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Dear Candidates:

Now is the time for exercising your preference for Bank.  For Tamil Nadu I would suggest Indian Bank, Canara Bank, IOB...... for general candidates.  Please peruse the list of vacancies in your State and also check up how much is available under category to which you belong to -- General,OBC, SC, ST ....and then opt for the Bank having more vacancies.  Simply go by numbers initial five choices because you need a job first and thereafter only you can think about Bank.

Hope I have made it clear and if you still have doubts please write to samba.ssivan@gmail.com mentioning State, category and mark secured.
The link of notification---

EXERCISING PREFERENCES  ; 15.4.2013 TO 22.4.2013

Now we cannot do anything except exercising preference for all 19 banks -- giving no.1 for bank having more vacancies, no.2 for next higher number of vacancies , for example in tamil nadu --indian bank, canara bank, iob ....etc.  In haryana -- PNB comes first.  In maharasthra -- BOM,BOI, BOB etc....  After applying pray to God and be hopeful of allotment.  I will also pray to God on behalf of all my candidates from TN, Bihar, Jharkand, UP, Mahar, guj, Raj, Delhi , MP, Ker,AP etc.etc.

Candidates who have scored low marks -- say less than 50 also exercise option as given above.  If they get allotment fine, otherwise be preparing for exams to come in future.  If one door closes another door will open.  Failure is the stepping stone for success.  There is no person who has not faced defeat --including Alexander the Great...etc.

blessings and good wishes



  1. wat would be the obc cutoff in tamilnadu..???

  2. sir i got 66.40 gen from wb. total u.r vacancy 942. do i have any chance? plz let me know. very tensed for it..


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