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doubts raised by a few candidates and my replies

CANDIDATE:  Ii am ------ from tamilnadu. i have secured 56.80 in ibps clerk-2 .
i am coming under sc category (597 vacancy ).what is my chance?

      and also i have some doubts...please explain me....

      i am btech grad.i completed my deg in 2012. when i was studying
in my college i have placed in one s/w company . i hadn't received a
call letter for 8 months.just two weeks ago i have received a call
letter .my joining will be june  i am confused about my career.

  somebody told to me as per clerk salary is low...
   1)please tell me which one is best ?
   2)if i go to join in as clerk when ill get a promotion ?is it
possible for getting promotions in 2-3 years...please help me ..
  i have been waiting for your reply .please reply me as soon as possible .

you will certainly get placed in bank.  clerk salary must be around rs.16k .  you can expect promotion as officer in say 3/4 years depending on the bank concerned.  if the software company is reputed one like infosys, tcs, wipro, cts you can take it up provided you like software writing.  promotion to office cannot be guaranteed. however you can be applying for ibps/sbi for po and you may get it if you prepare well.

if you want job security and assured benefits banking is good.  If you are interested in going abroad and are willing to take up lack of job security also then software is good.  true in software also thousands of people are doing well.

best wishes
         thanks for ill be more helpfull for me.i have one
more question sir

      1) is there any bond for clerk ?
      2)how should i give the preference to bank sir may i give
depends on vancancy wise or any rank is there  ?
      3) if any producere for that please explain ..

            once again thanks to you for replaying my mail.please
this one also as soon as possible...

)no bond for clerks postings.
2)  give preference based on number of vacancies in the category to which you belong
3) as I told max vacancies -1, next 2,...19
CANDIDATE  thanks for your reply...this is my last doubts
.please reply sir don't make mistaken.

        1)  is the bank give any preference while i am working as
clerk to try po jobs ?
nowadays no preference is given for clerks to apply for PO in the same bank.  further present system of IBPS PO wherein you will write test, attend interview get a mark above cut off is there. so dont bother about that. join as clerk. study for jaiib, caiib. desire for promotion also wrie ibps po.  best wishes

Dear Sir,
I'm---------------. I've secured 67.20% in IBPS Clerk CWE and
Interviews. Can you let me know the chances that I've? I don't have
any preference regarding bank.I want to get into job. I'll go by
numbers like you mentioned. All I want to know is if I've any chance
of getting recruited now?
My details,
Score: 67.20
Category: GEN
State: Andhra Pradesh.

Thank You for the information you've provided on the website and have
a nice time Sir.
mostly yes.  you will get it.  God is there to guide us.

a candidate:I am ...... from haryana,n secured 58.20 frm gen catgry.i want to ask
is there any chance of mine getting selected in many
preferences of banks will be given to us to fill like 5,7 or for all
19 participating banks n should i apply for the bank which doesn't
has any single vacancy but expected in future to offer or should i
fill the prefences acc. to my marks like pnb takes only meritious
so tell me how shold i fill my preferences whether acc. to my marks or
acc. to vacancies offered by diff. banks n on which basis.

my reply: your marks -- appears to be low than probable cut off point--no previous idea-- mostly it will be 60+. still you have to apply giving preference for all 19 banks.


Thank you Sir. 
Is there any chance for us to know the minimum score required to get selected or the cut off for each bank?

How good is my score, 67.20%?
AS I TOLD you this is a good mark.  let us hope for the best. 


hanks.but,should we prefer all banks as some banks in assam have no
vacancy like pnb has 0 vacancy for more thing -is there any
posibility for 2nd list?plz reply m confused.
first opt for banks having vacancies.  then opt for other banks so that in case vacancies arise in future or altered also you may have advantage.



1.what is vacancies for OBC to tamilnadu???
OBC only(that is 852) or OBC+UR(that is 852+1623=2475).



n my view good chances.  for you to get under oBC category. When one has applied under a particular category his name will be considered in that.


hello sir name is -------- ..i have passed clerk 2 interview combined result with 67.6% gen from haryana .. but sir the mobile number mentioned in my application form is not working now ..i am really tensed sir that whether i will get result of our preference only by mobile sms e mail id mentioned there is active......please reply me sir ..i will be very thankful to u sir .

you will initially get by mobile.  you will also get email from ibps/bank on allotment.  you will certainly get.  in the meantime if you can get duplicate sim please attempt.


