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Five Day banking...?

Apart from Manufacturing units almost every other Industry around the world works for Five days a week. Why not Banking Employees in India also get the benefit where more number of International banks already implemented 5 day Banking?

We see Working hours states as 9 AM-5 PM but normally bank employees works 12 hrs on week days 6-7 hours on Saturdays. While taking this into account it will works out to

Week days 12*5=60 + 6 hrs on saturdays
Total Working hours = 66 hrs

Even though it is practically not possible, Considering the 8 hrs fact a Bank employee works more than 8 days in a week. If we enable five days banking means it will again works out to more than 7 days a week as per 8 hr work policy.

The Results of the Poll Conducted at our Site States as Follows on 5 day banking

Percentage of Votes
Not possible 15
RBI should intervene 13
Selected branches 15
All Branches 54

It is true that without the functionig of Banking Industry it will be tough to go on Saturdays for working Industries, but after Every possible service has been launched in Internet Based services it is unfair to stick with old era. The only thing you can't do is Dealing with cash, that too will be resolved after arrival of cash Depositing Machine similar to ATMs for Cash Remittances.

The positive benefits of a 5 day work week culture:
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved job satisfaction and morale
  • Reduced personnel turnover
  • Reduced energy costs and Fuel Costs.
  • Improved work-life balance
  • Reduced traffic congestion

Negative aspects are there and more people are stressing those things in social media, But before saying anything Just look at the Working hours of a Bank Employee then comment.

Your valuable comments will be appreciated in this regard. More we explain conceptually more the chances for enabling 5 day banking.

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