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1)  Clerical allotment is done statewise or union territory wise.  You can exercise for preference for the State/UT for which you have applied. (one only)
2)  Allotment will be done based on marks - within category wise.  
3)  Candidates have to give preference for all the 19 banks.  there may be some banks not having  vacancies in your category.  Still you have to give. In case vacancies arise in those banks at a latter date before finalising you will get priority.
4)  take a print out and keep with you.
5) do not forget your password, registration no. etc. 

best wishes

Description: http://ibpsreg.sifyitest.com/cwep2prefapr13/images/h_curve.gif
Bank Preferences for Recruitment of Clerks-II (CWE Clerks-II)
Description: http://ibpsreg.sifyitest.com/cwep2prefapr13/images/h_cut.gif

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Description: http://ibpsreg.sifyitest.com/cwep2prefapr13/images/bullet1.gif

Date of Commencement of Application
Date of Closure
Last Date for Reprint
Important Security Alert
Candidates Applied for the Post CWE Clerical Phase II are advised for security reasons not to share their Password, Roll No, Registration No, and other logging credentials with any one over phone/mail or through logging on any website or link, other than at www.ibps.in for entering their preferences. Candidates are requested to submit their preferences themselves and keep a printout for their records.
Those candidates who have already submitted their preferences, should also take a printout for records.


·       Registration of preferences will be complete only after the candidates register online on IBPS website www.ibps.in and click on submit. No change will be permitted thereafter.

·       Since recruitment in clerical cadre is done on State/UT-wise basis:
    (i)  candidates can indicate preferences for Participating organisations for          vacancies ONLY in one State/ UT for which they have applied. 
    (ii) In case any additional vacancies arise in a State/UT within the validity of the result of          CWE Clerks-II, subsequent allotment will be done based on merit cum preference of the          candidate. Thus Candidates have to necessarily indicate preferences for all          Participating Organisations even if vacancies in a State have not been notified          for all Participating organisations/ categories. 
·       Allotment will be done State/ UT wise depending on the categorywise number of vacancies notified keeping in mind the spirit of various Govt. Guidelines, administrative exigencies etc.

·       IBPS reserves the right to cancel, reallot Bankwise allocation depending upon exigencies or otherwise.

·       The decision of IBPS in allotment of Banks shall be final and binding upon the selected candidates.

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