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Recent interviews --IBPS clerks

The candidate has studied CSE and is working in an export firm.  she attended the interview yesterday.
questions asked;

Tell about you. . .

Tell about your family. . . Then they asked about my working
experience.. Asked about tuticorin(My native). .

What is CBS?

What is NEFT and RTGS ?

What is facebook?

What is youtube?

Home page means?

Have you joined any  social service activities like NSS?. . Then they
gave the news paper to read and asked to tell what you have understood
from that. 

ANOTHER CANDIDATE FROM M.P.  He is working in an RRB.  He attended the interview yesterday.

There were four members in interview panel one lady and three gents.
all questions were asked in Hindi.

1-why u want to leave RRB and join nationalise bank.

2-what is bet money.

3-what do u know about kcc .

4-what is npa types of npa
   these 4 questions were asked but there were too many cross questions were asked in every question.
at the end I can say it was moderate interview.

best wishes to this candidate also. 

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