and how it works?
Money laundering is a mechanism to convert unlawfully obtained money (Black Money) into White Money. People related to Mafia invest their Black money into various financial proceeds (like stock market, short term high yielding Bonds, saving account, schemes, reality sector and other) through Big corporate and business firms and made it legal and then collect interest from their invested amount i.e. White money.
What is the scheme of Govt for Deprived Peoples to avail those benefits?
Financial Inclusion is the scheme under Swabhiman Project of UPA Govt in which all habitants of 2000 or more populations (73000) are to be covered by Banks through Business Correspondence by March 31, 2012
What is Bank Overdraft?
Bank Overdraft is a facility given by Banks to its preferred and well rated customers or corporate under which a limit is provided in Current Account of Bank. If there is no money in customer’s account then also customer can avail facility of cheque or cash till the limit is breached.
What is Corporate Debt Restructuring?
Corporate Debt Restructuring is done by Banks for those firms or companies who did not able to pay loan at current interest rate so Bank restructure interest rate of loan by judging credibility of company.
What is Corporate Debt Rescheduling?
Under this bank increase time-period of the maturity of the corporate loan and this may in turn attract more interest rate.
What are the rules in both above techniques and are they different?
When a company becomes unable to pay its loan in time, a case is been filled by Bank to discuss in BIFER cell of Govt of India. At there Bank decide whether to reschedule or restructure the loan and in this Credibility and Strengths keep in view.
What is Dishonour of Cheque?
When a bank denies to pay cheque of the customer due to lower balance or by saying of the payer or crash over it or due to wrong cheque like if name is wrong or account number is wrong or date is over etc...
What NRI stands for?
NRI stands for Non Resident Indians. All Indian Residents leave India for any purpose and have no early plan to return back are NRIs.
Does NRI allowed to vote in India?
Yes, NRIs can vote in India, this has made possible due to amendment in Act.
What are your Hobbies?
Tech-Savvy, Watching Hollywood (Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action, Comedy, Animation) Movies, Writing Blog
What are 3G and G3?
3G – Third Generation, G3- I don’t know still.....................
What is a Smartphone?
A Smartphone is as smart as our mind. It works all that i cannot expect from it. It is a unique device in hand that one can imagine a whole new world in it. We can not only talk with each other but can but can see our beloved in it while talking in it and many more...
What are the Latest Smart phones?
Samsung Galaxy Note, Nokia Lumia 800, iphone 4G
What are specifications that you compare while buying a Smartphone?
Brand, Operating System, Touch-Screen Type and inches, Processor, Camera (Main and Front), USB support, Wi-Fi, 3G and GPRS speed support (HSPA), NFC support, etc...
Does all Smartphone run over same software and if not then tell us the name?
No, all Smartphone do not run on same software. Apple’s iphone run over OS X Lion software, Nokia run over (Symbian, Belly and Anna), Google’s open OS is Android
What is the difference between Symbian and Android?
Android Marketplace is better than Symbian App Store. Android consume less power than Symbian. Android run more application than Symbian OS
What is ipad and iphone?
iPad is a Tablet PC and Iphone is a Smartphone. Both are of Apple Product. Difference mainly in both is calling feature and Display.
Tell us about Aakash?
Aakash is a World’s cheapest Tablet PC from Govt of India. Aakash is manufactured by Datawind Company of UK. Govt of India is providing it to students worth of 2500 rupees/ piece. It made basically for students. It runs over Android.
********************************************************Bank Of India interview
Venue- Noida (BoI Staff College)
Date- 9/4/2012
Reporting Time- 1.30 PM
PANEL- 4 members
Nature- Very Relaxed
Time taken in interview- 17 minutes

Tell us about yourself?
What your father does?
Tell us about your place you live?
What subjects you studied in MBA?
Tell 3 most freely tradable currencies in the World?
What you did after MBA?
Tell us about your Job?
What is Money Laundering and how RBI and Government take preventive measures to stop it?
What is a Cheque?
What is DD?
What is difference b/w DD and Cheque?
Tell us if a cheque is dishonoured then what are the measures to do?
What is Personal banking and corporate banking?
What is a Company?
What are the Stress Companies? (Not Answered)
What is CAD?
Have you heard about DGFT, what is it?
Under which ministry DGFT come and what is its role?
Tell the two ministries who are related to Foreign Trade of the India?
What is a Bank and what do you understand by Nationalisation of Banks?
What is the difference b/w Pvt Bank and PSB?
What is Financial Inclusion?
How many interviews of Banks did you appear?
Why not selected in Union bank?
What is your SCORE in IBPS PO?


Zonal Office, New Delhi, CP

Date- 25/April/2012

1)    What is FEDAI?
2)    What are roles and importance of FEDAI?
3)    What is Pre-Shipment financing?
4)    What is Post-Shipment financing?
5)    What is Duty Drawback scheme?
6)    What is Base Rate?
7)    Can bank lend below base rate in any situation?
8)    Can bank lend below base rate to exporters in any situation?
9)    What would happen if USD value increases?
10)                      What would be effect on exporters if USD increases?
11)                      Till what percentage exporters allowed by Bank to take benefit of their export? (Not Answered)

UCO Bank Interview
Date- 27/April/2012
Venue- UCO Bank Zonal Office, New Delhi, CP
Slot- 8.30 am, Panel- 3
Panel was quiet cordial. There were 4 members in the panel and out of which 3 male and one female. My interview started there near about 12.30 pm despite of morning batch because of slow document process over there.
1)      Introduce yourself?
2)      Why there is a gap in study?
3)      What you studied during MBA?
4)      What is Balance of Payment?
5)      What is Current and Capital account convertibility?
6)      Which committee is related to capital account convertibility?
7)      What is the difference b/w NRI and NRO?
8)      What your parents do?
9)      What are the professions of your father’ son in laws?
10)    What if we give you rural sector branch?
11)    What is PEST analysis?
12)    What are the factors that affect McDonald in India while opening their chain here?
13)    What major changes McDonald did for its successful business in India?
14)    Which village you belong to?
15)    What is balance sheet?
16)    What is Debt to Service Coverage Ratio?    < I said sir i do not know, then they say ohhhhhh you not know this important ratio while studying Finance, then Central member of panel interrupted in between and said he has not done MBA in finance but in IB and Marketing ,,,, then he smiled and said .... okkkk then fine ... >
17)    What is MSF?
18)    What is your score?
19)    Why you want to join banking? Means what is so lucrative in that, tell us briefly?
20)    Then said All the Best and smiled and said to leave.... I smiled and thanks and leave for the day......

 Thanks to Shrikanth, Hyderabad.

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