Buddy I got 62.40 out of 100
State option is DELHI
Category GENERAL
What are my chances???

I am of the view that this mark may be in the border of cut off .  For PO it was 62.20.  this has no relevance to this score.  I would only pray to God that you should get the allotment. 

best wishes

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sundara moorthi said...

i am from tamilnadu score 59.00 obc is there any chances in clerk 2?


sir i am from himachal pradesh and got 52%. is there any chance of mine to secure a job in bank ?

Gaurav Anand said...

sir i am from andhra pradesh and got 59% SC. is there any chance of mine to secure a job in bank ? plzz rply me

madhumita nath said...

Sir...i got 63.40 grm gen category in Assam and the total vacancy in assam is 397 while gen is 192. is there any chance of getting in any bank?

geetha v said...

mine 64.60 tamilnadu obc categoy what are my chances ..please reply me sir

Deepak Negi said...

Sir i have been selected in central bank of india as a clerk, but yet did not got any call or mail, please tell me should i contact them or they will send a letter at my home address.

Swathi Gumma said...

hai sir...i have got 63.20..obc..
from andhra pradesh....please let me know what are my chances....

Sathiya Jothi said...

hello sir iam from tamilnadu i have scored 56.80 marks in ibps clrk2(oc category). i have any chances???

sambasivan srinivasan said...

sundaramoorthi: this appears to be good mark. let us hope you will get.

sambasivan srinivasan said...

Ricky: 52% is normally a mark below cut off point. However I wish you get allotted. best wishes

sambasivan srinivasan said...

gaurav anand: this appears to be good mark. let us hope you will get.

sambasivan srinivasan said...

madhumita nath-- mostly you will get allotted. best wishes

sambasivan srinivasan said...

geetha v -- yes. you will get allotment. best wishes

sambasivan srinivasan said...

Deepak Negi: please contact the regional office of your state. or talk to them over phone. or watch their website

sambasivan srinivasan said...

Swathi --mostly you will get .best wishes

sambasivan srinivasan said...

sathiya jothi -56 is relatively low mark. I wish you get it.

sreyasee chatterjee said...

sir, i got 66.40 gen category from wb. total u.r vcncy is 942. do i have any chance? plz let me know...

Unknown said...

Please Help. I m from punjab. score is 59.80 Sc. what is my chance and sir i get sms frm ibps regarding result but not email. but previosly i got all emails from ibps. this time i dont rcv any email yet. is there any problem. or it just system delay. pls help. i m confused and scared.

Meghana Reddy said...

sir i got 58.6% general category from andhra pradesh. are there any chances??

Kimaya M said...

I got 59.60 obc from maharashtra . Are there any chances?

sonal dhuwali said...

sir i got 59.40 from maharashtra..i m in general category...what r my chances

ganesh raja said...

I given my preference to all the banks. But i didn't get any conformation sms from IBPS. Is that any problem. My friends are got conformation msg from IBPS. Later i opened reprint preference where my preferences are saved. But i didn't get any msg. Is that any problem. Pls friends help me out.

udhayakumar said...

sir i got 55.60 obc in tamilnadu is there any chance of getting?

jsri said...

Sir, i got 56% obc catogory tamilnadu candidate ..wts my chance..

karthik said...

Hi sir wat abt 60.4 OBC Tamilnadu. Do I have a chance

karthik said...

Hi sir wat abt 60.4 OBC Tamilnadu. Do I have a chance

raj said...

Plz help me out...
What if bank alloted by ibps for po 2 dont give a call or any notice regarding i have been alloted allahabad bank by ibps but not getting any call...though recently i came to know dat they are sending kit regarding joining formalities .may be i will recieve it later but still all negative thoughts are coming into my mind.plz reply

Mayank jee said...

sir i am clerk my basic is 11100 and i have completed jaiib and caiib then according fitment what should be my basic if i promoted to officer cader

hari edu said...

hi sir iam a rural candit. my dob 1987 .i confused about can i get any coaching or not.because i have knowledge on banking exam , but i can't practice more time myself. i have no friend like me to prepare sincerly, more burden to me the fee stucture of bank i have no amount for that. if you give me best suggestion should i join in coaching or any better idia. i follow it even borrow some money. please give me suggetion sir. thanks you

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