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What candidates tell about today's IBPS Exam.

  • source:  https://www.facebook.com/exam.ibps

    Rupesh Jha Are yaar,calcn n profit loss,s.i n c.i,mensuratn,percentage se maxm que the..series tuf thi..ok paper tha..english easy,reasng avrg,maths lengthy.
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  • Er Atul Garg yr acha hga,,jyada mat socho k aaj kaise gya inka,,
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  • Prachi Tiwari Maths me DI bhi thi kya????
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  • Jessi Jessy @shilpa Is there any alloted time for each session to attend or can we take our own time
  • Romika Arora lo frnds

    General Awarness: 1.which is indian dance form - ans kathakali(keral a) 2.who is the policy maker for telecom - options: Dot, telecom ministry,etc.
    3.ur savings account wrongly shows a balance of 15000 while ur actual bal s 10000. how much u can legally withdraw?
    4.In terms of size of its economy wat is india's rank among usa,russia, china, japan,india- options: rank 1, rank 2 , etc
    5.operating hour of bank locker- options: business hour, anytime, as mentioned while filling application, etc.
    6.under 19 world cup- india, aus, etc
    7.national fruit of india- ans: mango 8.miss world 2012- ans:Wen Xia Yu,china
    9.development as freedom book written by- ans: amartya sen
    10.Latest indian foreign policy duration. options: 2009-12, 2011-13, etc.
    11.what is india's rank regarding world power consumption- options: rank 1,2,3.etc.
    Reasoning: 1.statement and conclusion (u ll take lot of time if u don't have enough practice),
    2.sitting arrangement(cir cular),
    3.direction sense, 4.ranking based of heights(who is taller, who is 3rd shortest) &
    5 questions based on the answer,
    5.Arrangement:6 persons a,b,c,d,e,f live in a building having 6 floors, statements were given with clues to find out who lives in which floor & 5 questions were asked based on the arrangement.
    6.coding & 5 questions based on the decoded answer. Important Note: non-verbal (figure) questions,bar & pie chart, tables were NOT asked for me. Don't waste too much time preparing them. IBPS is not technically equipped to ask those questions with figures,tables, charts in online format.

    Numerical: simplification (u can easily score marks with less time), trains, speed, interest, profit & loss, missing number in the series.

    English- comprehension & 10 questions based on the passage, with 5 question based on passage + 5 qn on synonym & opposites of words(BOLD) from the passage. Choose the appropriate word to fill blank spaces in a passage. Error in sentence

    Computer- Excel, Ms word, which of the following is an input device - ans: scanner Sample question: ‘Send to (right click a file)’ sub menu doesn’t have- Ans: internet
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  • IBPS Common Written Exam (CWE) Jessi-- you can allot time to suit you-- suggested--N.A., and reaosning 30 minutes each. GA,Comp. and English - 20 mins each
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  • IBPS Common Written Exam (CWE) Romika: Thank you very much. What you have stated here will be of use to people who will be writing tomorrow or next week. best wishes
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  • Vikram Khati time was not sufficient nd due to electricity several times d computer was shut down.. so d rythm was breaking at every time...
  • Vikram Khati nd over all ye online system bkwaas .... jis bewkuf ne bhi ye conduct karaaney ka idea diya ..wo bahut hi kutta insaan hai...
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  • Chandra Sekhar Valluru is there any time limit for each section?
  • Ankit Mittal sir time limit is not sufficient to solve all the section. so please enhense the time limt
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  • Shruti Kanodia server problem thi next question aane me time lag raha tha and time limit not sufficient.........
  • IBPS Common Written Exam (CWE) Yes. Important thing will be to allot time for easy section and confine yourself within that. for exam NA and reaosning 30 mins and other three subjects 20 minutes each.
  • IBPS Common Written Exam (CWE) One boy from Pondicherry told rightly -- out of 40 questions there are easy questions also. It is for us to answer these questions only and leave the tough ones. so identify easy questions and answer. i am told NA is ok whereas reasoning and english takes more time. be careful to stop after 30 mins for reaosning. One has to score min marks in all subjects. I expect 16 per subject will do
  • IBPS Common Written Exam (CWE) thanks for participants for sharing info. I expect more people to inform about their experience 

  • आशय घन @ Romika Arora ... Thanks a lot... 
    Bharat Singh romika thanx
    Chandan Sharma bahut bkawas experins tha..its nt fair..cn any1 tel wat wil b gud mark in dis exam
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    IBPS Common Written Exam (CWE)  sthis time cut off will be less -- say 90 /100 in all
    4 minutes ago · Like It is based on my experience in a pre recruitment training recently. maximum score was 72 out of 200. of course those were reserved category students, so minimum cut off may be around 90/100 out of 200 this time.
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    I conducted Pre recruitment training program for SC/ST/Exserivcemen/minority candidates in Pondicherry.   about 50 attended. One of the candidates --Christopher has posted as follows in facebook:

    HI FRIENDS .....
    today i attended the examination. this is the first time i have appeared for an IBPS exam..i have experienced some things..so for those wo are going to attend next week this may be somewhat useful for you.. i have mentioned the type of questions....

