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WEB TECHNOLOGY - 20 questions

Question on web technology
1. Who contributed the term “Hypertext”? 
a. Tim Bernes Lee 
b. Scott E. Fahlam 
c. Ted Nelson
d. William Gibson
Ans :- c

Syntax of PHP is similar to:-
a. Perl or C
b. Perl and C
c. Only C
d. Only Perl
Ans :- b

3. Google bomb is:-
a. Spam Mail
b. Shared Network
c. Successful Bloggers
d. Inflate Website’s Search Ranking
Ans :- d

4. What is not an area of study within Human Factors research?
a. Human Anatomy
b. Human performance
c. Technology design
d. Human and technology interaction
Ans :- a

5. Google was founded by:-
a. Larry Page & Sergey Brin
b. David Filo & Jerry Yang
c. Jeff Bezos
d. Shawn Fanning
Ans :- a

6. Archy is:-
a. keyboard driven UI
b. Mouse driven UI
c. Joystick driven UI
d. both a & b
Ans :- a

7. Which is the earliest social networking site?
a. classmates.com
b. orkut.com
c. facebook.com
d. None
Ans :- a

8. Modem stands for:-
a. Modulator & Demodulator
b. Memory Demagnetization
c. Monetary Devaluation Exchange Mechanism
d. Monetary Demarkation
Ans :- a

9. Which of the following interface design principles does not allow the user to remain in control of the interaction with a computer?
a. allow interaction to interruptible
b. allow interaction to be undoable
c. hide technical internals from casual users
d. only provide one defined method for accomplishing a task
Ans :- d

10. Which of the following is not a method of accessing the web?
b. DSL
c. Modem
d. CPU
Ans :- d 

11. The Macintosh menu bar is faster than the Windows menu bar primarily because of:
a. the power law of practice
b. task analysis
c. Fitt’s Law
d. perceptual fusion
Ans :- c

12. Two different principles widely used in GUI design are Application oriented interfaces and:-
a. Object User Interfaces
b. Object Oriented User Interfaces
c. Touch interfaces
d. Attentive User Interfaces
Ans :- b

13. Which model depicts the image of a system that an end user creates in his or her head?
a. design model
b. user model
c. system model
d. system perception
Ans :- d

14. You can load a VCR tape the right way because of:
a. physical constraints
b. logical constraints
c. semantic constraints
d. cultural constraints
Ans :- a

15. WUI stands for:-
a. Web –based User Interface
b. Web User Intelligent
c. Web Urgent Interface
d. None
Ans :- a

16. What is GOMS?
a. Goals, Operations, Module, Selection
b. Goals, Operators, Methods, Selection
c. Goals, Operating system, Methods, Selection
d. None
Ans :- b

17. JavaScript was originally called as:-
a. Java web scripting
b. LiveScript
c. HTML Jscript
d. None
Ans :- b

18. CLI stands for:
a. Class Line Interface
b. Computer Line Interface
c. Command Line Interface
d. None
Ans :- c

19. BCI stands for:-
a. Brain Chip Interface
b. Brain Computer Interconnection
c. Brain Computer Interface
d. None
Ans :- c

20. Which of the following interface design principles reduces the user's memory load?
a. define intuitive shortcuts
b. disclose information in a progressive fashion
c. establish meaningful defaults
d. provide an on-line tutorial
e. answers a, b and c
Ans :- e 


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