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Free download of 3 papers for PO and 3 papers for Clerks

Dear Candidates:

Some of you will be happy that you got placed as PO in  banks and many others will be expecting exercising preferences for Clerks and consequent posting as clerks.  best wishes. Now read---

I came across a link which allows free download of three previous papers for Bank Clerks and three papers for Bank PO exams.  

Many of you may be aware of it.  I wanted to share that link to our members,  Please download, work out and see.  of course now the level of questions asked may be slightly higher than what was asked earlier. Still it is an excellent service on the part of BSC New Delhi to provide this service to candidates.  Many thanks to them for this service.

Please download from that site and then post thanks in their facebook page.  Let many sbanians post their likes in that page also.


Also please post your likes in another facebook page for which I am providing the link below:


Many thanks and courtesies to BSCacademy for their excellent service.  I feel happy in doing this small help on my part to thousands of candidates.  

Candidate please forward this link to your friends.  Let them also become members of sbank.in and BSC academy and get benefitted.

best wishes


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