    THE TIME MANAGEMNT IS IMPORTANT .... this was the problem foreveryone who attended the exam..

    Each and every part has some easy
     questions and also the difficult ones... onl thing is to identify then and do quickly.

    REASONING : seating arrangements - two part came in this one is circle and another is row,
    order of arrangement (same as like seating arrangement it was asked based on floors),
    Venn diagram question ( it was the very easy part), Syllogism (eg..all cats are dogs .some dogs are cats and deriving conclusions from them),
    Data sufficiency, letters symbol problem,

    ENGLISH : Two parts came in this English 1 and English 2.
    The comprehension part (many questions were asked synonyms and antonyms from the passage),
    Jumled sentences, Choosing the apppropriate word, Spoting the errors.

    GENERAL AWARNESS : Railway minister, Minister Of Information and technology, most of the questions were based on RBI,
    Padmabhushan award, award given to authors.

    COMPUTER SCIENCE : Ms-excel, Ms-word (they saked all simple functions like allignment ),
    An assembler is a ________, OCR stands for ______, DOS stands for _______,
    and many questions were all around memory,RAM,functions of CPU etc

    NUMERICAL ABILITY : {{{ This is the part which has some lengthy questions as well as simple questions, usually we all expect the BODMAS type questions.... they all were at the end :( this problem was faced by many students in my batch as well as in previous batches...... SO FRIENDS>>>>
    >>>>>> this is the important thing that you have to note .... please see the questions from last to first in the numerical ability section .. so that you can solve easy problem quick and also save time :) }}}
    Other questions were ..... Mensuration (3 pbms), Selling price- profit-cost price, total percentage obtained based on marks etc.

    THATS ALL !!!! what are all the information i noticed i gave you here... WISH YOU ALL THE BEST FRIENDS..........................

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

IBPS Common Written Exam (CWE) Christopher: Thanks for your nice comments. best wishes.

Reen Sahay IBPS Common Written Exam (CWE) sir thankeww thankeww thankewwwww 4 helping me
Reen Sahay xam were awesome ....Sir Reasoning Qus was tough rather than other Subjects ............

  • Ankit Poddar In today's evening paper GA and english were easy,reasoning and maths were fairly average but computer was very tough.and i think everyone should stop dreaming to secure a job until he is getting 130+.
    Balaji Kannan resoning only tough
    Amita Sharma time is minimam to do reaseaning and math otherwise its a good experience

    another candidate's report on examination:

    I wrote my exam in TCS, they conduct online very well.... staffs are very co-operative......
    All computers are in good condition...
    In my callletter they mentioned 1.30Pm..... But v entered into room at 1.15 pm itself but exam starts at 2.20 pm...
    USing Roll number as user Id and Reg number as password ,,, V login into system and reads instructions almost 5 to 10 min...
    then Started exam at 2.30... before that they provide 1 white paper...
    Time started v can switch over any sections .....
     But my advice is keep watching time regularly...
    AT the Top v have all section NAmes...... 
    Suppose if i finished Reasoning i took my cursor near reasoning its shows a msg that attended 30..... not answered 7.... marked for Review 3...

    Banking Awareness......... 
    One can attend 20 to 22 from current affairs... others fully from Banking related that too not direct questions.. They gave example and ask solutions for that problem... 1 question from DD and another from Cheque then about saving account

    Quantitative Aptitude....
    Same model questions from clerk 2011 IBPS Paper

    I feel tough.... more questions from MS OFFICE( Spreadsheet and EXCEL)

    NO nonverbal questions.....
    It takes more time to solve..... Example. Circle arrangement, Floor arrangement,Line arrangement, Statement and conclusion problems

     As usual ( Comprehension, error correction, Prepositions) they split into two sections as English I and English II...

    Thats it....

    I believe it ll be useful for others... Thank you... 


    Resoning : grouping questions were more. and thank God picture reasoning was
                   not there.
    Aptitude :  it was good, easy and simple. also it had less statement
    questions and
                    more arithmetic question with easy calculations.
    English :    the comprehension passge was tough to me as it was based
                    on "globalization".rest was good.
    Computers :  it was also easy.
    G.A. :          this was tough baceuse it was to totally current, november and
                      december issues.

    According to me time limit was less for 200 questions as i was not
    able to complete the the exam on time. i attemped 170 questions.


    i give the exam at 15th dec. but my exam is cancelled. sir i am facing problem with computer specially MS WORD AND MS EXCEL please give me some notes.
    and sir in banking awareness queston is asked like we are cleark.
    please gove me working knowlege of bank

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